19850922 Caitanya Caritamrita Antya Lila.1.93-99 When the Holy Name Dances In Our Heart Atlanta


CC Antya 1.93 cāturmāsya rahi’ gauḍe vaiṣṇava calilā rūpa-gosāñi mahāprabhura caraṇe rahilā WORD FOR WORD: cāturmāsya rahi’ — remaining four months for Cāturmāsya; gauḍe — to Bengal; vaiṣṇava — all the devotees;calilā — returned; rūpa-gosāñi — Śrīla Rūpa Gosvāmī; mahāprabhura — of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu; caraṇe — at the shelter of His lotus feet; rahilā — remained. TRANSLATION: After the four months of Cāturmāsya [Śrāvaṇa, Bhādra, Āśvina and Kārttika], all the Vaiṣṇavas of Bengal returned to their homes, but Śrīla Rūpa Gosvāmī remained in Jagannātha Purī under the shelter of the lotus feet of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu.

CC Antya 1.94 eka-dina rūpa karena nāṭaka likhana ācambite mahāprabhura haila āgamana WORD FOR WORD: eka-dina — one day; rūpa — Rūpa Gosvāmī; karena — does; nāṭaka — drama; likhana — writing; ācambite — all of a sudden; mahāprabhura — of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu; haila — there was; āgamana — the coming. TRANSLATION: One day while Rūpa Gosvāmī was writing his book, Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu suddenly appeared.

CC Antya 1.95 sambhrame duṅhe uṭhi’ daṇḍavat hailā duṅhe āliṅgiyā prabhu āsane vasilā WORD FOR WORD: sambhrame — with great respect; duṅhe — Haridāsa Ṭhākura and Rūpa Gosvāmī; uṭhi’ — standing up; daṇḍavathailā — fell down to offer obeisances; duṅhe — the two of them; āliṅgiyā — embracing; prabhu — Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu; āsane vasilā — sat down on a seat. TRANSLATION: As soon as Haridāsa Ṭhākura and Rūpa Gosvāmī saw the Lord coming, they both stood up and then fell down to offer Him their respectful obeisances. Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu embraced them both and then sat down.

CC Antya 1.96 ‘kyā puṅthi likha?’ bali’ eka-patra nilā akṣara dekhiyā prabhu mane sukhī hailā WORD FOR WORD: kyā — what; puṅthi — book; likha — you are writing; bali’ — saying this; eka-patra nilā — took one page written on a palm leaf; akṣara — the good handwriting; dekhiyā — seeing; prabhu — Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu; mane — in the mind; sukhī hailā — became very happy. TRANSLATION: The Lord inquired, “What kind of book are you writing?” He held up a palm leaf that was a page of the manuscript, and when He saw the fine handwriting, His mind was very pleased.

CC Antya 1.97 śrī-rūpera akṣara — yena mukutāra pāṅti prīta hañā karena prabhu akṣarera stuti WORD FOR WORD: śrī-rūpera akṣara — the handwriting of Rūpa Gosvāmī; yena — like; mukutāra pāṅti — a row of pearls; prītahañā — being pleased; karena — does; prabhu — Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu; akṣarera stuti — praise of the handwriting of Śrīla Rūpa Gosvāmī. TRANSLATION: Thus being pleased, the Lord praised the writing by saying, “The handwriting of Rūpa Gosvāmī is just like rows of pearls.”

CC Antya 1.98 sei patre prabhu eka śloka ye dekhilā paḍitei śloka, preme āviṣṭa ha-ilā WORD FOR WORD: sei patre — on that palm leaf; prabhu — Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu; eka śloka — one verse; ye — which; dekhilā— He saw; paḍitei — by reading; śloka — the verse; preme — ecstatic love; āviṣṭa ha-ilā — was overwhelmed. TRANSLATION: While reading the manuscript, Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu saw a verse on that page, and as soon as He read it He was overwhelmed by ecstatic love.

CC Antya 1.99 tuṇḍe tāṇḍavinī ratiṁ vitanute tuṇḍāvalī-labdhaye karṇa-kroḍa-kaḍambinī ghaṭayate karṇārbudebhyaḥ spṛhām cetaḥ-prāṅgaṇa-saṅginī vijayate sarvendriyāṇāṁ kṛtiṁ no jāne janitā kiyadbhir amṛtaiḥ kṛṣṇeti varṇa-dvayī WORD FOR WORD: tuṇḍe — in the mouth; tāṇḍavinī — dancing; ratim — the inspiration; vitanute — expands; tuṇḍa-āvalī-labdhaye— to achieve many mouths; karṇa — of the ear; kroḍa — in the hole; kaḍambinī — sprouting; ghaṭayate — causes to appear; karṇa-arbudebhyaḥ spṛhām — the desire for millions of ears; cetaḥ-prāṅgaṇa — in the courtyard of the heart; saṅginī — being a companion; vijayate — conquers; sarva-indriyāṇām — of all the senses; kṛtim — the activity; na u — not; jāne — I know; janitā — produced; kiyadbhiḥ — of what measure; amṛtaiḥ — by nectar;kṛṣṇa — the name of Kṛṣṇa; iti — thus; varṇa-dvayī — the two syllables. TRANSLATION: “I do not know how much nectar the two syllables ‘Kṛṣ-ṇa’ have produced. When the holy name of Kṛṣṇa is chanted, it appears to dance within the mouth. We then desire many, many mouths. When that name enters the holes of the ears, we desire many millions of ears. And when the holy name dances in the courtyard of the heart, it conquers the activities of the mind, and therefore all the senses become inert.” PURPORT: This verse is included in the Vidagdha-mādhava (1.15), a seven-act play written by Śrīla Rūpa Gosvāmī describing the pastimes of Śrī Kṛṣṇa in Vṛndāvana.

Rupa Goswami was gone --- - Gopal Bhatta Goswami he had had a dream he was told by Rupa and Sanatana that ------ told them that Srinivasacharya Narothamdas Thakur and Syamananda Pandit they would take all of books to bengal that times so many books Bhakthi Rasamrithasindu,Vidagdhamadhava so many books were written only thing most of them which --------- of all other books ----- written on Caitanya Caritamrita this books were all there in vrindavan and all the pandits all of the people could copy the books they were all in navadwip mayapur so books have to taken navadwip and they copied by hand and they send be -------- to various preachers ----- prech from those books and established -------no printing press at that time so this way you should know ---- told this before how three devoteed one after together brought the books ----- (2:21) Bengal ----- they were got into Bengal and then there was a king which stolen the books srinivas acharya ---- find the books somehow and other he send other two preachers to the respective areas. One to ----- gram, one ----- Bengal and other Orissa gopi vallabpur,remuna and ------- srinivas acharya send out finding the books which he found in this way Krishna arranged that everything was achieved without any difficults . so i was when just in remuna we went there just for darsan and ------ hole thing that the remuna priests and the ------ officer and the remuna is a kshirachora gopinath he suddenly arranged a big reception for iskcon and then also the padaytra was ----- visit there and ofcourse kshirachora gopinath temple ------ he told that ---- for madhavendra puri but also after that happen the diety have been put into a lake --- because some attack for the moguls ---- unworshipped almost century is the long time then a dream rasikananda disciple of syamananda pandit he had a dream that diety was here in the lake he came down found a diety established built a present temple and started the worship so they ask me speak sometime being there at the -------- of kshira chora gopinath we could remember medhavendra puri and sripad puri.... rasikananda the we can remember how --------- later i will speak --- bring their places remembering them all the previous acharyas i spoke at how we can remember how srinivasacharya syamananda pandit narotham das thakur how all of them each have separate spititual master in terms of diksha guru one was initiated by gopala batta one by lokanath goswami one by hridayananda das but they all workd cooperatively together we could see from the history given in the bhakthi rasamritha given in bhakthi ratnakara given in other historical books on that time and how they are preching ----------- in a complete harmony there was one moment although there were many spiritual masters there were many devotees there were many vaisnavas but there was one moment of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu ------------ (6:03) just like that perfect cooperation unity and diversity and how srila prabhupad in establishing in iskcon but actually we can see that he had given us this same basic blue print so that we can have preachers all over the world with different responsibilities working together to spread the harinam sankirthan moment just like one time narotham das thakur he got an idea that he wanted to observe the appearance day of chaitanya mahaprabhu he wanted to invite all the different devotees -------- he called his godbrothers his swatirtha ------ srinivas acharya when the srinivas acharya reached the ourcuts of the town the people were so happy to hear that he was coming that the spontaneously to the kirthan party there they ------ his they greeted him they brought him in with a kirthan party and then he came and then he took Prasad everything finally the everthing was settle down he rested and narotham das thakur went to speak with him and ask him his opinion that i have this desire to make a big festival for goura purnima and invite all of the vaisnava devotees that are present on the planet of the Lord Caitanya mahaprabhu all the associates ----- and disciples of the associates like virchandra, Atchyutananda, and the raghunandan thakur so many other so that time srinivasa acharya said don’t worry i will arrange everything for you i invited everyone and asked ------- later to explain somthing about narotham tahakura preaching Manipur to his disciples but this one i have to finished --------(8:26) so asked so srinivas acharya he said that don’t worry i will take care everything then narotham was very happy he went ----- ------- then srinivas acharya he went out to his he sat down he started meditating on what it would mean to get all those vaisnavas then he suddenly got a afraid – is almost impossible that -------- encourage narotham ----- all do the things but actually when he thought about it because those disciples are lord chaitanya --------- associates they were such a separation and they were non stop crying ----- crying intolerable separation everytime they thought about Lord Caitanya --------- different ecstatic symptoms and to get them come to ------ difficult and then the other devotees over sucha ---------- other -------- became -------- very afraid may be i coudnt get them all to come i promised wether i can do it like this he was thinking thinking ---night how to do it he dozed off at that time Lord Caitanya appeared before him and said this is my desire to have this festival don’t worry it will be ----------- (9:54) send the all messengers of tomarrow everyone don’t worry srinivas acharya woke up bow down ------- Lord Caitanya mahaprabhu desire so this way he sent all messengers to different devotees ------- still there in Bengal and afcourse they -------- come infact simultaneously lord chaitany and nityananda prabhu appeared ------ jahnava devi she got the invitation --- how can i go ---- widow .. widow to travel and go ----- so many people might not be proper nityananda prabhu appeared to her in a similar kind of vison and told that you have to go you bring that all vaisnavas with you and then she got the order so and when she was going she had a own a female .... some times people ask whether you have ---- guru’s she was a guru she had many disciples not only jahnava devi but also thakurani vishnupriya she had some disciples and -------- were also so but they were very strict she had only a female assistant secretary and the she kept a ready -------- distance all the men although she had some male disciples but there were ------- sanyasi’s are keep from the distances women, she kept from the men like that and she had her own party and the men were they have to protect but the ----- unique situation, but when she was going she gave bagavatham classes and everything all of the other devotees they couldn’t -------- her invitation they have to also come there was a very historical event and so this way achyutananda the sun of advaita gosai he went various other ram... ram das the brother of srivasthakur and the other associates were there navadwip they went and bothe side of the the river ganges all the devotees like a clean sweep they ----- all up – from sikando from kulina gram from all the ----- from all the places --- vaisnavas were they went --- picked up everyone of them took them all along to kethuri --- another side of the padma river ----- ganges separate so in this they all the whole village of kethuri so over ---- to herer that all these vaisnavas were coming then they personally all the devotees ------ in they swept the streets they wash them down so that the entire town was --------- (13:24) floor of the street there was so clean all the town -------- spontaneously to receive the vaisnavas they cleans the entire town they decorated each door way they put this sugarcane over the door way they may gates ----- with banana trees everything full water pot at the door with coconut ------ that every possible spontaneously no one was going around and telling them do this ---- was natural thing everyone was ------ with the other how to make a nice reception for all of the vaisnavas for all of the devotees who are coming so in this way even the king of that kethuri uncle of narothamdas thakur he personally went across the river and he greeted the someother ------- vaisnavas and organised the reception and – puja ------- the river personally receiving them there is very for king to out and receive these... you know any one but these for great devotees he went out he receive ----- santhosha ray iam not mistaken so in this way fist there was first goura purnima festival which was very historical event and there all of the devotees cahnting together giving different lectures so we can see how jai radha rasbihari ji ki ... Srila Prabhupada he told that --- start the any how mayapur festival this is actually fulfilling the desire of previous acharyas narotham das thakur wanted that every year all the devotees should come together on the gourapurnima one time Srila Prabhupada Bhakthi sidhantha thakru disappearance festival Srila Prabhupada was talking about the Bhakthi Sidhantha glories and he started to mention how --- discuss the previous acharyas actually we should discuss the there desire there -------- before that all the previous acharyas he mentioned how ------ Bhakthi Vinod Thakur begged door to door to build the mayapur temple at the birth place of Lord Caitanya he build the small temple there for the Lord Caitanya and then how subsequently Bhakthi Sidhantha Saraswathi Thakur he had build the present big birthplace temple that he wanted to develop mayapur Srila Prabhupada said that he want also devlop the mayapur the birthplace of Lord Caitanya to fulfil the desire of previous acharyas he was very greatful all of his disciple all of our iskcon for their cooperation to build mayapur to satisfying the previous acharyas any... while he was saying this then he was saying how secret of advancement of devotional service is to know the desire of guruparampara the previos acharyas and trying to satisfy them and then he became so ---- he started to cry and he stop the lecture in that way we can see that Srila Prabhupada has --------- with iskcon we don’t actually even we don’t look further back because Srila Prabhupada is already done ------ but actually within iskcon he is alredy everything always ----- programmes --- simpley for expanding and the serving the desire of previous acharyas whether mayapur or book publication or building temples around the world or his preaching at varnasram which fulfils Bhakthi Vinod Thakur’s desire that he wanted that namahatta and the hole socity should be engaged in Krishna consciousness activities, so in this wasy Srila Prabhupada given us that his special mercy ... Narothamdas Thakur Srinivas Acharya each of them had a particular ----- working and they all got together they all work together and there is interesting note ---- from kethuri gram Narothamdas Thakur had various disciples like gangadas and others and the he sent his disciples preaching one of those disciples went all over ---- Manipur and was able to convince the ruler in Manipur to accept goudiya vaishnav philosophy ------- get a little ------(18:37) information from his divine sila sripad something about that aspect of our sampraday’s prechings ----- something how ---- happen before ------ for everyone, i know from this Bengal this they went there but how that happen that you just shift Narotham Thakur said that his disciples there were in Manipur preaching in the ----- somehow establish the... Sripad Maharaj telling: “ Everybody in Manipur ------ spiritual master because of this incident and also the activities in Manipur vaishnava culture is a based on Narotham Thakur’s mood --------- like rasalila that Manipuri dance that rasalila most of the song ------ from Narothamdas Thakur’s and on his appearance day and disappearance day of Narothamdas Thakur all our Manipur is a big celebration of Narotham Thakur’s appearance and disappearance and specially his songs --------- songs that we sing are strictly based on Narothamdas Thakur’s mood that infact ---- is a devotional mood of Narothamdas Thakur’s is so intense specially that becomes --- a rasalila called divya ras is a played in a daytime generally rasa lila is placed in the night but specially this divya ras is played in the day time ------ anuga manjari involved and ---- strictly place on the mood of narotham das thakuras mood of ---radha Krishna in brindhavan and comes the assembly like a in the ------ of the bhakthas devotionally inclined so like that the Manipuri vaishnava culture is a very much based on narotham das mood even now although ----- visible totally but in many corners of Manipur I think that ----- predominant just like I was doing this padayatra almost fifty percent of Manipur was covered in 11 days…… that actually first time in Manipur ----- ----- (21:34)although i was ---- in Manipur ---- never seen more parts of the Manipur until this – travelling . i went ----- boarder ---- i saw even distant villages they have this mood----- very strong mood of this the devotional spirit based on narotham thakur’s teaching ----- Srila Prabhupada blessings hope that someday people there will develop this qualities of devotion--- will be useful in helping spread these Krishna consciousness. Gurumaharaj : Narothamdas Thakur ki jai... Manipur preaching mission ki jai... So this five hundred anniversary of Lord Caitanya we hoping that all the acharyas and all the great devotees of Lord Caitanya were all ---------- mayapur in a visible form even though there -------- four five hundred years ago --------- So...low low ---------- speak it ----- low... that when they finally all arrive at kethuri and they had the festival ---- what the way that ---- sripad is explain that narotham das thakur .. actually he was requested to sing . first achytananda was singing the kirtan and different devotees were singing in kirthanam but then they ask that Narotham thakur that he should lead a kirthan and then he started to kirthan and glorifying Radhakrishna and glorifying Lord Caitanya and then he just starting chanted hare Krishna in such a way that there was so intense was so feel with separation that the devotees -------- dancing in king of like inside but --------- something inside lquid there was like became a slow motion ---- no one could move ----thick ---- they was moved that was separation from Lord Caitanya that everyone was moving in a very kind of slow way and this completely intently fixed in Samadhi and chaitanya mahaprabhu so much they ---- intense people are crying in felling in so much separation all of sudden chaitanya mahaprabhu appeared with all of his associates with all devotees everyone they all appeared even the disciple of disciple of narotham das thakur fore generations of lord chaitany hadn’t seen the pachatattva or any of those that was already ------- years past even they were able to see face to face sri chaitanya mahaprabhu, nityananda, advaita,gadhadar,srivas,rupagoswami even the devotees of vrindhavan nilachal navadwip they never got together one place they all there at the time they all together and they all chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare dacning naturally devotee were ---- one second separation all of they were suddenly like a rocket they were lifted to the highest ecstatic stage ------- with chaitanya mahaprabhu was inconceivable causless mercy and they all they chanting together and they actually that kirthan time was stoped in time for one day ------ of bramha just ------- and stisfy the devotees although for them it was going on one day of bramha and then like this we are hoping that in the similar way by the pure desire of the all devotees that this five hundred anniversary we could have that kind of association afcouse this is too much to hope for but the lord is inconceivable if we wants he can do anything so he can -------- at --- he can chant in kirthan along with all the iskcon dasanudas’s who are following the footsteps of narothamdas thakur srinivas acharya and so on so Lord Caitanya he was chanting alway --- Krishna . Krishna is so necterain ------------- i do not know how much nectarable Krishna ------- but the holy name of Krishna chanted ----------- danced in the mouth even --------- many many mouths in other words the devotees get such a ----- taste in chanting that they think that one mouth is not enough he need many moths to chant when the name enters the holes of ears we desire may millions of ears to hearing ----- we can’t get the amplification you need many millions of years i was walking in montreal subway system many years ago and ----- ony of there sub way outlet you called ------ stations substations were you go in and out in the antirooms they ----- they ----- madded in a shape of --------- roof . you know -----------that mean when you are in the center then all of the vibration comes right back --- righted-------- so i just walking to chanting when i got to the center all of sudden i was his by the sudden vibratin hare Krishna is’t that ------ didn’t ------- stop there for few minutes then all of people start lookin what’s going on ------ guys -------- but it was so nice thing here the holy names to loud here we fing that rupagoswami he is expressing with this desire to have millions of ears so we can hear the billion of time of the amplifier the hare Krishna mahamantra just --- the conciusness when the holy name dances the courtyard of the heart it conquer the activites of the mind and therefore all the senses become inert so when the holy name fills the heart the heart is filled with chantings ---- how to control the mind how to conquer the ming how to have concentration how to control the senses here the actually ---- here when the holy names dancing in the heart once ---- somehow other able to enter the holy name into the heart then the senses become inert they stop their hankering and lamenting and desiring so on.---------- everything become fixed in the Krishna consciousness so this is the -------- inspired by getting the mercy of Lord Caitanya , previous acharyas to the srila prabhupad that we can actually relish the chanting of the holy name we can bring krishna’s holy name to our heart ------ heart will be with the holy name all other kind of distracting thoughts will be taken out in the holy name will established in court yard of our heart and thus everything all other material distractions senses ------ everything ----- become inert ----- become dormant and will be in this way fixed up in pure Krishna consciousness Jai sri Krishna chaitanya mahaprabhu ki Jai sri ruapa goswami ki Jai purva acharya gana ki jai Srila Prabhupada ki jai Sri Caitanya Caritamrita ki jai Gour premanande hari hari bol!..

It seems you are in position of great elevation to be able to have the vision to say that the honesty is the not the worded according the bagavad gita for every word we do there is a action this is the ----krishna says if you do a good work you get a good result but you may not always get immediately peole are doing honestly ---- certainly be rewarded with honest result in a future and if ----- dishonesty there will be rewarded with a type of punishment in the future some one may be honesting now but may be in past acted dishonesty now he is getting the result now he should continue act honestly in the future he will get the result now in bagavad ... srimadh bhagavatham in the first verse.. first second verse rather mentions “Dharma projitha kaithava ..” we should that the religion which is free form all kind of dishonesty all kind of cheating the religion which is completely pure is that bhagavad dharma which is a pure devotional service to Krishna so actually a person engaging pure devotional service to krishan they are not really honest there is some amount of dishonest be there some amount of mistruth is there so therefore we are trying to encourage people to take up this thouroghly honest path which is devotional service to Krishna everyone who have done this ------ everyone done this all parts of the world they have experience some happiness and some satisfaction from them all of the people present here from different parts of the world who have tryed Krishna consciousness those who you have found some benefit from this process of Krishna consciousness plese raise your hand ......... you see....... because this process is thouroghly honest there were being rewarded ....... HARE KRISHNA ....... PARAMAHAMSA PARIVRAJAKACHARYA SRI SRI SRIMAD JAYAPATAKA SWAMI GURUMAHARAJ KI JAI