19860812 Bhagavad-gita.15.7 @ Port Dixon, Malayasia


The following is a lecture given by His Holiness Jayapataka Swami on August 12, 1986, Port Dixion, Malaysia. The class begins with a reading from the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 15, verse 7

Through different practices of Bhakti Yoga they become perfect, this is known as Sadhana siddhi. And also, the yogis who do the process of Yoga and they also achieve some kind of perfection. They can eradicate the effect of karma, or the previous activities. They can perform some miracle. If all these great souls due to connection with the supreme personality of Godhead Krishna, they are able to, in this way, through their meditation, thorough their practice of Yoga they are able to achieve perfection, so what to speak of Krishna. Krishna is always above the effect of Karma. He resides in His spiritual abode, when he …, far beyond this material world. When He comes down to this material world, then He is also beyond the per-view of the material law. He chooses who He wants to have as His material parents and He comes down when He wants, and He leaves and He goes. At any time, He is not under the dictation of the material energy. So, when Krishna came 5000 years ago, then He was openly coming as the supreme person. So, therefore, sometimes to establish, He has to follow some rules and regulations. Sometimes, He wants to show that He is beyond rules and regulations, and do something which, no ordinary person could do. Just like He told us that to stop worshiping different demigods and simply worship Govardhan, being non-different from the supreme Lord. So when He did that, the Demigods became angry and Lord Indra sent down a huge flood. We all know how He lifted up GiriGovardhan and protected all the devotees, by lifting up the huge mountain on His little finger at the age of seven. Krishna, whether He is a small baby, whether He is seven years old or whether He is ten years old or whatever age He may be, He has the same spiritual unlimited potency. This is different from those in the material world, who may achieve some perfection after practicing yoga. Krishna is always perfect. So Krishna came, five hundred years ago in disguise, in a hidden way, in a covered way so as not to reveal Himself to the world. Because He came in the part, in the role as a devotee of Himself. Just as a teacher sometimes shows the students. Just like the driving teacher takes over the wheels and he shows, you drive the car this way, that way, and then he says to the student, now you drive. So, Lord Chaitanya came to show , this is how to practice Bhakti yoga. This is how to follow the principles of Bhagavad Gita. You see how I am doing, now you do. But sometimes, he’ll do things which others could not do. He generally disguised Himself. Just as He came, of course there was a full moon day, and there was an eclipse that day. So in India, people usually are seen chanting – “HariBol!” and “Hare Krishna!” during the time of the full moon eclipse. So, Lord Chaitanya, when He appeared, everyone was chanting, because His mission was to give this chanting of Hare Krishna to the world. So, when He was a small baby, normally you know how, baby, sometimes they cry, so the parents, they lift the baby up, rock the baby and pat, then gradually, the baby falls asleep. So, now Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, he goes on crying, more and more. They didn’t know how to make Him stop crying. So finally, someone started to chant Hare Krishna, immediately (Audience laugh) smiling, He stopped crying. So then they told, very nice! Then they stopped. Then they’d also stop chanting, nnaaahhh (cries like a baby) and He immediately starts crying (Audience laugh). So, they continued the fact that they actually kept people there on rotation, constantly chanting. Because some ladies in the neighbourhood, as soon as you stop, He’d start crying. So, this way He made the family constantly have 24 hour kirtan, except, when He was asleep. And they have constant chanting of Hare Krishna! So, when Lord Chaitanya was just, say about two years old, or so, He was running around. He can run, sometimes, he’d run out in the street. And, just gone, the parents had to go and bring Him back. But, He had nice gold ornaments, gold earrings, gold necklace. Although, His parents were Brahmanas, but they got very good Dakshina from their students. So, they gave their child, their beloved child some nice ornaments. So, Lord Chaitanya, one day He ran out in the streets, seeing the people. Then two thieves were there. They looked at Him. Then, they said, look there, this is our chance, this is gold ornaments, they said, yes! So, it’s going to be like picking a candy from a baby. So they came up and they said, “Hey! I am your uncle! How are you my little nephew? Come here, sit on my lap. I want to give you some sweets. Here take some sweets. You come with us. We are your uncles. You come and visit our house. You’d like to come? We’d give you lots of sweet meat! “Okay!” Lord Chaitanya said. So they picked up Lord Chaitanya and they started running. So, playing with Him all the time and… dear friend, dear nephew, dear uncle, how are you today? We are going to your uncles house…, like that ... they started talking... so Lord Chaitanya, he went along with them putting on their shoulder, they are running. People are saying, who is that young boy going with this… there are so many people in Navadwip, literally millions of people, that nobody paid too much of attention. So, the whole time, they were just thinking, how we are going to get Lord Chaitanya’s gold. We are going to take away His gold. Then, on the way, Lord Chaitanya said, “I am getting hungry, when are we going to get there?”. So then they brought in some fruit or something and they kept running. And then, this way they talked. They just put Him down, gave him so fruit or something. Put Him back on their shoulders and again they are running. In the meantime, Sachi mata, Jagannath Mishra, they are worse, where did He go? where is Nimai? Where is our baby? Everyone is looking everywhere. They couldn’t find Him. They looked in the street, so they were looking all over, they told the neighbours. Where did he go? He disappeared. And in the meantime, Lord Chaitanya put His Maha Maya on these two thieves. Thus they were running and running and running. Finally, they came back, and they ran right into Jagannath Mishra’s house, courtyard. But they thought they are in their own house. They actually thought, now here we are, we got him. They put down the boy, ready to take his ornaments. As soon as they left Lord Chaitanya off, then the Maha Maya cut. They looked, they saw, “we are in the same place we started from!” (audience: “Okay!” laugh). Then they saw the parents, they then “Oh! You got our boy back!” They went and picked Him up. And then, those two thieves ran for it. But they thought, “Oh These two are nice gentlemen. They brought our boy back” [NOT CLEAR: 9.27] They ran you know. Thieves are always afraid. Someone was saying that, when .. who was it who was saying that… Prabhupada (audience try to answer), it was on the tape. When Prabhupada was going, and was with some Policemen, and he saw that some people are running away. So, why those people are running? So, they said you see, you are honest person, so when you see the police you don’t feel anything. But when the criminals see the police they run. They feel that they are going after them. But we don’t have anything…., we can’t just arrest them for running. We have to have some.. some evidence on them. But still, when they see the police they just start running. So, like that, these people, they didn’t realize, that nobody suspected that they stole Nimai pandit, and so…, baby Nimai, baby Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. They ran anyway. And actually, as soon as they got away, they embraced each other and said “Phew! We are saved by God! (Audience laugh) We are saved by the Devi, saved us from getting caught.” (laughter). How they got back to the same place, that was a bit confusing for them. But then over all, they got away without being caught. They were very happy. So, they thought God had saved them. So, somehow, they got this great fortune that they were able to carry God on their shoulder. So, Krishna, even though, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu being Krishna, He is always in control the whole time. So, this is the nature of the Lord, that he is always in control. But, He is able to play the perfect part that He is just a perfect child, perfect friend, perfect master, perfect lover, which ever,..perfect husband, whatever part he plays, he plays perfect. He is doing this on his own free will. He is not under the laws of Karma. So if somebody takes shelter of Krishna, then automatically, they also transcend the laws of the material world. Therefore we chant Krishna’s name, nāma-cintāmaṇe kṛṣṇa caitanya-rasa-vigraha pūrṇa śuddha nitya muktā- abhinnātvam naama namino

here Krishna’s name and Krishna are non-different. Even accidentally chanting His name, one can get freed from sins from many births. And even by imperfectly chanting one can achieve liberation. By mediating on the impersonal Brahman for many many .. for a long time, still one is not able to eradicate the prarabdha karma or the primodial karma. But by chanting of the holy name, the prarabhdha karma or primodial karma, is destroyed. Narada Muni explained that when the end of Brahma’s day came, everyone was brought back into the body of Vishnu and all the conditioned souls became dormant. They lost their ghost bodies and the spirit simply went back into the body of the MahaVishnu. But there is some subtle prarabdha karmas, some subtle type of Karmic etchings which are there on the soul, which even when you realizing or not, they are not eradicated. So again, the new creation began and the souls began in their karma where they left off, from those fine codes. Like we have the DNA code, there is the karmic code. So this is called the prarabdha karmic coats. But by chanting Hare Krishna, one’s spiritual form gradually becomes manifested and these prarabdha karmas are wiped away. So these chanting of the name of Krishna is more effective than being realized in the impersonal Brahman. So this gift is given by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, so that we can chant the holy name of Krishna we can achieve the shelter of Krishna very easily. Actually the residents of Vrindavan, they are actually chanting the names of Krishna as a daily festival. You see, even though they are all considered as liberated souls, nitya sidhas, they also always chanting the name of Krishna. In fact, Rupa Goswami explained in his Krishna Naama Ashtakam, that there are two forms, Krishna exists in two forms. There it is - Leela form , which is visible when He has manifested His pastimes and He is performing various pastimes. And then there is the names which describes those various pastimes. Or His audible form, Shabda Brahman. So, of the two, he considers that the form of the Holy Name, that He is more merciful. Because His name is such that if you worship the form of the deity in the temple and you commit some offense to counteract that you should chant the holy name. That means that the name of Krishna is more merciful than the form of Krishna. Therefore, we should always remember the holy name and pray to the Holy Name to forgive us for our offenses. Because, there is no one who is more merciful than the Holy Name. If you offend the deity you can pray to the Holy Name to get forgiven. But if you offend Krishna, if you surrender to a Vaishnava, then Krishna will also forgive you. But if you offend a Vaishnava, you have to go to a Vaishnava and you have to beg forgiveness. Just like Durvasa Muni had to go to Ambarisha Maharaj. So, if we offend the Holy Name, we have to go to the Holy Name and request the Holy Name to kindly forgive you. Therefore, we should surrender to the chanting of the Hare Krishna MahaMantra, which is the more merciful form of the Lord. We should be careful, trying to avoid offenses to the holy name. but if someone is afraid, who says, “Well, I shouldn’t chant because I might commit offense”. The only way to get rid of committing an offense is to go on chanting the holy name, more and more. Because, by chanting, that will get rid of the offense. So by the mercy of the holy name, these are special opportunity we have in the age of Kali that Krishna has come as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, as Krishna has given us the holy name. This holy name is chanted by great liberated souls like Narada Muni, the life and soul of his Veena. We can take shelter of the Holy Name wherever we are, whatever we are doing, simply by remembering and chanting the Holy Name, we can remain in the transcendental platform. So, now even though Krishna, Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes, are only visible to a rare few, great, liberated souls, but, everyone can get the same opportunity of associating with the Lord, by chanting His Holy Name. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare (the entire audience joins in). Hare Krishna! How is every one? Any questions? Question by participant:___________16:37 to 16:49 (NOT CLEAR) GM: Then, we have to chant more. Question by participant: But still we are going on committing offenses GM: By chanting, then eventually, we will get over the offenses. Participant: we commit offenses_________16:59 to 17:01(NOT CLEAR) GM: You try to avoid the offenses. You go on chanting, but you try to avoid the offenses. Participant: then we are chanting and going on committing offenses _________16:59 to 17:01(NOT CLEAR) GM: You should try to avoid that. The strength to get over the offenses, to stop those offenses, that will come by chanting. One has to have the desire not to commit any offense and same time you chant Hare Krishna! Any other question? Maharaj is asking when is Prasadam? Audience laugh! ____________17.55 [Not Clear] Eternal time! You see that they get the opportunity in this life time, so that they can get back to home, back to Godhead. Not again that they have to take another birth. They, Prabhupada considered them as special children, not ordinary. …… There is no rule as such, you can chant slowly, you can chant fast, you can chant while walking, you can chant while sitting. The point is that you should chant and you should hear. Somebody mechanically chanting and not hearing, they won’t get the effect. They have to hear. It’s not that one has to chant in some mechanical way and in the same tune. We sing hundreds and thousands of tunes of Hare Krishna! Sometimes, it’s amazing, how many new tunes come up. Ha ha! (GM Laughs). So, there is no ehh.. In that sense it’s not mechanical. Mechanical means, it’s simply machine like. So, it doesn’t have to. If somebody is chanting like that, that’s a … they appear like that, but that’s not a recommended. We can go on chanting in a different way. The main thing is to hear. To Chant and to Hear! The thing is that the pranayama, you can predict that we have to do in a certain way, if this way it’s going to happen, Whether or not your mind is .. in one sense it’s correct that both are predictable. What’s the meaning of mechanical? Mechanical mean that you have to do the Hatta Yoga, you have to do all the things, pranayam. Then you have to physically move the living force. It’s all done through the direct will power. That’s the way, certain kind of people who don’t have faith or dependence or knowledge of the supreme lord, they like the process. The whole thing is under their control or they appear or they think that it’s all under their control. But when you are chanting, you don’t know what is the.. it’s nothing that .. apart from Chanting and hearing. The effect that are happening, the purification that is going on, this is out of your control. Only thing in your control is your chanting and your listening. And you bring your mind back. But everything else is going on that you cannot say, how it’s going on. The pranayama yogi, he can tell, now I moved my atma from the heart down to the kundalini chakra. Now it’s going upto this chakra to that chakra, up to seven chakras, now I am placing it between my eyes. Now, I will go to Indra loka, ..(makes sound as though moving) pushhhh… and he can go to Indra loka. Everything is directly under his will power. But the devotee is chanting Hare Krishna and putting himself under the care of Krishna. He goes far faster and with less difficulty than the Yogi. Then Yogi when he is trying to put his soul just between his eyes, if he gets a little distracted, some apsara walks by with his ankle bells ringing or if some distraction is there, then the soul pops out of his eyeball, or it comes out of his ears, he’ll die on the spot. He has to be thoroughly trained by his guru.. and if you have to do this type of meditation you have to be, don’t think that you can do this type of meditation, you can be sitting in the living room and the kids listening to the video and the next room and they come in bouncing the ball and you are there, you just trying to put the soul up between the eyeballs and they come in and pop it goes out (audience laugh).. it doesn’t work like that. They go in some hidden cave, they don’t see anybody, and nobody is around, they are deep in Samadhi, there is no distraction. Doesn’t take 10 minutes. They are working for years and years and years of meditation and then finally when they get to that state, they are also not so easily disturbed, again I am dramatizing. But then the idea, they don’t just suddenly in just 10, 5 minutes, they just sit down in the living room, Om! .. chk. (makes a sound as though the soul reaches it’s destination) _________21:56 (NOT CLEAR) . No, they are meditating for a long time. They are very serious. But we make a …kind of a mockery of the whole thing. They tell people, you meditate like this, you’ll be able to achieve this highest perfection. ________ 22:04 (NOT CLEAR) Little effect is there, but it’s very slow and very tedious. But the whole thing, why they like it is it’s all under their will power. So they feel that “I am the doer”. Because of this they have to suffer a lot. While the devotee, he considers that whatever plans I am making is all by the mercy of Krishna. Of course, you can predict, that a person will go through these stages and make these advancements, and there are different milestones along the way, and the person can recognize which level I am on. That’s all there. It’s not that it’s not systematic. But the system is totally different. So, those people, who are proud, who are little ego centric, that they don’t, they think that I am not going to depend on anyone else. They don’t see that by depending on the Supreme Lord, they are actually truly independent. Depending on yourself means that you are depending on the falible soldiers. The mind, the senses, intelligence, these can all fail one. They are not infalible. The histories of great yogis like, Vishwamitra and others told that how the mind and the senses can often fail one. But the devotees who can completely depend on Krishna, by chanting His Holy Name, they are actually independent of these material fallible soldiers. Because they are depending on Achyuta. Achyuta means infallible. In the neophyte stage, when someone doesn’t have to see … the first stage is called the Vidhi marga. Vidhi marga, means following the rules and regulations. Those rules and regulations are performed by a neophyte in devotional service or bhakti yoga, even in a somewhat mechanical way. Because they don’t have a taste yet for spiritual life. They haven’t got a deep or a profound realization. So they are told, you rise in the morning, you attend this Managalarati, you do this type of sadhana or practice, you chant. So, he is doing it. But he may not always get a complete realization from that. So in the beginning stage, it’s a little mechanical. Because, we don’t …., we are in a diseased condition. We are in a polluted condition, where we haven’t yet fully awakened to our full spiritual potential. So, in the beginning, we perform different practices of devotion, according to certain set guidelines. Someone can say,”well those guidelines are somewhat mechanical”. In the beginning, that’s there. Because this is the nature. Unless we do that, unless we get purified, we cannot come up to the higher level. But in the beginning, although it’s slightly mechanical, very soon, one comes upto what’s known as the spontaneous level. First level, if those rules and regulations become spontaneous, One starts to like those. They start to get strength from that. And so, one doesn’t have to tell such a person, alright you have to get up for the Mangalarati, you have to get up chant your Hare Krishna, they automatically will do it. Spontaneously. They want to do it. They enjoy doing it. So the First level they might not get a lot of enjoyment from it. It’s said in the Bhagavat Gita that spiritual life, in the beginning, things in the sattva guna, in the beginning they seem bitter like poison. But in the end, they become sweet like nectar. But things in the mode of passion, they seem to be just nectar, sweet like honey, in the beginning. But in the end, they become bitter like poison. There are many examples, but… , so then, in the beginning they see all this, chanting, I am not getting so much out of it. But if one goes on chanting, for a month or two, even though it seems a little mechanical, after some time, one starts to evolve higher and higher devotional service. Specially by chanting the names of “Shri Krishna Chaitanya, Prabhu Nityananda, Shri Advaita, Gadadhar, Shri Vasadi Gaura Bhakta Vrinda”. Special blessing they give is that they help to take one above the mechanical platform. Although, physically one may mechanically be following or.. , following a system of devotion, known as ‘Vidhi marga’ or ‘sadhana bhakti’, the practice of devotional service. So, we have a system called ‘Krishna sadhak’, for those who are starting to do the practice, by chanting eight rounds a day and doing this thing. A person might not always get tremendous ecstasy from that. Although some might. But, by doing it you get purified. Cheto Darpana marjanam. Lord Chaitanya said, we have to purify the consciousness. By purifying then, the natural, sachidananda, the natural happiness of performing devotional service becomes manifest. Then, next stage is spontaneously one who do these practices, then the stage after that is known as ‘Raganuga’ – by one…, mind is spontaneously attracted to Krishna. Where spontaneously one.. , as soon as Krishna Katha, or discussions about Krishna, the mind immediately gets locked. Just like, as soon as there is some news broadcast or there is some sports, something.. some sports fan might get fixed, “Oh! What’s that, who won the Cricket game?” Like this we become attached to different material things. But, nobody can keep their consciousness fixed on one thing, because nothing materially is ultimately satisfying. So, they all have to come up with newer things. Because Krishna is all attractive. And He himself is New – “nava yauvanam ca”. Therefore, once you develop your taste for Krishna, you don’t have to look anywhere else. Krishna, Himself is always new and fresh. So, that stage – Raganuga Bhakti is the goal. When one is practicing Raganuga Bhakti, then somewhere, they can come up to the platform of pure Krishna prema, or pure love for Krishna. And then one is considered to be totally liberated from the influence of the material world. So, in the beginning stages, it may appear like that, slightly mechanical, but one can very quickly cross over those .. …. .. I think it was Ravi Lochana… In the beginning, one should put on more, more force is needed to take off. Once you are in the air, then we don’t have to have the engines going. Isn’t it? To take off, we need extra force..maximum force is required. Once you are in the air, you can leave it, you can still fly. So, just to get to the beginning, are you in illusion, because we are attached to these material things. We don’t have a taste to spiritual life, because, we are just as in sleep. To wake us up, ..“jiv jago, jiv jago..” to bring up the spiritual force into play again, so in the beginning, it’s just mechanical, we just do it. It’s the order of Guru. It’s this… doing it as a sense of duty. I have to chant everyday, I have to offer my –___________29.18-to Krishna. I have to do my devotional service and by doing that, then one reaches a point where it becomes almost automatic. Just a little bit of effort has to be put in. Finally, it becomes totally natural and has no mechanical aspect to it at all. Audience speaks – ____________29.45(NOT CLEAR Not Audible) that’s one thing.. why were they imprisoned…. (Not Audible) GuruMaharaj: There were times, that Vasudev was out of prison. Sometimes you know Kamsa very.. , one time, first time, Kamsa had his many moods. Devaki was in prison, Kamsa did vary in his moods. Sometimes, he was driving a chariot for Devaki, sometimes, he was going to kill her. So, it was all depending on his moods. After all, Devaki was his sister. So, sometimes he calmed down. He was convinced that my sister and brother-in-law are alright, so, sometimes he was totally petrified .. and sometimes he was demoniac. So, that’s why I said, these materialistic people, they may sometimes show some very good qualities of compassion and kindness and fairness and justice and so on.. They may show all these good qualities. But then, as soon as they become convinced that their own sense gratification, their own personal interest is going to be infringed upon, then they can forget all kinds of moral and just consideration and they can do anything. That’s why I said, that ultimately, a materialist even though he has all good qualities, ultimate issue, his good qualities are not worth in itself. Because, ultimately, he can do anything. Even a devotee, even if he has , you see some bad qualities in a devotee, ultimately, even if a devotee sometimes does a mistake or makes.., fall down or has difficulties, but ultimately a devotee is committed to shelter to Krishna. The ultimate issue, by Krishna’s mercy, will overcome those difficulties. And he’ll be situated rightly. Just like Parikshit maharaj, he put a dead snake on a sages neck, who was actually in Samadhi. He didn’t, Parikshit thought that he is imitating, he is not treating me. Krishna put some Mahamaya on him. So, then he did this offense on the sage. Someone can say that well, look at.. what kind of King is he, what kind of devotee is he? He got angry, thirsty and he just put the snake? But, it’s said that, when this happens, sometimes Krishna just puts that devotee in difficulty. Sometimes, as a great devotee, sometime, may be he is not so great devotee, but needs to learn by making some mistake. Sometimes, you tell a child don’t do, don’t do , sometimes you just have to give a smack on his hand (makes the slapping sound). To that, he’ll realize, “Oh! This is something that I shouldn’t do!” . So , sometimes, Krishna, He gives repeated warnings, that Guru wants and somehow this person doesn’t listen, then He may also have to undergo some reaction of what he is doing, which is not under the shelter of Guru and Krishna. If you are working always under shelter, then it’s not a problem. If someone is misbehaving, sometimes, they get spotted. But, the thing is even if we think, well that person, we have to reject him. No! Even that person has, gets some reaction, or that person has to get some effect there, because they are devotees. Eventually, Krishna will rightly situate them. For the materialist, even for a while, if they are good, eventually they are going to lose everything, because of their over bearing desire for simply enjoying sense gratifications. So, ultimately they are sacrificed, even, for a while they might have some moral standards. That’s why you can’t depend on these world powers. They may say, let’s have the __________34:51 (NOT CLEAR), let’s have feast, lets’ reduce our, we have another anartha, we have nuclear warheads to destroy each other 150 times over, let’s reduce it so that we can only destroy each other 50 times over. You see, all these rhetoric, even if we destroy each other once over, more than enough. But they have nuclear warheads, to destroy each other hundreds of times over. If we calculate, what one bomb can do, they have …, all they need is 20 bombs and they can destroy half of the whole country. So, they have hundreds and thousands of these warheads. So, multiple, it’s not one, but multiple-multiple, so they are talking of reducing a few. You can’t depend on them. Unless, if they are really God-conscious, how can we really depend? At any time, if they think that,..”it’s going against me, we are gonna lose our position, if we don’t act now, in the future, our world power will be lost, then everything will”.. so then anything they can do… they see that communism is going too far. One side can do! You see capitalism, is going too far, other side can do! You can’t depend on them. Because, ultimately, unless they are god conscious, there are no other moral considerations for a materialist than his own self-interest. For a devotee, even sometime he may have a fall down, but ultimately he sees that well, I have to serve Krishna. So Krishna leads him on the right path. So, like that, Kamsa being a total materialist even though sometimes, he did show some good quality, ultimately issue, he would act demoniacally. Sometimes, demons, they also always have that cover. They make that mistakes like anybody else. First thing is that let’s kill his sister, as she had no children, so what’s the problem? Kill her! Kill her! So that’s totally demoniac. So the society, the society was saying, “How can you kill your sister?” So, society was saying, “How can you keep husband and wife apart? It’s as good as killing them”. So they offered, we’ll give you the eighth child. So they somehow or the other reached to agree.

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