19790911 Caitanya Caritamrita Adi.7.18 The Most Incredible Pastimes of Lord Jagannath & Nimai Pandit Part I @ Los Angeles, USA

The following is a class given by H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaja on September 11th , 1979 in Los Angeles , California. The class begins with a reading from the Caitanya Caritamrita, Adi Lila, chapter 7, text 18.

Text 18 and 19: yāṅ-sabā lañā prabhura nitya vihāra yāṅ-sabā lañā prabhura kīrtana-pracāra yāṅ-sabā lañā karena prema āsvādana yāṅ-sabā lañā dāna kare prema-dhana

Translation: The internal devotees or potencies are all eternal associates in the pastimes of the Lord. Only with them does the Lord advent to propound the saṅkīrtana movement, only with them does the Lord taste the mellow of conjugal love, and only with them does He distribute this love of God to people in general. Purport by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada: http://vedabase.com/en/cc/adi/7/18-19 (link to the purport)

All avoided the benefit of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's movement of developing love of Godhead. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu felt compassion for them. And for this reason that He decided to accept the sannyasa order. For by seeing Him as a sannayas, They would offer him respect. The sannyas order is still respected in India. Indeed, the very dress of a sannyasi still commands respect from the Indian public. Therefore Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu accepted sannyas, to facilitate preaching His devotional cult, although otherwise he had no need to accept the fourth order of spiritual life.

Text 34: cabbiśa vatsara chilā grhastha-āśrame pañca-viṁśati varṣe kaila yati-dharme

Translation: Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu remained in householder life for twenty-four years, and on the verge of His twenty-fifth year He accepted the sannyāsa order. Purport: http://vedabase.com/en/cc/adi/7/34 (link to the purport) Thus end the purport by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Jai Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu! Explanation by Srila Rameswar swami : These verses one can clearly learn about the transcendental characteristics of the supreme being,Caitanya Mahaprabhu ,who is known as “Maha-vadanya” avatar, or the most magnanimous incarnation of the Lord. To study the characteristics of How Caitanaya Mahaprabhu introduced the Sankirtana movement is the duty of all the Vaisnavas.

We must study very deeply all these principles, so that we will know how this Sankirtana, the glorification of the Lord, is to be conducted, following in the footsteps of the predecessor Acharyas, headed by Caitanya Mahaprabhu. To engage in the Sankirtana , or glorification of the Lord is the process in this age for becoming enlightened and experiencing the perfection of one’s spiritual identity.

The perfection of our spiritual identity is to develop full love for Krsna. The process for developing full love for Krsna, feasting the transcendental bliss of this love of Krsna and being enlightened about our spiritual existence, which is completely different from this material body. The process for this is to glorify the Lord. But the process of religion cannot be in any way concocted or invented by an ordinary person. The process for coming to this stage of perfection is given by the Lord himself. So we have to study all these principles, one after another, we should not perform Sankirtan in a different way.

We should not engage in glorifying Krsna in a different way. We should follow strictly the Pancha Tattva, without changing these principles for not knowing of them, we may not follow them. No, we must follow, we must study. This is the process for this age for becoming enlightened. This is the most important subject matter:how to perform Sankirtana. You'll never hear any more important subject matter during course of your entire life. We have to apply all of our intelligence to understanding how it is to be done. Just like the brahmana, his duty is to satisfy the Lord by performing different sacrifices. So all those who are initiated by a bona-fide spiritual master, they are considered even more than brahmanas. Vaisnava is even more than brahmana. And they must know how to perfectly perform the sacrifice which will satisfy the Lord. So in different religions there are many injunctions for performing different types of ritualistic ceremonies and sacrifices for pleasing God, but the Sastra teaches that in this age of Kali, you can only satisfy God by the performance of the “Sankirtana-yagnya.” There is no other way. This is stated in the “brhad-naradiya purana.” So this is our duty.

To absorb our minds and intelligence and understanding the characteristics of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and the members of the Pancha-Tattva, how they introduced this Sankirtana , the glorification of the Lord, how they absorb themselves in distributing love of Godhead and thus by chanting and dancing and preaching their thirst and taste increased hundreds and hundreds of times, how they did not discriminate between who was a fit candidate and who was not a fit candidate. And what was a suitable place and what was not a suitable place.

They were completely free from all the kinds of designation; they were absorbed in the bliss of serving God as His instruments. Whatever they had to do, to spread Krsna consciousness, they were prepared to do it, it didn’t matter. There was no designation to be concerned about. They were prepared to do anything, They were prepared to accept any position , even if it appeared to be some material position, they were prepared to accept it-- whatever had to be done to spread Krsna consciousness. And by being so surrendered , just absorbed and identifying themselves as the instruments of the Lord, whatever lord wants, we will do and whatever it takes to do it, we will do it.

We will subject ourselves to any kind of activity, it doesn’t matter. This taking of sanyasa by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, proves that this is the highest consciousness; to be willing to accept any kind of position and activity, if it will spread Krsna consciousness. Never mind what one is disposed to, or what one is attracted to; that was never mentioned as a consideration by Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. His only consideration was to keep Himself absorbed in the mood of distributing love of God to others.

This is the highest pleasure for the soul. It is far beyond the pleasure of being absorbed in one’s own spiritual advancement and ignoring others. There is certainly transcendental bliss for one who is absorbed in his own Bhajan, but greater bliss is tasted when one is absorbed in distributing love of Krsna to fallen souls. Bringing others to Krsna is a higher taste and this is the main consideration. So whatever one has to do, to be the instrument of the Lord, in performing sankirtana or seeing that the glorification of Krsna is conducted in a way that every one becomes attracted. This is the principle. We have to be prepared to adjust. These purports clearly instruct, “We cannot be stereotyped and attached to a particular position or designation.”

A true Acharya is prepared to make any sacrifice, to make any adjustment, which will further spread the Krsna consciousness movement. Whatever will give the greatest results in terms of Krsna consciousness being spread, that is the principle of an Acharya. Whatever will give the greatest results in terms of Krsna consciousness being spread, is the main principle for an Acharya, who is dear to the Lord, who is representative of the Lord. So all the followers of Caitanya Mahaprabhu are ordered by him to become Acharyas, to become representatives. Later on, in this volume, we will read that order. To everyone, in the universe, He says, “I order them to accept this Krsna consciousness movement and distribute it to others.

That is the order of God to all of us-- to become Acharyas, His representatives. Somehow or other, this Sankirtana, glorifying God must go from village to village and town to town. And that is the way we will become enlightened souls and that is the teaching of Caitanya Mahaprabhu by his personal example. And as stated in the first or second purport we read, “One who absorbs himself in this mood, he gradually becomes elevated through all the different stages of Bhakti. He comes ultimately to the highest stage of becoming a confidential devotee of the Lord. But that is... The distinction was made in the very first verse between the pure devotee and the confidential or internal devotee.

We can try and study this point, because it is the most astonishing feature of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. He is not simply awarding Bhakti, He is not simply awarding Moksha. He is not simply letting you understand the majesty of god and freeing you from all Kama. Caitanya Mahaprabhu is doing something, which no one ,neither a saint, or a prophet, or even God himself in his previous incarnations had ever done this for. He is giving something, which cannot even be imagined. Because one must be very advanced in transcendental knowledge to even appreciate what is the position of a confidential or internal devotee of the Lord. But this position, which is only found in the Goloka Vrndavan, This is what Caitanya Mahaprabhu is awarding. One who follows theses principles, therefore, of the yugadharma, will gradually, as clearly stated in theses verses, become elevated to this most wonderful position, which is the highest perfection of the soul in love of Krsna. So with great conviction and faith, we should study these principles and keep our mind and intelligence and heart absorbed in the mood, thought for Lord Caitanya, to be prepared to give this life for the spreading of Krsna consciousness.

We have got this body and it has a certain amount of time allotted to it. We can't do anything about it .We can't decrease it or increase it. There is no short cut. We have to exist in this world for so many years. So we should give all of those years, all of that time, to the mission of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. We should try to the best our ability to absorb ourselves in this mood of being Krsna’s instrument. The instrument of the sankirtana movement. Whatever has to be done, to reach the different types of people, and make them appreciate this Krsna consciousness, we should not hesitate to accept that position.

If we can just enter into that mood of surrender, that is real freedom from illusion, that is real freedom from material designations, that is real freedom from the bodily concept of life; that is the way to perform Sankirtan. So that mood must be there. And then, as we go on, day after day and year after year, glorifying the Lord, absorbed in hearing and chanting about the Lord, the mercy of Caitanya Mahaprabhu will be revealed to us, will be experienced by us. And we should study and develop our appreciation of this mercy.

Why Rupa Gosvami is calling him “Mahavadanyaya Avatara?” We have to understand very deeply, the mercy of Caitanya Mahaprabhu has the greatest benediction that one can attain. It is greater than earning millions of dollars, being the president or the prime-minister, being attracted to women, being powerful , being influential, being famous, all the things that the materialist wants for their happiness, which are all flickering, are insignificant, compared to this mercy of Caitanya Mahaprabhu's. We have to understand, so that we can make the proper decision to go after that mercy.

The process for going after that mercy has been described in theses verses. Simply try to help this mission. Spread Krsna consciousness, engage in the Sankirtana, do something, whatever is required, for the glorification of Krsna on this planet. To all classes of men and women and children, no one should be allowed not to appreciate the Sankirtana, or the glorification of God. We have to tax our brains to the limit to invent the ways or device, the means or tricks, whatever is required, so that no type of person who exists on this planet would be able to avoid the glorification of God, that is Sankirtan and that is the mood of an Acharya. He is not stereotyped. He is constantly taxing his brain to find newer and newer ways.

Jai Sri Rukmini Dwarkadhish! The conditions in the world are always changing, so we can’t be stereotyped. We have to study the conditions, we have to study the mentality of the people. Here we find Caitanya Mahaprabhu studying the mentality of the people, and adopting various means to attract different types of people. He did not want anyone to escape this flood of love of Krsna. We should be feeling some transcendental anxiety, just as Caitanya Mahaprabhu felt transcendental anxiety.

That is part of becoming Krsna conscious. That is the part of the process of becoming Krsna conscious. We have to surrender to that. We have to accept that anxiety. Not be selfish and simply try to make a perfectly peaceful condition of life for ourselves, while others are going to hell. That is real surrender. We have to accept that anxiety; not be selfish and simply try to make a perfectly peaceful condition of life for ourselves, while others are going to hell. That is real surrender.

To accept that anxiety, that others are not becoming God conscious. Let me hack myself to think of some new way. That is real surrender. To accept that anxiety that others are not becoming god conscious. Let me hack myself to think of some new ways to get them to appreciate. Caitanya Mahaprabhu accepted Sanyasa, the material designation, he had no need to accept that order of life for becoming renounced from the material world, because he is completely spiritual; there is no material attachment or deep contamination in Him then what is the necessity for this Sanyasa? He is simply in anxiety that different classes of men are avoiding the Krsna consciousness movement and therefore He is adopting according to the times different activities, and inventing schemes so that all these classes of people who are avoiding, will become attached or offer respect or appreciate and thus by that act, alone, they will become devotees. That was His vision.

Somehow or other, get every type of person to appreciate something about the Lord, some how or other, and an Acharya or the genuine representative of the Lord, He must, Prabhupada says, he must accept this anxiety and constantly tax the brain to find those ways to attract those who are (inaudible) from Krsna consciousness. He cannot be content, while people are avoiding becoming enlightened. That mood, we can surrender... and absorb ourselves in that mood; then our performance of Sankirtana will be successful. By the grace of Lord Caitanya, for it is He who proposed, be in anxiety. He proposed it! Therefore, by His grace, we'll be there, if we surrender to it. That is a open surrender.

Actually there is no higher surrender, even to give your whole life for becoming God-conscious, I say, “Bhajananandi,” but that is very peaceful, actually. Higher surrender is to accept this anxiety-- how to save these fallen souls, to be concerned for them; so in trying to practice this process of becoming enlightened in this age of Kali, all of these principles have to be followed. There is no more important subject for us to study and this is the only means for becoming enlightened in this age. So those are some principles for our consideration. So now, we may humbly beg Srila Acharyapada to enlighten us further on this matter.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami continues speaking : Jai Om Visnupad Paramahansa Parivrajakachrya astotra sata Sri Srimad Rameswar Swami Maharaj ki Jai! Devotees : Jai Gurudev : Sankirtana Senapati ki! Devotees : Jai! Srila Rameswar Swamiji Ki Jai. Devotees : Jai!

Srila Rameshawar Swami is expert at taking the nectar and cooking it down, down, down, giving it sweeter and sweeter and sweeter. After a talk like that... (what is the time?) I am simply reminded, thinking how wonderfully the topic has been condensed, because I am so foolish, I am simply reminding of growing sugarcane; I am so foolish that while this topic is being talked about, I am thinking about sugarcane! Because Bhaktivinoda Thakura has described about this concentration of transcendental nectar through the example of Sugarcane. And I am seeing how Rameshwar Swami is the expert cook to refine the juice.

The sugarcane starts from a seed. One has to plant this seed in the ground, water it, should be not too hot, not too cold. And it sprouts, it grows; the more it grows, the sweeter it becomes. When the Sugar cane is ripe, then it becomes filled with sweet juice, called Sugarcane juice. Srila Prabhupada, our beloved founder Acharya, He would visit Mayapur sometime then. He would kindly accept some sugarcane juice with little lemon and ginger and He would like it very much. Apart from taking the sugarcane juice as it is, which is a very refreshing and a wonderful beverage, the sugarcane juice can be further refined to gur, brown sugar mixed with molasses; so the process is that one has to crush the sugarcane and extract the sweet juice and it takes the sweet juice and places it upon after that... When one is looking ...What to cook the sugarcane juice with ? What do you think is required? You will be surprised to know that firework has not have to be purchased, coal does have not to be supplied, no petroleum product is required.

The crushed plant of the sugarcane, that is the fuel for cooking and concentrating that sweet juice. So the comparison is that the seed of devotion is planted by the mercy of the spiritual master, by the mercy of Krsna representative, the pure devotee, and from that seed , it grows, that seed is known as faith , that seed grows into a sugarcane plant. That plant is known as association of devotees, but so one as one doesn't begin to to practice devotional service, which is juice, the nectar, the sugarcane “Rasa” is hidden within that stock. So long as it is not taken out of the stock, what is the use ?

One has to get the juice out. That taking the juice out is compared to practice of devotional service. “Bhajan-kriya.” But juice contains so many impurities. When one squeezes the juice, there is some dust, there is some green(inaudible), various kinds of impurities mixed with that rasa. That juice, that sweet nectarine water of the sugarcane plant. We personally grow sugarcane in Mayapur and I have seen this process practically done many times. It is very interesting. So Just like that in devotional service stage of “anarth–nivrutti bhajan-kriya,” devotional service following rules and regulations on the clearing stage to get rid of unwanted material desires is compared to the juice stage. So we put that juice in the kiln, in the furnace, and is burned with its own stalk. This signifies that devotional service does not require help from anything else; doesn't require some gyan or knowledge , doesn't require some mystic yoga, doesn't require mental speculation or some charity, fruitive activity. It nourishes itself. It's self-contained.

So one takes that sugarcane juice, heats it and brings it to a boil. One has to apply the heat. As Srila Rameswar Swami was explaining - one has to be in anxiety to satisfy his spiritual master, he has to be absorbed heart, soul, mind--that is compared to the heat. As it’s boiling, as the juice is boiling, it starts off to be green in color. and one sees a foam form; a greyish foam containing the small particles of stick and other impurities, that was floating and suspended in animation within that juice. So as this... this foamy impurity rises, an expert cook has to be present. That is the intelligence! Intelligence has to always be active, conscious, Krsna conscious that when a material thought comes into the mind, it has to be simply taken, discarded. So like that, with the implement like the puri cooker. Have you seen a puri cooker with the holes in it? Many of you must have seen. So with a very big implement looking just like that, one takes the foam as soon as it comes and throws it.

If one is neglectful, then the boiling action naturally the water is agitated, is bubbling, again those impurities becomes overcooked and settle down to the bottom and then it is a messy job to clean it out. And it takes long time again to come up. That means if one cannot be careless, if he starts to meditate when the material desires come and think, “Oh, yes there is a hope for me to enjoy material life. I yet still haven’t tried that one way of material happiness. May be, there is a chance for me to become materially happy.” If we are fooled in this way to think that this material world offers us the permanent status of happiness, then that impurity again mixes with something that's not edible by human being.

It is very much appreciated by others. It is appreciated particularly by our four-legged friend, “the dog.” The dog comes and they eat that foam and they get so filled with foam and sweet juice, that they waddle around here and there, enjoying (devotees laugh). Half-drunk! And they howl : hoowww(devotees laugh)! You see. So this type of impurity is good for people like dogs. And they can eat and enjoy. That is unconscious state, but that is not meant for the purified, enlightened souls with spiritual wisdom. So as we take the juice, and now all the impurities have been thrown out and it's cooking down and down, it becomes very, very fragrant. Very fragrant.

At that time, we take that scoop and, holding it up in the air, we taste it. Is it ready? And when it’s ready, then as the juice falls from the spoon, it forms a trail of toffee and that toffee blows it a thin thread in the wind. So then we know that now, this juice has become syrup; it has become ready to crystallize and make into crystal, molasses or gur. So it is then taken down and put into containers. That container is a clean earthen container. Put into the containers, but you will be quite amazed to hear that on its own, it doesn’t crystallize. In fact, it will just stay a soup or syrup forever that nobody intervenes.

It’s a very amazing thing, what one has to do.... if he takes one (it is a secret), if he takes one particle of sugar, one particle and places it within that syrup, immediately it becomes crystallized! Just like a domino reaction, the whole thing breaks up in the small granules of brown crystalline molasses. This seed is the mercy of Guru. One must get the mercy of his spiritual master to become fixed in devotional service. On his own, simply cooking will not be enough; he also must get the mercy of his spiritual master. He must take initiation and get his mercy. It’s essential. So, that gur, is compared to fixed, now it is crystallized.

This is fixed devotional service. “Nishtha-bhakti.” Practicing devotional service when one’s mind is fixed on the lotus feet of Guru and Krsna. One further takes that gur and he can make candy from it. Gur candy, a toffee made of Gur, very nice, especially if one adds sesame seed and peanuts, very nice. We used to offer this Gur candy to Srila Prabhupada. He liked it very much. In fact he told us, “Better not to use sugar, which is made with so many artificial ways and by materialistic people, better to use our own gur, and if you can refine it further, well and good.” So this sugar, excuse me, this gur-candy, or molasses-toffee is compared to “ruchi,” the taste for devotional service.

For one develops the sweet taste of this nectar of surrendering to Krsna. One can further refine and he can produce, type of, pure, brown sugar or the molasses, which is a bit bitter, is removed and one is simply left with the pure crystal of brown sugar. Very, very nice; much more sweet. So this brown sugar is compared to Aasakti, attachment to devotional service. That is further purified into pure, white, crystalline sugar. This white, crystalline sugar is even more sweet than the brown sugar.

It is almost at the perfectional stage. In effect, it is also perfect, but it is small in dimension, being small granules. It is the stage of “Bhava,” or preliminary love of Godhead in ecstasy. When that is further crystallized and condensed by the mercy of Krsna, that becomes sugar candy, so sweet , the cure for many diseases and the most refined stage of the sugar, that sugar candy is compared to pure love of Krsna, “Krsna prema.” So this is how we process sugarcane. And this is how we make our advancement in devotional service. So how we have to apply the heat and how we have to refine our devotional mood? I was very much impressed by the great chef, our Acharya, Sri Rameshwar Swami, who has given the practical method, how this is to be done. Actually, the opportunity to be present in this assembly, to hear the pastimes of Lord Caitanya from the Caritamrita, and to hear the nectar from the devotee’s lips is the greatest opportunity of my life.

These are treasured moments, because while glorifying the Lord He is present. He is present and He is enjoying the pleasure of His devotees in discussing topics relating to His service. We don’t have the real taste. What nectar there is for those who are really pure, the Paramahamsas, who can relish these pastimes fully! When one is free from all material conceptions and attachments, he becomes much more or he becomes really capable of tasting this nectar. We, who are conditioned souls, we are simply getting drops from that ocean of nectar, but those drops are like oceans in themselves. Even the great devotees and demigods are relishing so much the pastimes of Lord Caitanya.

One day, Lord Siva began to meditate on the pastime of Lord Gauranga, the golden Avatara distributing His love of God without consideration of qualification and disqualification, and He just began to bubble with joy and he just started to laugh and laugh. And Parvati, his good wife, she was amazed. “Why is Lord Siva laughing ? What is happening?” So she asked Lord Siva, Mahadev, “Why you are laughing ? What are you thinking about ?” And he said, “I am just thinking about Gauranga, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.” And Parvati said, “Just hearing that name, my hairs are standing on end. Whose name is this? What is this , what is this person? Just by hearing his name, I am becoming, I am becoming excited! And then he told how this Krsna has gone and assumed the form of His own devotee and with His associates, engaging in Sankirtana, distributing freely to everyone, love of God. And She became very anxious. “Where can I meet him?” “Well, He is due in several million years to come in Kali-yuga. She was, “No, but I want to see Him now. I don’t want to wait till Kaliyuga.” So he said, “If you go to His birth place, and worship there, He is always manifesting His eternal pastimes at His birthplace. Although now it is satya-yuga, it is long time before He is to come, but if you go to His birthplace and worship His holy name, if He is so kind, He can appear to you. He is always present in His holy dham.”

So mother Parvati immediately got on her mystic carrier and flew from the sacred abode of Kailash, on the border of the material and spiritual world, the bank of the Varujya river and she descended into the material world, over which she is the Supreme energy. And she descended to the holy land of Sri Mayapur Dham and took shelter in a beautiful grove of auspicious fruit-bearing trees. And she began to do penance of chanting Hare Krsna, chanting Lord Gauranga, Jai Gauranga , Jai Gauranga, Jai Sri Krsna Caitanya! She chanted His holy name again and again and again, anxious to have His transcendental darshan,

Finally, Lord Caitanya had mercy upon mother Paravati, Durgadevi, and He appeared to her in His beautiful golden form and she became ecstatic and offered all kinds of respects and obeisances. So she prayed to Lord Caitanya that, “My dear Lord, You are freely distributing love of God to everyone, without considering their good or bad qualities, you are freely giving. What about me? When will I get the mercy? I am simply... have this service to put everyone in illusion, who turns the face from you, but theses fallen souls, they are being delivered and given ecstatic love of Godhead. When will I get this mercy? Won’t I get the mercy from You, who are the most compassionate of all avataras of Krsna?”

So then Lord Caitanya, He had mercy upon her and explained to her that, “You are my energy, and you are coming expanded from the Yogmaya. Ultimately, you are expanded from Srimati Radharani, my greatest devotee and eternal consort. So today, being Her expansion, may you experience the ecstatic love that she experiences for me. Then he showed his six-armed form; two arms of Lord Gaurnaga , two arms Krsna , two arms of Sri Ramachandra.