19880217 Caitanya Caritamrita Madhya Lila 13.154-155 New Talavan

The following is a class given by His Holiness Jayapataka Swami On February 17,1988 in New Talavan farm ,California,Mississippi. 

The class begins with a reading from the Chaitanya caritamrita Madhya Lila. Chapter 13, text 154-155

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami:

Jaya jaya Sri Chaitanya Jaya Nityananda (devotees repeat)

Jaya Advaita Candra Jaya Gaura Bhakta Vrnda (devotees repeat)


Text 154 chapter 13 . Madhya lila

rākhite tomāra jīvana, sevi āmi nārāyaṇa,

tāṅra śaktye āsi niti-niti

tomā-sane krīḍā kari’, niti yāi yadu-purī,

tāhā tumi mānaha mora sphūrti

This is Krishna speaking to Radharani.


“You are My most dear, and I know that in My absence You cannot live for a moment. Just to keep You living, I worship Lord Nārāyaṇa. By His merciful potency, I come to Vṛndāvana every day to enjoy pastimes with You. I then return to Dvārakā-dhāma. Thus You can always feel My presence here in Vṛndāvana.

Text 155:

mora bhāgya mo-viṣaye, tomāra ye prema haye,

sei prema — parama prabala

lukāñā āmā āne, saṅga karāya tomā-sane,

prakaṭeha ānibe satvara


“Our love affair is more powerful because of My good fortune in receiving Nārāyaṇa’s grace. This allows Me to come there unseen by others. I hope that very soon I will be visible to everyone.


Kṛṣṇa has two kinds of presence — prakaṭa and aprakaṭa, manifest and unmanifest. Both are identical for the sincere devotee. Even if Kṛṣṇa is not physically present, the devotee’s constant absorption in the affairs of Kṛṣṇa makes Him present. This is confirmed in the Brahma-saṁhitā (5.38):


santaḥ sadaiva hṛdayeṣu vilokayanti

yaṁ śyāmasundaram acintya-guṇa-svarūpaṁ

govindam ādi-puruṣaṁ tam ahaṁ bhajāmi

Due to his intense love, the pure devotee always sees Lord Kṛṣṇa present within his heart.

[Jaya Sri Sri Nitai Gaura]

All glories to Govinda, the primeval Personality of Godhead! When Kṛṣṇa is not manifest before the inhabitants of Vṛndāvana, they are always absorbed in thoughts of Him. Therefore even though at that time Kṛṣṇa was living at that time in Dvārakā, He was simultaneously present before all the inhabitants of Vṛndāvana. This was His aprakaṭa presence. Devotees who are always absorbed in thoughts of Kṛṣṇa will soon see Kṛṣṇa face to face without a doubt. In other words, devotees who are always engaged in Kṛṣṇa consciousness and are fully absorbed in thoughts of Kṛṣṇa certainly return home, back to Godhead. They then see Kṛṣṇa directly, face to face, take prasadam with Him and enjoy His company. This is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gītā (4.9): tyaktvā dehaṁ punar janma naiti mām eti so ’rjuna.

During his lifetime a pure devotee is always speaking of Kṛṣṇa and engaging in His service, as soon as he gives up his body he immediately returns to Goloka Vṛndāvana, where Kṛṣṇa is personally present. He then meets Kṛṣṇa directly. This is successful human life. This is the meaning of prakaṭeha ānibe satvara: The pure devotee will soon see the personal manifestation of Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa.So Krishnadas Kaviraja is explaining the secret mood of Chaintanya Mahaprabhu to bring Krishna in this form of Jagannatha back to Vrindavan to meet with Srimati Radharani. All the residents of Vrindavan are in great separation of Krishna . He has gone for a long time. The gopis used to curse even Lord Brahma because of their one separation of one eye blink . It's being too long." We have to blink our eyes to see so" that blink separated their Darshan of Krishna . That made them feel more separation and they were very angry of Lord Brahma in making such a mechanical arrangement that interrupted their uninterrupted. Uhh .. Interrupted their continuous vision of Krishna. So we can imagine. We can't imagine actually . But we get some idea ,how greater separation . Someone who feels separation of the blink of an eye,how they are able to survive even after years and years together with  Krishna being out of Vrindavan.

Here Krishna reveals that actually He is in Vrindavan. That the,but He is there in His aprakata form. So we will discuss that in the second but so Lord Chaitanya s mood is to bring back Krishna to Vrindavan and the gundica temple in Jagannatha Puri is actually considered like His small aunty's house because over here He is going to see Queen Kunti and trying to see the Kurushetra battle and some sacrifice their for the solar eclipse. May be that time all the Vrajavasis including Radharani also came and at that time to meet with Krishna.So coverdly Krishna is going to see His aunty otherwise the Queens of Dwarka might not agree to allow Krishna to go being afraid to loose Him. But since here it was a regular thing. He goes to visit the Pandavas and and His aunt Kunti . So He somehow got permission to go. He was able to go without a big drama . Of course Krishna can go anywhere He wants to but this case He was going without any emotional scenes. When Krishna leaves like that. The devotees ,just like Krishna want to leave Vrindavan. All the gopis were trying to obstruct Akrura from taking hischariot out. They were holding the horses. They were laying in the road ,they were doing anything they could to stop Krishna from going . They were mad that Krishna was going. As they suspected that He won't come back . So ,again when Krishna was leaving Hastinapur,after the Rajasuya sacrifice,battle of Kurukshetra . Then Yudhistira was also crying for Him to stay some more days. So it's difficult for Krishna to move because of the love of His devotees. Because somehow or other he got to go Dwarka. At the pretence the for going for the solar eclipse. That is He is just gonna visit Mother Kunti ,His aunt Kunti. He got out. So taking advantage to going with His brother and sister. He was going to meet Yashoda,Nanda Maharaja because they also heard He was going. They were quite close. Dwarka was far and the ocean that from Vrindavan,kurukshetra was also not very far. So they all came up and they could meet Krishna. So Lord Chaitanya ,He saw the Ratha Yatra in that mood of bringing Krishna back to Vrindavan. Bringing Krishna back to Radharani,back to the gopis,back to Mother Yashoda,Nanda Maharaja and He was in that ecstasy. That is the esoteric special ecstasy of Lord Chaitanya in the Rath yatra . Even in Jagannatha Puri it's not that everyone understands this secret thing. Even at the time, now many do know because of Lord Chaitanya' s movement is being preached that the philosophy more ,because the philosophy is well known. But at that time everyone knows that Jagannath was going to infact they  called the place Gundica ,in Bengali they call it Mashir Bari,aunty's house. That He is going to see. Anyway the historians don't know that ,meaning you see Lord Chaitanya ,that's why when Swarupa Damodara ,he could understand Lord Chaitanya' s mind and Lord Chaitanya was very astonishes that how he could know? So Krishnadas Kaviraja writes beautiful poetry which I am not able to properly do justice to .he has expressed all these sentiments of Lord Chaitanya in a ,he portrays the different type of meter than the normal. In these four lines. Very important expressions. Krishnadas kaviraja wants to openly discuss that pastime. The different format,different melody. So just as Lord Jagannatha was taken to Vrindavan in the sense of going to Gundica just like going to Vrindavan and later in the chapters are performance of all the Vrindavan pastimes. Of how Jagannatha is at the Gundica temple .That time Lord Chaitanya he just feels like Krishna's s come back to Vrindavan He is in that ecstasy and the ,there are various pastimes in the Vrindavan diaries. Jagannatha,Baladeva . I believe they called diaries, Vrindavan diaries. In Jagannatha Puri. So [some noise in the background]we are very fortunate to have the Lord Jagannatha personally in New Talavan. Talavan is one of the twelve forests of Vrindavan. Vrindavan is also one of the twelve forests in Vraja. The principle. So Talavan is one of those forest ,where Krishna He had His pastimes. And that means that this is like Vrindavan. We can see that Jagannatha has come from Dwarka. Sankirtan Puri to the Talavan forest (hahaha) to be here. Of course Radha Radhakanta are simultaneously. They are here .. That's Prabhupada 's mercy on the Ratha Yatra (hahaha) So Jagannatha comes here spend some time,I don't know how long. Gundica spends nine days . The mahamantra being chanted here by sankirtana devotees. Then there he goes one day,spends seven days .one day going ,seven,ninth day He comes back. So when they have returned back,Lord Chaitanya. He didn't go like the return back. Like that . Of course,each devotee has different standard . Personally if I was here in at that time ,enjoyable . When we do our Rath Yatra in Calcutta we take our deities out in the Rath.we also have the ,Prabhupada's s mercy again. In Calcutta we have Radha Govinda temple. So taking Krishna back,Govinda .In one sense .we don't feel so bad. There's no alternative. . Jagannatha Puri they are many public they just come and pull the Rath.Doesn't not matter whether Lord Chaitanya personally He was there or He returned back. Anyway we cannot imitate that. Lord Chaitanya repeated enormous pastimes. Following His footsteps. So it's an opportunity for us to remember all these pastimes to serve Lord,also opportunity for the residents of new Talavan to have a direct opportunity to serve Jagannath,Subhadra , Baladev . Actually when Jagannatha goes to Gundica in Jagannatha Puri. That time thay had separate pujari . Gundica pujari get the right to serve Jagannatha. Jagannatha pujaris are not allowed to serve untill they return Jagannatha back to Jagannatha Puri. Then those pujaris get over. I don't know they all have some certain significance. That's why Lakshmi became angry on the fifth day and that is hera panchami and she sent  her servants to Lord Jagannatha to Gundica going so why are they delaying,who is he not coming back. That's a whole other pastime. She arrests Jagannatha's servants and they have to bring Jagannatha back. Because when Krishna plays the part of a husband with the queens of Dwarka. Some of them are ,they think that Krishna is like the husband and something like that. Actually they are Krishna' s attendants but out of love all these different pastimes go on. It's unfortunate that in the world today people are in such an impersonal conception of God . This God ,the one that to we pray to that we can pass our exams, assure them guaranty. Someone gets sick or there is an earthquake. So you are God. But we can have a personal relationship with the Lord. That we have an eternal relationship . Having all these wonderful qualities and loving nature to Him. You see people in the western world are being deprived of this exoteric knowledge.Actually people in America. 99,98% people they don't believe in God. I read somewhere, ,someone told me. I don't know the latest update.  that was may be ten years ago. That must have changed now. But anyways that's quite high. Vast majority of people. Maximum people don't believe in God because they have no information about the Personality of Godhead. So actually although they are God believing peoples. Impractical life that Lord doesn't have so much of relationship with Him. Through the same kind of mrgya, American sahajiya tendencies prevalent religion herein. They take the Lord for granted and one with relishing sense gratification as the principle source of inspiration in life. It's a. Like the mardiga you see sometimes,a rare person. Most of us are rare in very nice and very kind in all our dealings . But you know,you find some people. although they are drunk ,they are enjoying in their own way . Then they yell out something like the Jesus Christ,this or that,you know and they don't find themselves at basically God believing. Then they are ,you can see that  . Although they believe in God. Alright they believe in son of God. So they don't know that there's an alternative to sense gratification. It has not been to them and the there they are serving Kali Yuga. Engaging in gambling,intoxication,illicit sex. Yet they have their personal. All,may be not all. Most of them. Usually all. Some less and others. Yet they ,they don't know that actually there is a personal relationship with God. They just. Actually Srila prabhupada he is given them the mercy to be a part of his movement so that they could understand what life is really about. What devotion is all about. Devotion to. Krishna.devotion to the Supreme. Personality of Godhead. This is a very special commodity and suddenly you ... But whether devotion is pure devotion or mixed with karma or mixed with gyana. That very fine analysis is performed by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and we can become His followers. To also judge themselves to find where they are. Anyavilasita sunyam bhaktir. Devotion without any other tinge of motive. This should be our goal. Even if they had not cone up to that platform that should be their goal. They should understand where is the perfection. A lower standard will be acceptable as the ultimate check. It is important because you cannot have all the purest state. But of they have the desire to reach the purest state. That desire will carry them forward in their spiritual life. That person thinks that nothing wrong with what he is doing ,he is not properly situated. It is difficult for that person to expect the change. Just like years ago people would nit think of smoking cigarettes .so they were just purified in such an extent. They were not smoking. Now they are seeing so much cancer is coming. So then they start checking whether non-smokers or smokers .those smoking definitely have cancer. So now there's another propaganda. The government is even becoming involved in warnings advertising in many places. Just like practical examples. So in general people,many people they have the information available to them that smoking is bad and say a great number of people have stopped smoking. People that are smoking,they may be are habituated to smoking think that in the future they are.. So that consciousness is similarly . In Krishna consciousness we don't expect everyone to immediately come to the highest level of pure devotion. That's very difficult . To attain in one sense. It's not very difficult in other sense. So ... But if in general people don't understand that there is a Personality of Godhead ,that they are eternal part. More and more and actually they come to appreciate that pure devotional service is actually the perfection of .. So the pure love of God. All religion they say . So then these people can say that this is the objective that on that basis even though there are some irreligious people who don't care,who smoke . Anyway,but there are other people who smoke. (25:20) That kind of love that can just fallen we can't improve themselves everyone like to improve themselves especially they are trying to improve themselves.Prabhupada said that to be very glorious . I mentioned it before on an occasion we were in Mayapur_ Prabhupada got a letter from mayapur may be from giriraj. Anyway somehow Prabhupada got a letter from some disciple's in the west. Not disciples but friends of Krishna. I don't remember. There was also a grihastha coming back with wife_ reading your books even chanting hare Krishna. We have decided in future to be your disciple. He said but although you like to follow perfectly very_ because all of are trying to follow the four regulative principles. Get away with friends, take some intoxication also pressure. Sometime when we are able to see all weak fall down in this way. I want to be strict only having regulative principles,family connections and not able to do it all the time they won't be able to tell about some difficulty of this they are having. All the very great saints of very humble they want to follow,trying, they all may be_ they could get all these difficulties. They take now then able to take shelter and actually prabhupada wrote to that letter please start to try and for some days personally falling in big life members and people are in. I am quoting from a letter "look at how in the western world they are struggling to be Krishna consciousness,they are fighting with Maya, fighting with kali and then indirectly they see their Indians who, they don't think about trying to do, may be not certain the some or whatever it might be may be not those things but suddenly then so many they have come to, but they don't try to improve themselves sometimes. So prabhupada was focusing that norm actually they are struggling to be Krishna conscious. What are we doing we are_ ourselves to, missing the opportunity for just stagnating. So this having a proper focus on what is the purpose of Krishna consciousness and then actually working to achieve that. Some of them chant four rounds once in a day that's very good that you are chanting two and half million times the hare Krishna,the name of Vishnu. Even a person chants one round a day then they are trying one fourth of two hundred half million. Just like they say it's a on going process (29:36). Losing tremendous money that's horrible because so many worry in doing that. The person in the same way doing the thing weather by drafts, or by buckets. The heads up even some devotee they told me that by chanting that by one round a day and by sticking to that they get more mercy to chant one more round. And they told that we try to encourage (30:12) devotees and different level . We gradually try to increase their chanting . In this way those devotees who are really kind of ahead of the game they take in the shelter of Guru and Krishna. They are like the saved. They are saved from the gross attacks of Maya. Of course Maya may be attacking but they have already taken shelter of the persons who are out there in the material  world will not be able to take shelter . They are not free. They are always being snatched by Maya and are being kicked in different ways and they are suffering in different ways also but by ,initially they have to fight ,that is like fighting kind of a mind in one sense .that it's to their attachment,to their -- because that's. What mind,what senses we have.we have to deal with them. So we purify them,we develop our Krishna consciousness more. The person living outside the material world ,in spiritual association. This is so ,so by endeavouring,by doing whatever we can ,then this earns a special mercy. Thus Krishna,Lord Chaitanya,Nityananda Mahaprabhu shall appreciate it. We know that this is blessing . And therefore if someone is trying to be Krishna conscious and whatever one can do,that goes up to straight . Prabhupada said in another dealings that somebody may be stay in the temple for sometime . If not permanently,even if for sometime, like if someone come how we would like to see the change in them. A week or month whatever and if he becomes stronger and then be more able to defend against the acts of Maya. So people here on the west,people don't have that understanding about the devotional service. Initially I was telling my previous ashrama's mother that everyone -- sankirtana and -- then I first met her,she said everything I do I simply do for --(32:51)

Different values what they considered which would be quite good and pious but the Krishna conscious evaluation,the whole -- even rape you know ,hardly shows civilized human life. (33:09) so like that animal -- so many . It's not considered to be civilized. Like they are sophisticated animal and .. That's the tradition,-- they use to be hunting buffaloes. (33:32) only two hundred years old this country. They can still develop ,become civilized in the future. what is civilization .what is that? Prabhupada said real civilization means God in the centre . that means actually peace and harmony can be established. 

So Prabhupada brought this whole message of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu . He said the material civilization has everything , materially developed technology, everything. But it just requires adding Krishna . adding his spiritual touch of lifting the whole consciousness. Even they believe in god so they have some civilization is there. It's not up to the level where they can really focus on the personal relationship with godhead with supreme personality of Godhead. That's what the Krishna conscious movement is trying to do. . It is actually bringing the people into the awareness into who they are ,who is the personality of Godhead,what is the relationship with Him. Actually we are not in competition with any religion that are existing which are interesting. What we are actually trying to do is to take all the people from all these religion and give them a greater awareness . the basic things are may be there like Jesus , they love God . It's like you love God but you don't know anything about it. Just like if you are trying to love someone,you know I want to love my -- What you do. What you look like. This and this plan. It's very hard to develop such constant relationship . how people can develop such a relationship with God. If they no anything about it , He is omnipotent,omniscient. He can do anything. So he has come down here five thousand years ago in vrindavan and he went with his brother and sister on a chariot with so many devotees.(35:33) Dwarka  and kurukshetra ,He visited to vrindavan so and so. How it can be? Where 's the question God being anything? -- so once you greet Krishna. Krishna says sham sarvasya prabhah . Everything is coming from Me. I am the Supreme father of everyone. Aham bija prajapitah . I have come down from the spiritual world. So Jesus said that ee are son of God so how can you prove that Krishna is not the son. In south America,the Christian priests and nuns who have -- chanting of Hare Krishna. There's some monk who has taken initiation from Bir Krishna Maharaja. So by chanting Hare Krishna they feel quite satisfied . why most, Jesus Christ. So Krishna is the father, Krishna is the supreme. You don't feel eliminated from Jesus as a devotee. So we have a disciples in Muslim countries they are not divided from Mohammedan by practicing Krishna consciousness. That is the natural evolution of just knowing work. There are so many religious in the world that give you basic ideas, some moral standard. So lord Chaitanya given us even a secret.even In Jagannath puri they are worshiping Krishna they didn't know all the details of worshiping Krishna ,all the pastimes. They don't know all the significance even in the rath yatra,they know that Krishna as person,He has all these pastimes. Know what His relationship was with Vrindavan residents., That's why they look in the dictionary who is avatara of Vishnu. They don't even know that it is written,who is Vishnu,who is Krishna? Even Krishna Himself ,He has come as a human being . Although sometimes He would just -- anything He wants as the Supreme Person. Mountains and builts His city in the middle of the ocean and that city is Dwarka that was recently discovered. That city Krishna sank in the ocean (38:36) under the ocean,on the course of Gujrat. And they are trying to exploit the krana ocean,the kshira oceans which means that how far 

(38:54). So all these things just taught that Krishna was there . No doubt about it. The city of Dwarka was there. Govardhan is there,was there. This pastimes,all were performed. They are recorded and they are appreciated by the devotees and only the pure devotees can get-- in this pastimes that's also something which is handed down,in the disciplic succession. Devotees specially realized that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu,He himself came to give the very exoteric significance of Krishna 's pastimes. Krishna Himself came to give. Alright I have done this pastimes . You know janma . This is they mean.what do they really signify. Swarupa Damodara ,Rupa gosvami ,the six gosvamis . So Rupa Gosvami,he has expressed these things in the disciplic succession in the line. And all ,who are Rupa and Raghynatha das gosvami taught. Krishna das kaviraja ,he has also given us this Chaitanya caritamrita. Prabhupada translated the Chaitanya caritammritawith purport.so nkw we can understand that is the some of the exoteric pastimes of the Lord . How the Lord is having His different loving relationship . We also have a part to play . We cannot immediately enter into the Vrindavan pastime but just as Krishna was feeling separation . his devotees,even though He is an independent Lord felt it.His devotees they always felt separation from Krishna. So lord Chaitanya taught that we can serve the Lord in separation. If we are thinking about Krishna,if we are serving Krishna in that separation mood. Krishna does not show Him . That is called aprakata,unmanifested. We may not able to see Him but we can feel Him. It's like by chanting hare Krishna you may not be able to see Krishna but you can feel the presence of Krishna. You can experience it. Like blind people they can also eat ,they can taste the food. You know even though they cant see it. Somehow by chanting hare Krishna,by serving Krishna,by remembering Krishna you can feel Krishna 's presence . It's a real experience. Just like Madhvacharya when he was arguing with the mayavadis. they all ,everything was based on mental speculation logic . But then Madhvacharya ,he said the point that I am not speaking from simply this and that ,simply speculation. This is what the Vedas say. This is real. I am speaking from realization. So therefore there's no question of,no question of some kind of mental idea.This taht. I realised . This is about the Vedas,I practiced them and I realized.therefore there is no question of speculation. And that based him because he was so see,-- in both the sastra ,guru references .in the same time he had absolute faith . Some realization. He won over all of them because in realization and mental speculation was really fact point that made everyone really moved,to believe in not just some kind of blind faith . Actual realization. Then they could feel it. He is giving. Many people just like when Prabhupada was discussing that Lord Chaitanya said that Prithivite ache yata nagaradi gram/ sarvatra pracharita haibe Mora nama. In every town and village of the entire world my message would be spread. This will be sung,will be practiced. Prabhupada said look at Lord Chaitanya,He predicted this. He actually did not go and preach in foreign countries. We have to spread this message there.what Lord Chaitantya has predicted. Many others can interpret, they can say that prithivite,worldwide . At that time the world was smaller than today. Civilized world means basically the subcontinent of India. You know at that point they are not civilized. They said they can make word jugglery around. They would try to be the kind of Lord .prithivite. Prithvi means Bhumi ,mother earth . The planet earth. Prithivite means around the entire planet earth. Doesn't mean.the others make jugglery. That's Prithvi. That's the other name for the personality of mother earth. Lifted up from the very place ,from the universe. So she is the planet. Bharatavarsha,Bharat. Now a day they say it just meant India. Although previously it meant the whole planet but Prithvi. Prithvi means whole planet. Whole of earth .prithvi is the main person ,the earth. Everything that I have heard will be exposed to all. How all the places on earth will have the Krishna consciousness movement,reach all the villages and town. It's an open thing for the people. So Prabhupada he said no. Lord Chaitanya said prithivite ,means the whole world unless and untill He said that. You don't want to hear,you don't want to accept. Prabhupada had the realization that no lord Chaitanya 's mission is the solution. Is absolute. He had faith in the order of his guru and the order of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. So He took it up. Prabhupada was successful. So wr have all over here. You see most of us are born in this western world but we had no knowledge of Krishna. But Prabhupada brought us the message and we now have this opportunity to understand,who we are,who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. We understand. Radharani. We can render direct devotional service and realized. So we are also -- to Srila Prabhupada. For everything. Just as He has the vision .they will always have something for that. Although they have something to say but that faith develop. You know that realization. Madhvacharya (46:37)

. Srila Prabhupada had similar absolute kind of commitment. The faith. This perspective. This is clear. So that's what the Krishna conscious movement is about. Of not just to preach theory but to bring the people to actual realization. So to realize,we have to practice. You have to practice Krishna consciousness,to realize. Bur there are many acts on the vision ( 47:33)

That spiritual analogy,Indian culture,Indian philosophy. They tell you all the different philosophy. But if you --they get bewildered. Just like -- this is that I want or this one seems better. That is ,the faith doesn't come . If you are not practicing they are just trying to study some kind of comparative study and the,as a result faith ,doesn't appreciate all the difference philosophy but they don't have faith in any one of them generally many cases we find the situation like that. Or even if they have a leaning towards one because of some kind of no you have to be like this,like .. The person sometimes ,they have to be academically neutral. If you believe in any one you have to be neutral. Illusion with neutrality. They may make some kind of neutral state . They don't believe in any thing . No it's not like that. Prabhupada was presenting this bright knowledge,in order to give them realization. So that everyone could realize. By practicing Krishna consciousness people realize the presence of Krishna. So that Krishna said to Radharani that when in Vrindavan I visit you in Vrindavan,you can feel my presence. just like lord Chaitanya he called mother saci that I come to you everyday and I take much ,everyday I come and take your offering. So if you feel me there. Even one time,sometime I physically offer the offering . But we think -- may be some joke on Him .i do that just to put you -- when you see that happen . You wonder ,w can that all these happen,or may think may be you are dreaming or something like that. Forget about. Actually I mentioned about coming in ,taking your Prasad. So don't feel separate,don't feel bad.(50:18): sarva-yoniṣu kaunteya

mūrtayaḥ sambhavanti yāḥ

tāsāṁ brahma mahad yonir

ahaṁ bīja-pradaḥ pitā


sarva-yoniṣu — in all species of life; kaunteya — O son of Kuntī; mūrtayaḥ — forms; sambhavanti — they appear; yāḥ — which; tāsām — of all of them; brahma — the supreme; mahat yoniḥ — source of birth in the material substance; aham — I; bīja-pradaḥ — the seed-giving; pitā — father.


It should be understood that all species of life, O son of Kuntī, are made possible by birth in this material nature, and that I am the seed-giving father.


In this verse it is clearly explained that the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa, is the original father of all living entities. The living entities are combinations of the material nature and the spiritual nature. Such living entities are seen not only on this planet but on every planet, even on the highest, where Brahmā is situated. Everywhere there are living entities; within the earth there are living entities, even within water and within fire. All these appearances are due to the mother, material nature, and Kṛṣṇa’s seed-giving process. The purport is that the material world is impregnated with living entities, who come out in various forms at the time of creation according to their past deeds.

Devotee (inaudible)

Opportunity to serve Jagannath,Subhadra,Baladev in new Talavan .over here in Vrindavan. Just here we are very fortunate to serve Lord Jagannatha on the Rath Yatra occasions . Actually Prabhupada said that Lord Chaitanya got all the animals chanting in Jharikhanda to dance .Of course we cannot imitate Him. Prabhupada said that at lest we can try to get the human beings to dance . Lord Chaitanya He can get animals,elephants,deer and lions and they all started embracing each other and saying Hare Krishna. But basically we can at least get the human beings . Yesterday I happened to meet somebody . He was telling [laughter]bees and crabs and so many things. Devotees are fulfilling Prabhupada 's instructions.so far any questions or comments or any other vaishnavawants to share realizations . Any question? 


Devotee (inaudible) 

Since the very item the lord _ since they are may be that,it's not ready to _ may be not so great in . So it's last years question in my mind that if someone here 

Do u think i was more _ this year?

Allow devotees to stress that. I don't know. I understood.

Devotee: Inaudible

I made some commitment to go to Bangladesh and like the coordinator. The schedule for the devotees this evening Indian. Because I heard that because. We have been having some different preaching programs _ organized with the Namahatta . We expected thousands of people coming. I like to Devotees are trying to do how is it possible to (1:2:37) 

How I think devotees can attend its first usually they have program day before the Gaura purnima festival.

That's at the time of Jagannath Puri they have their Rath Yatra . They have it on the same day. Jagannatha Puri Rath Yatra which is usually in the end of June. 

This year we have on July 15th . I usually go when after coming from Atlanta. __ (1:4:10) 

Devotee: Vaishnava,sadhu ,sastra ,guru . 

It is also that -- srila Prabhupada __ 

Really . Something that we have is the shelter of the sadhu,guru,sastra . How is the same question -- ? There is a .. There's something. 

Devotee:( inaudible)

No as soon as you -- but preaching is the area of work . In our disciplic succession,in the Vedic culture. Just like in prabhupada s books it is stated that -- there is some rituals . -- obligatory works to do. And the format of those rituals has certain essential features in them which you can. At least in some you can -- but there are certain features which ,there are certain features . We can do in one hour,we can do in three days. Even in one hour even if you find the basic minimum certain custom,exchange -- sometime it's like three hour -- there's something which makes it more liberal ,more interesting. No,you don't know. Similarly in the Vedic culture. Even if you are in Krishna consciousness,simply certain basic things are always maintained. Just like You take initiation,whatever certain basic things are there. But in preaching,in ,in bringing people to the point where they are attracted to the Krishna consciousness. Rupa Gosvami is given like ,like you know ,like the legal register like you are making a society ,what is the purpose of the society . Like we do this incorporation AB C . Then actually anything which fulfils the objective. Like someone is attracted to universal point -- that is just like you put point like this . Yena tena aprakalena Krishna manani vasudev. By whatever we yena tena prakarena . Whatever way you can get someone to get attracted to Krishna. When you said like that I was like open door to -- that s why this is described as vaishnava activity . But there is that kind of universal box . Whatever will ultimately get someone attracted to Krishna consciousness. Then of course once you are attracted you are ,next verse is then you -- initial state is you get them attracted and to accept Krishna ,to Krishna mana. To accept Krishna to -- one they reach that stage,the next stage is ,to do so now is to become fixed in devotional service . How am I to get fixed in devotional service. The next . I memorise only the first two lines. The other two I know but .. Yena tena . Then the other two are following the rules and regulations. After that. After. Because after that so many new person comes we merely start saying that ,don't want them to go away. Someone just comes for the first time. Someone tells you,I want to shave up. Why-- someone may get on that case and then people get frustrated. Oh they would say ,you are demon . So they may go away and they will say .so Rupa gosvami is saying us that the first thing you don't present it abide by the orders. Even though certainly we say we probably do this,we do this,this is our standard. But as far as preaching is concerned . That the system is first get them to accept Krishna,to believe in Krishna,to appreciate Krishna,to love Krishna. Mana ,it's quoted in the first verse . Purport was in this translation. That mana , in the -- it's a very broad word. That mana comes in mind . Mana vavasvate means that bring them to accept,to appreciate,everything for God . --- once they come to that level ,you can start dealing with them. Alright be steady,be calm .

Personal relationship. -- it's like hathi snan. Just like the elephant they don't understand ,they get -- they don't know better ,spoil their consciousness again. Once they taste the little nectar ,once they cone to a certain point then you start to introduce gradually. Fortunately,even Prabhupada explains that what the tenth offense to the holyname is he said after giving so many instructions to the holyname ,so many actually -- he accepts Krishna,he knows this is the absolute Truth still he doesn't really try to surrender ,to go further. At that point he got -- he has to agree,he has to accept -- everyone else would do it themselves . Once they fumble,they never mature in devotional service . They should serve to,provided -- to give up unwanted things,to become fixed in devotional service -- that the person has to do himself . He is -- making him feel that -- so what Rupa Gosvami has given us rather . He spoke in preaching about actually we have to use it consciously . But ultimately the ,whether works or not,whether it's right or not. Whether the people will accept Krishna. I mean cintamani is the most desire ,means among the devotee that you could ever be in . That does mean that no one should imitate him but that is works alright. That she is -- like Srila Prabhupada says that he was actually a guru she-- to the disciple. So we don't want to get into this risky kind of things . We don't have to try that to come down to level of materialistic people engaged in -- sense activity but we can keep maintaining our own purity,our own association with others. In avoiding any offenses we make to others. Then people come gradually attracted to Krishna consciousness. This gradual cultivation of whatever it is. Through any means. Bht the ultimate test will be whether there is -- of Krishna. In fact success is achieved --- that's the success. Now the temple coordinator. Krishna consciousness (1:11:09)

You get better results ,Prabhupada said like book distribution. So there may be other vaishnavas,you see at different areas ,

(1:10:55)Anything that Prabhupada stressed, Bhakti Siddhanta stressed is book distribution..he said alright but he said that,but he stressed on book distribution. Someone said that but he said he cannot stop book distribution because books are basic. So we do follow the parampara even though he said we have to analyze that. So according to the guidelines we are ...that is by previous Acharya. Some of them come up with something else. But there is something that Prabhupada has already given some direction to fulfil reading secure...in the temple see the results. So we have to take down devotees. We are not getting any bad effect. Besides someone who say early in the movement. Some are doing business in the hour, someone is doing Krishna conscious. Therefore we hear that sometime in the . They are making enlarged, while mostly many men don't know the name anyhow might make or make any . Many try to say they are overcome my material nature. He was down with brain that's why we are reading when someone comes with and we take...how many have the source(devotees laugh). We always get devotee just leave the associations of ...vaishnava is the objective of book distribution. They set examples and their guru setting business(1:16:25). How many devotees are able to do this much service sometimes they are exemplary. Whether we didn't count you know four,five people in numbers are coming. They ask a general question that...i am obliged many journals. We watch these things because we have...that's why we are so fortunate we have temple president,other vaishnavas. They discuss everyday songs of life. For examples some instructions some tries happens. May work may not. But the works are to Krishna,to take some efforts to make devotees. It's very good then, eventually though you can also come up in search of.... So in preaching in ISKCON, we like presentation. Then one has this it's difficult for. Over a period of time we come back to temple. Just like in Russia in another places they have to do a lot of jena tena prakrena. The situations is such that they so harinam in the street generally. To get out of this they have to used bead bag ,there is also counters -- some places they have,it is very difficult. There is no other way. 

Devotee: Offering-- time Time time--- suddenly-- by chance and still 

Like practically speaking Prabhupada made many pure devotees who were at least in Krishna consciousness -- offering Prasad. Now practically speaking preaching in India and Bangladesh. There are many -- they are not following Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu 's -- so even the public they are coming ,even there are other gurus come. I mean one guru is ,he has two thousand disciple ,he was preaching. But then I asked how many of those disciples were pure vegetarian? He said may be ten. He was not even sure about that . They never stressed that . So much .. They wouldn't do it. But he had a result of disciples but they -- but ultimately you know for us this Krishna consciousness. Prabhupada has given us . In the long run,some program may be for short time ,some may be long term . In the end we can actually see that some get situated ,or truly making progress that end. So that we have that goal,that standard . 

So that's how judge,you get other people they have tremendous amount of followers. Some sort but there is no austerity, no spiritual progress. So that's we don't want that -- it's not that -- it's like we do the namhatta preaching ,in -- so much of-- that some people are becoming pure devotees . Many people are --- there are people .in that program people come . Each one has one time schedule . Some people cone very quick,some people come slow.

So many other questions,so many other --all these practical things ,you know we are siting .-- then we analyze the -- I will see what are the results what are the -- any kind of congressional program takes more time just like we have -- one country so difficult to -- some devotees gave fallen down . -- it's a difficult situation. Just like sometimes we temple standards are so high ,so far away to reflection them from countries . So which was the ,the association for so long but just like spiritual weeds even though they are producing results --they come to the temple,in the long long way the devotees -- so we are seeing these question has a very broad -- Prabhupada said that if you preach Krishna consciousness wherever favourable,it's not that you won't to preach everywhere but you get a easy ways to try out first. Srila Prabhupada said that-- in keeping -- one the other half you establish an ashrama . -- whatever problem are there (1:24:45) so that's the whole thing . You like the spiritual life. But spiritual perfection as the goal of life. Today in the varnashrama in the material . Varnashrama is sense gratification. Materialism is sense gratification. But varnashrama that's not the goal ,the goal is spiritual -- Krishna.

[9/7, 7:14 AM] Snigdhamayi Sudevi: So in this way lord chaitanya he encouraged his mother  . He was preaching around India .worshiping Krishna in Vrindavan. Jagannatha Puri. Then He was also being with her and that's called aprakata. She could see it,she could feel it .even sometimes some of the Prasad may be missing indicating that someone ate. She felt the presence of Lord Chaitanya. Similarly by chanting hare Krishna we can also feel the presence of Krishna. 

You can have new devotees,a big kirtan,they feel Krishna s energy,something special. So the mind can think where does it cone from. What it is all about.

In contact with Krishna 's service . Just like at birth,beginning of spiritual life someone may feel when they are practicing Krishna consciousness they feel little bit uneasy with being separated from their sense gratification. Just like we have life members coming to Mayapur and in Mayapur there's no smoking,no drinking,no coffee drinking. All intoxication is prohibited. So like that they go to temple,they see like that. In the morning most Indians have become addicted to tea drinking. 

Even the very big millionaire cannot live without their cup of tea. They send their servant out to the front gate,outside the front gate and those are the tea store to fill their bottle of tea . You are ashamed you know ,you can't,you can't live without ignoring tea . The body ,that's your consciousness. Now you are trying to get some tea cap ,tea to provide them within the campus . So you don't have to cook or visit to the tea stalls. But in the beginning of spiritual life whether one likes it . There are so bound to some material activities that     sometime if feel uneasy you have to go ,despite the fact that it is some material activity . With that gratitude as one chants and cultivate that  influence start to disappear. Doesn't happen immediately,it's a gradual process and eventually one becomes fixed in devotional service . Get rid of all these anarthas ,take shelter of Guru,you have to be fixed ,develop taste for devotional service  and a much more spontaneous lover and continuously relish them and then become duly attach to Krishna consciousness and then finally you feel ecstatic love for Krishna. Which i already explained. So Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in His pastimes He shows us the highest love of ,pure love for Krishna. We cant imitate. that . Only Radharani , Lord Chaitanya,Madhavendra Puri had such ecstatic symptoms but the ,in hearing about them purifies us. We can start to appreciate how wonderful is pure devotion for Krishna. This following devotees,they don't exhibit mahabhava , They have pure love. similarly we can hope by their mercy we can achieve love for Krishna. And immediately by the lord 's mercy ,by chanting Krishna's name You can feel the presence of Krishna. This is actually the process of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu . To serve Krishna in separation. Because Lord Chaitanya wanted His devotees to spread this movement to the fallen souls . Therefore by serving the Lord, doing what He wants in devotional service ,one can always feel the presence of the Lord because one is carrying out His instructions. Because one who is preaching. Even though it is difficult sometimes . Why a devotee  feel spiritual enthusiasm. Even though people mentally sometimes you feel other thing  . At the end of the day of they feel tremendous energy.  Just like yesterday,devotees for seven hours on the Rath Yatra. Chanting and distributing Jagannatha 's buttons - long hours they were .  

Yet so many devotees expressed at the end. How they felt,so blissful. You don't know so many hours ,even though physically they were tired. Someone took to -- lay down . But In spite of all that physical ,they actually felt that spiritual energy,spiritual inspiration. Why?. Because Krishna was present because everyone was absorbed in serving Krishna.but this serving Krishna in separation,this immediate,immediate,no postponed. Immediately,you can feel the presence of Krishna. Krishna is present that means we are purified . Seeing Krishna,taking a long time because that's upto Krishna when He wants to reveal Himself . We cannot see Him unless He reveals Himself . ButBy Krishna Chaitanya 's mercy we can feel Krishna 's presence. Very quickly and by feeling Krishna 's presence, by being in the presence of Krishna .Thus Srila Prabhupada explains to us in the purport that we even meet Krishna in the future . So the pure devotee will soon see the personal manifestation of Lord Sri Krishna. Although Krishna is speaking to Radharani,this is being mentioned in the chaitanya caritamrita . Actually Prabhupada is saying that we can make in this sense . Just as Krishna is telling Radharani that you can serve in separation . Similarly together in a visible way.But actually indirectly he is telling all conditioned souls you chant my holyname,you serve me in separation,soon we will be together . We will be seeing each other face to face. We will be enjoying transcendental pastime. So these are,this type of exoteric . All these pastimes it's difficult to understand . Actually we can't understand. This is revealed by the Lord Himself and the devotees who have realized this .




ānukūlyena kṛṣṇānu-

śīlanaṁ bhaktir uttamā

“One should render transcendental loving service to the Supreme Lord Kṛṣṇa favorably and without desire for material profit or gain through fruitive activities or philosophical speculation. That is called pure devotional service.”

[9/7, 7:27 AM] Snigdhamayi Sudevi: CC Madhya 24.189

ahaṁ sarvasya prabhavo

mattaḥ sarvaṁ pravartate

iti matvā bhajante māṁ

budhā bhāva-samanvitāḥ


aham — I, Lord Kṛṣṇa; sarvasya — of everyone; prabhavaḥ — the original source; mattaḥ — from Me; sarvam — everything; pravartate — emanates; iti — thus; matvā — understanding; bhajante — they engage in devotional service; mām — to Me; budhāḥ — those who are learned; bhāva-samanvitāḥ — with love and devotion.


“ ‘I [Kṛṣṇa] am the original source of everything. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who perfectly know this engage in My service with love and devotion.’


This is a quotation from the Bhagavad-gītā (10.8). 

Sakhi Rangadevi Devi Dasi