19850507 Caitanya Caritamrita Madhya Lila.1.191-208 (Part-1) Atlanta

The following is a lecture given by His Holiness Jayapataka Swami on May 7, 1985 at new PanihatiDham, Atlanta Georgia . The class begins on CaitanyaCharitamritamdhyalila chapter 1 text 191 to 208

patita-pāvana-hetutomāraavatāra āmā-ba-i jagate, patitanāhiāra translation The two brothersRupa and Sanatana submitted, “Dear Lord, You have incarnated to deliver the fallen souls. You should consider that in this world there is none so fallen as us. jagāi-mādhāi dui karileuddhāra tāhāṅuddhāriteśramanahilatomāra Translation: “You have delivered the two brothers Jagāi and Mādhāi, but to deliver them You did not have to exert Yourself very much. brāhmaṇa-jātitārā, navadvīpeghara nīca-sevānāhikare, nahenīcerakūrpara Translation: “The brothers Jagāi and Mādhāi belonged to the brāhmaṇa caste, and their residence was in the holy place of Navadvīpa. They never served low-class persons, nor were they instruments to abominable activities. sabeekadoṣatāra, hayapāpācāra pāpa-rāśidahenāmābhāseitomāra Translation: “Jagāi and Mādhāi had but one fault — they were addicted to sinful activity. However, volumes of sinful activity can be burned to ashes simply by a dim reflection of the chanting of your holy name. Translation with repetition…..

Purport: ŚrīlaRūpaGosvāmī and SanātanaGosvāmī presented themselves as being lower than the two brothers Jagāi and Mādhāi, who were delivered by ŚrīCaitanyaMahāprabhu. When Rūpa and Sanātana compared themselves to Jagāi and Mādhāi, they found themselves inferior because the Lord had no trouble in delivering two drunken brothers. This was so because, despite the fact that they were addicted to sinful activity, in other ways their life was brilliant. They belonged to the brāhmaṇa caste of Navadvīpa, and such brāhmaṇas were pious by nature. Although they had been addicted to some sinful activities due to bad association, those unwanted things could vanish simply because of the chanting of the holy name of the Lord. Another point for Jagāi and Mādhāi was that, as members of a brāhmaṇa family, they did not accept service under anyone. The śāstras strictly forbid a brāhmaṇa to accept service under anyone. The idea is that by accepting a master, one accepts the occupation of a dog. In other words, a dog cannot thrive without having a master, and for the sake of pleasing the master, dogs offend many people. They bark at innocent people just to please the master. Similarly, when one is a servant, he has to perform abominable activities according to the orders of the master. Therefore, when DabiraKhāsa and SākaraMallika compared their position to that of JagāiandMādhāi, they found Jagāi’s and Mādhāi’s position far better. Jagāi and Mādhāi never accepted the service position of serving a low-class person, nor were they forced to execute abominable activities under the order of a low-class master. Jagāi and Mādhāi chanted the name of ŚrīCaitanyaMahāprabhu by way of blasphemy, but because they simply chanted His name, they immediately became free from the reactions of sinful activities. Thus later they were saved. Thus endsSrilaPrabhupada’s purport of text 194 Using logic and reasonRupa and Sanatana are trying to convince SreeChaitanyaMahaprabhu but in fact because he is the most merciful one, who deliver the fallen soul that actually they two deserved to be delivered first immediately because they are trying to say they are qualified because they are the fallen soul who deliver the most fallen soul that Sometimes in some countries Government give special facilities to the minority group, the people try to prove that they belong to a minority group to get the facilitiessohere they knew that Lord Chaitanya give this special mercy for the fallen, so they are trying to prove their credential that we are the most fallen , therefore we should get the mercy first. This is a one point ah the kind of ah contains a lot of other rasa Normally in the material world one is trying how to prove oneself in a higher position , how to present oneself is more put at least better side but here unique feature these two great soul are trying to present why they deserve to get the mercy first fallen and abominable then they are. This is quite unique. It is only possible for great souls to have that type of humility.

Text 195 tomāranāmalañātomārakarilanindana seināma ha-ilatāramuktirakāraṇa . “Jagāi and Mādhāi uttered Your holy name by way of blaspheming You. Fortunately, that holy name became the cause of their deliverance. Even though Lord Chaitanyas name has been taken in an offensive way, Lord Chaitanya is so merciful that even chanting his name offensively has a purifying effect, how it purified thosetwobrothersJagai and Madhai. This is the potency of the holy name that offensively in a cleaning stage 9.07 or in offense less stage the chanting of the holy name only does all goodjust because the God is all good. jagāi-mādhāihaitekoṭīkoṭīguṇa adhamapatitapāpīāmi dui jana they continue.... “We two are millions and millions of times inferior to Jagāi and Mādhāi. We are more degraded, fallen and sinful than they. mleccha-jāti, mleccha-sevī, karimleccha-karma go-brāhmaṇa-drohi-saṅgeāmārasaṅgama

“Actually we belong to the caste of meat-eaters because we are servants of meat-eaters. Indeed, our activities are exactly like those of the meat-eaters. Because we always associate with such people, we are inimical toward the cows and brāhmaṇas.” Purport: There are two kinds of meat-eaters — one who are born in a family of meat-eaters and one who has learned to associate with meat-eaters. From ŚrīlaRūpa and SanātanaGosvāmīs (formerly DabiraKhāsa and SākaraMallika) we can learn how one attains the character of a meat-eater simply by associating with meat-eaters. At the present moment in India the presidential offices are occupied by many so-called brāhmaṇas, but the state maintains slaughterhouses for killing cows and makes propaganda against Vedic civilization. The first principle of Vedic civilization is the avoidance of meat-eating and intoxication. Presently in India, intoxication and meat-eating are encouraged, and the so-called learned brāhmaṇas presiding over this state of affairs have certainly become degraded according to the standard given herein by ŚrīlaRūpaGosvāmī and SanātanaGosvāmī. These so-called brāhmaṇas give sanction to slaughterhouses for the sake of a fat salary, and they do not protest these abominable activities. By deprecating the principles of Vedic civilization and supporting cow-killing, they are immediately degraded to the platform of mlecchas and yavanas. A mleccha is a meat-eater, and a yavana is one who has deviated from Vedic culture. Unfortunately, such mlecchas and yavanas are in executive power. How, then, can there be peace and prosperity in the state? The king or the president must be the representative of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. When MahārājaYudhiṣṭhira accepted the rule of Bhārata-varṣa (formerly this entire planet, including all the seas and land), he took sanction from authorities like Bhīṣmadeva and Lord Kṛṣṇa. He thus ruled the entire world according to religious principles. At the present moment, however, heads of state do not care for religious principles. If irreligious people vote on an issue, even though it be against the principles of the śāstras, the bills will be passed. The president and heads of state become sinful by agreeing to such abominable activities. Sanātana and RūpaGosvāmīs pleaded guilty to such activities; they therefore classified themselves among the mlecchas, although they had been born in a brāhmaṇa family. So this is a very serious statement SrilaPrabhupada has made. We see that there are two typeofmlecchas, those people. Whoah. meat eaters by habit, those who borne in a family of a meat eaters, and those who becomes meat eaters by associating it’s like some people from India when I come here by association. they learn even when Gujrat their home places they may not be meat eater or as Prabhupadaexplained even the so called even the leaders of the state in India they sometimes get implicated by all of these habits . Even in the constitution of India there is a clause that says that the goal is to have cow protection but it is written in such a weak way that they make it voluntary although that is one of the things Mahatma or Gandhiji was putting it in . He wanted it to be followed very strictly. But after he left they kept it in the name only and in spite of having it on the constitution even in spite of one of Ganghijis very close associates fasting until death and dying still 15.26 the purpose to stop government organized cow slaughtering. The point he made is there is of course are some people those are going to eat meat. So then let them slaughtered on their own, and let them if they are going to do something for some religious reason however they can do that on their own. For that you do not need slaughter houses organized by the Government. So since the king or the head of the state get one sixth of the Karma inthatcountry. So because in their country they bare having slaughterhouses specially organized by the Governments itself then they are going to get so many sinful reaction. Even in America so many slaughterhouses, Even in America there are so many slaughterhouses. But these are not specifically conducted but in India they need to be lisencedby the Government. Some reasons because it is more socialistic. So many of those things are under the Government and in any case whether governmentally licensed or directly organized the reaction is 16.53. So culture based upon meat eating, animal slaughtering message is going to be involved in so many wars. SrilaPrabhupada says that the reason why Vietnam came to be wasbecause of so much animal slaughtering in America that the American should also be slaughtered. And partially that s what it was 17.25 no one could say what is the positive result under Vietnam War, even in the after ten years of thinking about it we still have come up with a positive result. So ChaitanyaMahaprabhu is very merciful to these meat eaters and the mlechas. But His mercy is not just to forgive them for their sins that they can continue the bathe on blood containing the blood of the slaughtered animal but rather they can be forgiven whatever the Karma they have performed which will bring them suffering in future and so then they can rectify themselves and they can become free from the bad habits of these playful sinful activities. So these is the very wonderful 18.48 Lord Chaitanya is willing to deliver any one no matter what culture, what race, what place in the world but after delivering them they can become rectified and they give up their bad habit.thus they become qualified as Vaisnava, and as Brahmana. A pure Vaisnava is automatically a Brahmana. Here SrilaPrabhupada gives a little 19.33 one aspect of democracy but here the people themselves are allow to degenerate any leaders who may elect those leadership ability and become incapable of giving any good advice people who elect them for the public opinion may temporarily swept by some malified influence but they do not have the character or the strength the purpose to be able to resist something they know bad for population at large and those leaders concerns become ah practically useless and they also becomes implicated to the sinful reaction. so there is always in need for the very powerful leader who can speak by the principle. come with me. what is the use of simply maintaining power for the power’s shake. if doing 21.06 for sinful reaction. not even the head of the state 21.10 better of bowing out gracefully if things become so degenerated. at least one will not be implicated with sinful reaction. 21.33 for self respect ultimately will be able to achieve spiritual perfection. better to continue struggling for the cause of spiritual purity and upliftment of the people at large better than just prostitute oneself for the shake of temporary power and 22.06 pious result.

mora karma, morahāte-galāyabāndhiyā ku-viṣaya-viṣṭhā-gartediyāchephelāiyā Translation: The two brothers, SākaraMallika and DabiraKhāsa, very humbly submitted that due to their abominable activities they were now bound by the neck and hands and had been thrown into a ditch filled with abominable, stoollike objects of material sense enjoyment. Purport: ŚrīlaBhaktisiddhāntaSarasvatīṬhākura has explained ku-viṣayagarta as follows: “Because of the activities of the senses, we become subjected to many sense gratificatory processes and are thus entangled by the laws of material nature. This entanglement is called viṣaya. When the sense gratificatory processes are executed by pious activity, they are called su-viṣaya. The word su means ‘good,’ and viṣaya means ‘sense objects.’ When the sense gratificatory activities are performed under sinful conditions, they are called ku-viṣaya, bad sense enjoyment. In either case, either ku-viṣaya or su-viṣaya, these are material activities. As such, they are compared to stoolstool means excrement 24.10 as someone does not know. . In other words, such things are to be avoided. To become free from su-viṣaya and ku-viṣaya, one must engage himself in the transcendental loving service of Kṛṣṇa, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The activities of devotional service are free from the contamination of material qualities. Therefore, to be free from the reactions of su-viṣaya and ku-viṣaya, one must take to Kṛṣṇa consciousness. In that way, one will save himself from contamination.” In this connection, ŚrīlaNarottamadāsaṬhākura has sung: karma-kāṇḍa, jñāna-kāṇḍa, kevalaviṣerabhāṇḍa amṛtabaliyāyebakhāya nānā yoni sadāphire, kadaryabhakṣaṇakare tārajanmaadhaḥ-pāteyāya Su-viṣaya and ku-viṣaya both fall under the category of karma-kāṇḍa. There is another kāṇḍa (platform of activity), called jñāna-kāṇḍa, or philosophical speculation about the effects of ku-viṣaya and su-viṣaya with the intention to find out the means of deliverance from material entanglement. On the platform of jñāna-kāṇḍa, one may give up the objects of ku-viṣaya and su-viṣaya. But that is not the perfection of life. Perfection is transcendental to both jñāna-kāṇḍa and karma-kāṇḍa; it is on the platform of devotional service. If we do not take to devotional service in Kṛṣṇa consciousness, we have to remain within this material world and endure the repetition of birth and death due to the effects of jñāna-kāṇḍa and karma-kāṇḍa. Therefore NarottamadāsaṬhākura says: nānā yoni sadāphire, kadaryabhakṣaṇakare tārajanmaadhaḥ-pāteyāya “One travels throughout various species of life and eats all kinds of nonsense. Thus he spoils his existence.” Thus ends the translation. A man in material existence and attached to ku-viṣaya or su-viṣaya is in the same position as that of a worm in stool. After all, whether it be moist or dry, stool is stool. Similarly, material activities may be either pious or impious, but because they are all material, they are compared to stool. Worms cannot get out of stool by their own endeavor; similarly, those who are overly attached to material existence cannot get out of materialism and suddenly become Kṛṣṇa conscious. Attachment is there. As explained by PrahlādaMahārāja in Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (7.5.30): matirnakṛṣṇeparataḥsvatovā mitho ’bhipadyetagṛha-vratānām adānta-gobhirviśatāṁtamisraṁ punaḥ-punaś-carvita-carvaṇānām translation :“Those who have made up their minds to remain in this material world and enjoy sense gratification cannot become Kṛṣṇa conscious. Because of their attachment to material activity, they cannot attain liberation, either by the instructions of superior persons or by their own endeavor or by passing resolutions in big conferences. Because their senses are uncontrolled, they gradually descend to the darkest regions of material existence to repeat the same process of birth and death in desirable or undesirable species of life.” Thus ends the Bhaktivedanta purports of text 198. The two brothers, SākaraMallika and DabiraKhāsa, very humbly submitted that due to their abominable activities they were now bound by the neck and hands and had been thrown into a ditch filled with abominable, stoollike objects of material sense enjoyment. so these are very 29.15 graphic description to hear such 29.24 graphic such statement from such a great soul that certainly something wonderful, something extra-ordinary, but obviously they feel very strongly about these point otherwise they did not use such graphic example.

I donot know have you ever seen worms in stool. In India sometimes they have the system of sanitation which is to dig a whole in the ground and all of the abominable things going in the whole and there after sometimes 30.25 in the worms roaming nacked type worm. Even they want they can’t get out of the worm, and they are also liking it, food and nectar, family, and everything. So these example gives example what is the difference a worm is eating stool and living there with all of his friends a man is attached to eat all kind of abominable thing and simply living for sense enjoyment. There is no higher purpose in that persons life. The purpose of life is that worm in stool they are both brothers in purpose. Their purpose is to get most happiness out of life through sense gratification. They have no higher understanding of spiritual life. Simply the worm is living by eating stool and the other you see materialistic person is doing it by eating and also abominable things and just trying to enjoy through meat eating, intoxication , illicit sex and gambling. Rather worms in stool in many other ways more elevated because he had no other choice. He has borned there and does not know any better 32.02 alternatives but a human beings have alternatives to live spiritual life,to live a life for the welfare of othersto just not only uplift oneself to uplift all others they by choice having the choice they choose to live the wormlike life of the 32.25 in the ocean of sense gratification, oblivious to their higher purpose. are not they are more fallen then a worm? so these are very graphic example they given but they want to present their point very strongly and their example is not inappropriate, or unfounded. the great achairya like Prahlad Maharaja advise us to avoid engaging on useless life of sense gratification. but to better use all of our energy for engaging in Krishna Conscious activities. what we can do that we should consider that is perfection. Although DabirKhasaand SakaraMollik they are from a high family and they are in a very powerful position of government but because their aim in life is becoming Krishna conscious so they are so humble that they are analyzing their own characteristics with this type of very strict judgments representing themselves as the most fallen of the fallen. That means that, one should place the highest perfection that’sthe goal of life trying to become hundred percent Krishna Conscious. And then compared to that we should always analyze and find out to ourselves taking help from Guru and senior Vaisnavasscyriptures, what are our weak point, why are we 35.07 the mark. And thus trying to get theblessings of Guru and Krishna. We can,,Vasnavas, so that we can advance. If we donot set our psyche for the hundred percent mark then how can we ever even come close, naturally material nature want us feel very satisfied in a 35.42 perfect condition. So our tendency will be whatever position we are in to try to rationalize and consider ourselves to be very rightly situated, very advanced, very perfect. This is the nature of material world. We find people who if even devotee starts trying to purify himself. So here we have the example from Rupa and Sanatana,DabiraKhāsa AND SākaraMallika although they are highly elevated devotee even though they were not , does not indicated they themselves were meat eaters that they were just working for meat eaters but they considers themselves practically fallen, just by association. That means because they are not directly in association with a devotee because they are associating the material world , they have taken a very humble position. This is the example if someone is not living directly in the association with the society of devotee, even if they are following so many Krishna conscious principles if they glorify themselves and considers themselves to be very great by that they are not at all going to benefit. It seem that Indra says that he is very significant then he become less significant than the little bug whether when a very insignificant person praises Indra and praises even a another insignificant person then that insignificant person becomes very great. You see that in newspapers they glorify someone even though the people writing it in the newspaper are nothing special but by putting their influence those peoples becomes very famous.they becomes, considers great. Just like a moral instruction. But spiritually if we trying to reach the100 % mark or approact it even if the 70 to 80 % there is a good chance that we can get the mercy of Krishna. We have to try for but if we be we at the 20% mark and already thinking that I am very advanced, even if we are of 50 % or even if we are of 80 % mark because ultimate score is kept by Krishna we should always be trying to go for hundred percent. And if we try to be hundred percent Krishna Conscious then what is the reason for ever becoming 39.03 careless or casual in ones devotional service even Radharani who is hundred percent Krishna Conscious considered herself to be less then the hundred percent Krishna Conscious. And she is always trying to be hundred percent Krishna conscious. Therefore we can understand that the real nature of Krishna Consciousness is to always be endeavoring to become more Krishna Conscious. Eeven a devotee living in the society of devotee naturally they were also take a humble position what is to speak of others, who are not 39.53 Even if they are we may glorify, oh you are a nice devotee , in spite of living outside the temple and practicing devotional service , you living outside in the material world , even so determined in doing devotional service, we may be glorifying someone , they may become glorified, that’s a But the 40.16 even though I have to associate with so many abominable things and abominable people and then I have to leave outside the temple, outside the pure association of the holy dham outside the holy Vaisnava community and so many somehow another have to deal with so many materialistic activities and these service whatever just to make a living what are the few Vaisnavasthey just can do Artic take only Prasad they donot have to you like the Pujari or the preacher without do without the other type of lower level activities if such person outside take such humble position respecting the VamanaVaisnava feature that is more purifying for them. And thus give them more and more mercy. They may actually be able to advance To the highest perfection of Krishna Consciousness but only if they following the footsteps of these types of great devotees Rupa and Sanatana although they were in that situation are actually practicing their Krishna Conscious Reading the Vagabatam everyday but they are comparing themselves as being lower than the worm in the stool. That means they are very eager to get the mercy of Lord Chaitanya. But someone had the attitude that I am the , I already get the mercy , Idonot need anyone. I donot need the mercy of Vaisnava , Guru. Or I get the hotline with Guru and Krishna. No need to assiciation with the Vaisnava, and that person by definition fallen . He is alredyeadging his way out. That is a attitude due to association with meat eaters and jabanas. That one gets such type of hard hearted attitude. The Vaisnavas is naturally humble meek and looking for the association of more advanced Vaisnavas. And he thinks himself is very insignificant. So we should take example from how Rupa and SanatanaGoswami that means Dabirkhasa and Sakaramollik how they maintain this extra ordinary wonderful humble attitude. However practically lord chaitanya how they are deserving Lord Chaitanya’s mercy due to their being the most fallen soul. SrilaPrabhupada says that how practically one should stsy fool before the spiritual master. Similarly a Vaisnava the evotee of the lord can advance they should an way to do it , one have to drive deep into the ocean of devotional service, and one has to drive under bottom because maya is very powerful. The way one stay very deep and being very humble.InGoudiya mot there were one acharya and he challenged that I am so fixed up in my devotional service that I have challenged maya she could not made me ever fall down. Within a few years he was finished. This not the way we avoid maya. Of course we are in with maya. But we use google warfare tactics. We deep drive in the ocean left maya with her let her flying over with her fishing net , tanks whatever and we just stay far below and we just grab a few souls of bring them down also. So they don’t get snatched by maya. Head on battle we try to avoid. Because maya is very powerful. Best thing is just to avoid by humility and always being under the lotus feet of the spiritual master and the pure Vaisnavas. So just in conclusion few more verses are the put humility to the extreme. 45.45 āmāuddhāritebalīnāhi tri-bhuvane patita-pāvanatumi — sabetomā vine . Translation: “No one within the three worlds is sufficiently powerful to deliver us. You are the only savior of the fallen souls; therefore there is no one but You. āmāuddhāriyāyadidekhāonija-bala ‘patita-pāvana’ nāmatabe se saphala

“If You simply deliver us by Your transcendental strength, then certainly Your name will be known as Patita-pāvana, the savior of the fallen souls. satyaekabātakahoṅ, śuna, dayā-maya mo-vinudayārapātrajagatenāhaya “Let us speak one word that is very true. Plainly hear us, O merciful one. There is no other object of mercy within the three worlds but us. moredayākari’ karasva-dayāsaphala akhilabrahmāṇḍadekhukatomāradayā-bala Translation: “We are the most fallen; therefore by showing us Your mercy, Your mercy is most successful. Let the power of Your mercy be exhibited throughout the entire universe! namṛṣāparamārthameva me śṛṇuvijñāpanamekamagrataḥ yadi me nadayiṣyasetadā dayanīyastavanāthadurlabhaḥ

“ ‘Let us submit one piece of information before You, dear Lord. It is not at all false but is full of meaning. It is this: If You are not merciful upon us, then it will be very, very difficult to find more suitable candidates for Your mercy.’ Purport: This verse is from the Stotra-ratna (47), by ŚrīYāmunācārya. āpaneayogyadekhi’ mane pāṅkṣobha tathāpitomāraguṇeupajayalobha Translation: “We are very depressed at being unfit candidates for Your mercy. Yet since we have heard of Your transcendental qualities, we are very much attracted to You. Vāmanayaichecāṅdadharitecāhekare taicheeivāñchāmorauṭhayeantare Translation: “Indeed, we are like a dwarf who wants to capture the moon. Although we are completely unfit, a desire to receive Your mercy is awakening within our minds. bhavantamevānucarannirantaraḥ praśānta-niḥśeṣa-mano-rathāntaraḥ kadāhamaikāntika-nitya-kiṅkaraḥ praharṣayiṣyāmisanātha-jīvitam “ ‘By serving You constantly, one is freed from all material desires and is completely pacified. When shall I engage as Your permanent eternal servant and always feel joyful to have such a fitting master?’

Purport: In His teachings to SanātanaGosvāmī, ŚrīCaitanya Break would you like to read it? Mahāprabhu has declared every living entity to be an eternal servitor of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This is the constitutional position of all living entities. Just as a dog or servant is very much satisfied to get a competent, perfect master 50.5 , or as a child is completely satisfied to possess a competent father, so the living entity is satisfied by completely engaging in the service of the Supreme Lord. by completely engaging in the service of the Supreme Lord. How is the living entity be satisfied? He thereby knows that he has a competent master to save him from all kinds of danger. Unless the living entity comes to the guaranteed protection of the Supreme Lord, he is full of anxiety. This life of anxiety is called material existence. To be completely satisfied and devoid of anxiety, one must come to the position of eternally rendering service to the Supreme Lord. This verse is also from the Stotra-ratna (43), by ŚrīYāmunācārya.

śuni’ mahāprabhukahe, — śuna, dabira-khāsa tumi dui bhāi — mormapurātanadāsa Translation: After hearing the prayer of DabiraKhāsa and SākaraMallika, ŚrīCaitanyaMahāprabhu said, “My dear DabiraKhāsa, you two brothers are My old servants. ājihaiteduṅhāranāma ‘rūpa’ ‘sanātana’ dainyachāḍa, tomāradainyephāṭemoramana Translation: “My dear SākaraMallika, from this day your names will be changed to ŚrīlaRūpa and ŚrīlaSanātana. Now please abandon your humility, for My heart is breaking to see you so humble. Translation and repeatition

Purport: Actually this is ŚrīCaitanyaMahāprabhu’s initiation of DabiraKhāsa and SākaraMallika. They approached the Lord with all humility, and the Lord accepted them as old servants, as eternal servants, and He changed their names. It is to be understood from this that it is essential for a disciple to change his name after initiation. śaṅkha-cakrādy-ūrdhva-puṇḍra- dhāraṇādy-ātma-lakṣaṇam tan nāma-karaṇaṁcaiva vaiṣṇavatvamihocyate “After initiation, the disciple’s name must be changed to indicate that he is a servant of Lord Viṣṇu. The disciple should also immediately begin marking his body with tilaka(ūrdhva-puṇḍra), especially his forehead. These are spiritual marks, symptoms of a perfect Vaiṣṇava.” This is a verse from the Padma Purāṇa, Uttara-khaṇḍa. A member of the sahajiyā-sampradāya does not change his name; therefore he cannot be accepted as a GauḍīyaVaiṣṇava. If a person does not change his name after initiation, it is to be understood that he will continue in his bodily conception of life.

Thus ends Bhaktivedantapurortsof chaitanyacharitamritiMadhyalia Chapter1 after text 208 NEXT VERSE 53.30 ARE THERE ANY QUESTIONS? Devotee speaking not audible ( -54.30) Gurumaharaja speaking Certainly there are offences. They have to take responsibilities. Although they have to take responsibilities for the offences they have committed. Whatever devotional service they have rendered that have also do not loose the effect. That means that they may get other opportunities .if they are so unfortunate to fail to take the advantages of the different opportunities that are come up. Then eventually they could loose the spiritual advantages and have to suffer. The reactions of all their sinful activities. So a person has u\are going to material sense gratification sinful activities, that can again be cleaned away usually by devotional service. But if doing so they are offensive to other Vaisnavas or to the spiritual master then his position is very unfortunate and the ability to very much delay we should to vaisnava, to spiritual master under any circumstances.

Devotee speaking :