19880425 Srimad-Bhagavatam.7.7.26 Jahnava Matha's Appearance Day @ Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK

19880425 srimad bhagavatam 7.7.26 appearance day of janava davi ebhis tri-varëaiù paryastair buddhi-bhedaiù kriyodbhavaiù svarüpam ätmano budhyed gandhair väyum ivänvayät TRANSLATION As one can understand the presence of the air by the aromas it carries, so, under the guidance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, one can understand the living soul by these three divisions of intelligence. These three divisions, however, are not the soul; they are constituted of the three modes and are born of activities. today the appearence day of janva devi and sita devi any one else and madhu pandit . i heard that may this evening today someone will be speaking on specially on sita devi , we know something about little about janva devi. the identity of course of sita devi, janva devi are both internal potencies . we know that there are internal and external potencies mahamaya and yogmaya . and we are coming from yog maya but but we are very small particle of the spiritual energy . therefore we known as jiva . we can categorises as the tatastha sakti or madhyasta sakti . being in between the external energy and the internal energy .we are able to fall under the controle of the external enrgy. if we leave the shelter of internal potency . janva devi , sita devi are both internal potency . they can never fall under the controle of external potency . the external potency is expanding from the internal potency . internal potency has no reason to come on this planet , except to engage in the service of krishna . for the lord, to assist him in some past time . sita devi's appearence is not like the appearence of the conditioned soul . she is eternally always liberated , she can never fall down . being internal potancy question of falling down is not even arises . so actually the internal potency is the shelter . janva devi is also the internal potency , she is the consort , she is the incaranation of the descent of revati , the consort of lord balaram . balaram had two consort , revati and varuni . and they descended as janva ans bashudha , in the past time of lord chaitanya . we know that lord nitya nanada at the age of 12, he went with one mendicant annyasi and he travelled to the all holy places of india and eventually when he reached vrindavan he could understand that lord chaitanya had began his sankirtan past times . so then he went to mayapur nabadwip dham . and there he reunited again in this age of kali with krishna chaitanya mahaprabhu . he remained in nabadwip with lord chaitanya with so many different past times . when lord chaitanya took sannyas in katwa and went down to jagannath puri , afTER giving ESTABLISHED IN JAGANNATH PURI , he requested lord nitya nanda prabhu to go back to bengal , and for the shake of preaching , to take up the grihasta ashram . nowthat he had taken up the sannyas ashram, what is the use of nitya nanda prabhu remaining as a mendicant . but nitya nanda prabhu never , he just was aways was an avadut, always was a mendicant but as such there is no record of having taking any specific vows or anything on that regard. nonetheless he had be a mendicant normally one wouldn't change their ashram .but lord chatanya said anyway, he knew that lord nityananda was himself balaram , why should , however lord chaitanya was doing austerity , which is too harsh . for the devotees to think about . and the lord who is the supreme enjoyer , should be doing austerities . lord chaitanya could not tolerate that nityananda prabhu would also be in that kind o situation . so he ordered lord nityananda prabhu also for preaching to be an example for the other grihasta devotees , take up the grihasta ashram . and be preaching in bengal . and occassionally come and vosit him in jagannath puri . so nityananda prabhu went back to bengal , there he established the namhatta preaching . established the preaching all over bengal . where ever he went people took up the harinam sankirtan , then he included them with in the namhatta. so they would in organised and devoted manner would continue the chanting of hare krishna hare krishna , krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare . so nityananda prabhu was in the house of srivas thakur . so many associates were there with him . having different past times . so one day lord nityananda told srivas , lord chaitanya ordered you can look for the suitable matches for me to marry . so then there was ...... so the whole thing fell on srivas thakur. so then he looking around but but whome can you find some one who can be matched with nityananda prabhu. as accoding to vedic culture there should be some similarity in qualities , in charecteristics , in tests . then marriage union is considered to be appropriate . then how can you find equal or even near to nitayananda's unlimited qualities . so it was like complete hopeless exercise practically trying to find someone . so srivas thakur he told one king , king krishna hora das . so king krishna hora whose capital in borogachi , he was the sub king under the empiror of bengal . told him to look and see if he could find any suitable match . so he went to surya kant sarakhela, one very powerful brahamana who was the elder brother of gouri das pandit . who was very close to chaitanya mahaprabhu , was a friend , was actually subal sakha in krishna's lila . so he went to his brother suryakant sarakhela , who was living in saligram village and thus he requested him that he had two daughters , who were very exceptional . one never seen women like them at all . so highly qualified and he was looking everywhere to find a match for them , but they could not find any suitable bride grooms . there qualities are so unusual . so he requested him why don't you consider nityananda . nityananda !!!all that he did is runs here and there , he started saying so many things . and krishna hora became very offended . dont criticise nityananda prabhu . you don't have any idea who nityananda prabhu is ? that is very offensive . you don't undrstand his transcendental position . and krishna hora immediately left the place . suryakanta how can i even think about marrying my daughters to someone who just running here and there preaching . no fixed place .that night he had a dream and in the dream suddenly he saw ,balaram , he saw revati and varuni two consorts then he saw balaram turning to nityananda prabhu , and revati and varuni turn into janava and vasudha . in that ` trancendental dream everything is all effulgent , even he wakes up he can't open his eyes , shaking and sweating all over seen , then his vision broke and he wakes up what is this all mean? and he thought about it and said that actually his daughters were completely uncommon in every respect .so highly intellegent and so beutiful just like laxmi herselfs, then he saw the vision that actually may be krishna hora das said that was true that nityananda was actually avatara. my daughters are actually eternal consorts . what are those actually mean? he meditated then he came to the conclusion that actually i must have committed some offence, this is correct , he is proper for my daughters married . he thought that both of them to be married . since that was the vision was . he called krishna hora and said he agreed to .......... so then krishna hora went back to nabadwipo mayapur dham . there was lord nityananda with his associates and having a big kirtan in srivasa's house after the kirtan nityananda was sitting down ,having like a casual darshan with different devotees , talking with them .then krishna hora calles over srivas thakur who was present there . and srivas thakur he comes over to nityananda wishper something in his ear . nityananda was like casually just sitting there, waves his hand . that was it . finished settled . nityananda just went on preaching ,was not preoccupied with the whole thing . so then they fixed up everything and nityananda prabhu did not want long run all kind of thing . its just arranged and there was adivas night before , and the weddiong would be in the next day . so nityananda prabhu went to krishna hora das's house in borogachi and janava and basudha were at saligram so then all the brahamanas they came and they did avishek with water, turmeric and so many different things of lord nityananda, the night before after noon before . then they went and they did avisekh of the two girls .janava and basudha . then in the next morning at saligram then there was a full vedic wedding of nitya nanda janava devi and basudha devi . there is very elaborated description in the bhaktiratnakar about the whole wedding ceremony . big kirtans , big different qualities . all are ecstatic . then nityananda prabhu took his consorts to krishna hora's house borogachi and from there to nabadwip and then to santipur , kalna, in yhis way different places and finally went down to khardaha which is near panihati just about seven miles north of panihati , and there he established his residence . janava devi never had any issue . basudha had two children . birchandra or bir bhadra prabhu who is incarnation of kshirodakhsaya vishnu and ganga goswamini who was the ganges comes in the chaitanyas past times . janva devi , basudha was kept with the duties of watching over the children . janava was always helping lord nityananda in the preaching aspects , whenever nityananda prabhu left then she woud give lectures on bhagavatam and prabhupada said she was the very active preacher . nityananda came back she would be completely co opertive consort this way they were having their past times in khardaha . after lord nityananda left the world and went back to his spiritual world , then janva devi she was had several assistance like aviram thakur and several ladies assiistants . who were always accompanying her . she never would be alone . she was always protected by different associates of lord nityananda but she was in complete separation . and she wasn't going out at all but then when nrattam das thakur had desire to have a big gour purnima festival and that time he took the help of srinivas acharya and they arranged to have a big festival at kheturi gram and install big deities and by all the remaining associtaes including birbhadra prabhu . and janava devi , to invite achutananda the son of advaita , and invite all the remaining associates and descipls and descendents of the associates immediate next generations still presents may be some years after lord chaitanya , he di appeared and returned in the spiritual world . at that time they send a massanger to personally request janava devi to come to this festival . night before nityananda prabhu came in her dream and told that she should go . otherwise she wasn't going any where . so that actually started a number of preaching past times of janava devi when she went she personally took the responsibility to bring everyone else , while she is going why no one elese could not go ? so when she went she picked up , she stop at all the places on the ganges all the way to kheturi . kheturi was near the confluence of ganges when she comes of as padma which now the padma at bangladesh . kheturi was also at bangladesh . there are some discussions to make that a , take that up as one of our projects to bangladesh in the future so it is a very importent place . so there janava devi took all the associates . they were still present on the planet at that time , achutananda and evryone , she just went one after another. whethere srivas was present or his brother sriram pandit was present . she took every one just one after another shantipur ,ambika kanla , nabadwip and so on katwa . so when she came she came with huge gathering of devotees .lord nitya nanda prabu's consort janava devi was going with nityananda's associates then one after another all the associates came . actually she was considered that time like the senior vaishnava of all the vaishnava present . so when ever whatever they were doing at that kheturi gram festival before proceeding they would go and ask janava devi for sanction so is it alright that srinivas acharya does the arati , she said alright . she was given the respect . she was in that position . actually at that time . so then it was such an ecsttic festival that when srinivas achrya was doing the arati to the deities that they wre instaling ,the deities of krishna started to emante the aroma of krishna's own personal body , bodily aroma . so anything connect with krishna's name krishna's form krishna's pasttime krishna's qualities the bodily scent of krishna . these are all nondifferent . to see krishna , to smell krishna there is no difference . so if some one is able to get darshan of krishna we see somehow they go in mad in ecstacy , jumping off, falling down paying their obiscences and so on . that is the unique kind of past time. that all of a sudden from krishna's deity as the original transcendental scent of krishna's , nondifferent scent of krishna's body that they all realised krishna through smelling . so as the scent was going we could not see it , no one could see , just see that a wave kind of thing is going to the devotees . all of a sudden , you know mustered gas , tear gas the transcendental krishna's aroma as it was going , the devotees just completely become absorbed in krishna prem , become filled with separation just collapsed rolling on the ground and crying and just overwhelmed in separation of krishna and various transcendental emotions as soon as they could smelt krishna directly . and no one knew , devotees behind whats going on . all of a sudden why everyone , oh! krishna and then faint ,you know completely . janva ofcourse she was like always was on the top of the whole situation of the time and whereevr else she was going..........after that happen , then narattom das thakur he became so ecstatic he started to chant hare krishna mantra in the tone of great separation from krishna like krishna was present . every one feel then the smell went every one felt separation . various kinds of past times were going on then narattom das thakur started singing kirtan , and became more and more deep and slow and in separation . so the kirtan became so thick , that he could actually , as if they were chanting in some kind of gel, just like slow motion hare krishna . just completely thick with separation and every one was so absorbed that inconceively thick , how is to expressed it? like under an ocean of necter . they were moving in air , they were moving in the necter of krishna 's pure devotion . so at that time when every one became so filled with in separation that practically just every one almost every one was in the point of leaving their body , in separation for krishna . it was so intense . all of a sudden krishna chaitanya mahaprabhu , nityananda prabhu evry one appeared to fill all the desire of all the devotees . janava was reunited with nityananda prabhu and all the devotees united with lord chaitanya . every one was completely , even the devotees , they were never together one place , the devotees who were in vrindavan have never went to jagannath puri and the devotees of jagannath puri who have never went to nabadwip all together, all the second generations and all the first generation from the south india every one whoever in the the association of the lord chaitanya they were all present at that time . there was big maha kirtan everyone they become so ecstatic they were just inconceivable , there was lord chaitanya , there was advaita , there was srivas there was bir chandra , there was narratam das thakur who have never seen most of these devotees , they were all there one time and there was big kirtan went on like night of brahama ,practcally just went on and on and on . krishna just extended the time , they were all together having these incredeble kirtan, then all of a sudden lord chaitanya and all his associates were already left the world , just come there from there aprakat from unmenifested past times all disappered.then every body was completely devasted again , completely just they were just collapsed . being deprived from lord chaitanya's association rolling in the ground and mourning and crying . janava devi she was always on the top of the situation.she called narattam das thakur and said go on chanting , start the kirtan again . chant kirtan , when the lord present every one did kirtan . then they felt by the kirtan that they felt relieved that krishna's presence to the holy name , they all felt relieved , like that so many transcendental past times happened under janava devi . then janava devi after this whole kheturi festival , she went to ekachakra to the birth place of nityananda , she was with the whole parties of devotees to vrindavan on the way they stopped at ekachakra . and thats all the very long pasttimes , she went to vrindavan , she went for the complete vrindavana parikrama to all the holy places of vrindavan and there are many past times of janava devi in vrindavan . janava devi was simultaneously revati and she also had some other some combined aspect of anangamanjar,i i don't know the exact significance but she has like a dual nityanada consort plus some other nature she menifested also in krishna's pasttimes . she went to vrindavan and she also encouraged all the devotees there . just by having her association direct internal energy , internal consort of the lord completely liberated internal energy .the devotees just immediately becoming extatic , they would become immediately purified by her association . and she was very very she would be never alone with a man . she was very you know , even though she was in such a transcendental platform but she was having her personal women attendents . when she was travelling ,she would be man of the party she would be protecting the whole party but her own internal situation being completely separte. that there would always be other women associates they would be taking care of her personal service but as far as like organise the travelling that would be done by man , aviram thakur , ramdas so many other great nityananda parshad . then janava devi she came back to bengal , she was preaching from khardaha . people would come and take the instruction she visited some other palces in bengal . she took desciples also in krishna conciousness . some of the past times of janava devi. the past times of lord chaitanya are very sublime and they are most asceteric . that in krishna s past times the devotees came to assist in the different ways the same devotess came in lord chaitanyas past time . but they took different rolls , to assist the lord because the lords roll was different . or he may came as a devotee . so bhaktivinod thakur he always praised that some one has the mercy of the janava and nityananda prabhu if they accepted their lotus feet as their life and soul , for them krishna prema is very easily attained . for them they are already liberated even while being in the material world . so today is the sacred day of appearence of janava, sacred appearence day of sita devi who was worshipped as sita ram , laxman hanumal . sita devi is also an internal potency . the opportunity we have of remembering the past times of the lord ,glorifying the great devotees is that we know that the energy is the form of compassion of the lord . so we always say sita ram , radha gokula nanda , janava nityananda ,. thats how we approached the lord through his consort they are the personified compassion mercy . so this way by approaching to the mercy of the lord , we can get his mercy very easily . he gave them mercy and they are all personified compassion so then it becomes very easy to get the mercy of the lord . so we being the conditioned souls we always fall undre the external energy unless we are under the internal enrgy's protection . so therefore we are always praying for the shelter of the internal enrgy when she appears in different forms . radharani is the original when she expands into so many different forms and different past times differnt incarnations of the lord so each of them have menifesting different qualities different activities .so we need the special mercy specially nityananda prsbhu , we know he is the most merciful so we can imagine janava devi , as his consort how mercyful she must be . so we need the mercy of janava and sita devi . so that we can easily achieves pure devotional service so we can actually have the proper attitude of devotion . so we can be always be under the shelter , and engage in the krishna's service directly . if we don't have the shelter then we will be left out in the material energy , prabhupada explains material enrgy deals with the conditioned souls very harshly , very roughly , like a cat catching a mouse . where sometime by internal potency , we can get purified , some times even the devotees they are exposed to differnt tests , they are exposed to differnt kinds of trials that they have to overcome .but this is like the cat , prabhupada explained taking the baby kittne . the cat takes the baby kittne by the back of the neck , but actually thats not the same way she catches the rat . rat is to kill the rat , the kittne is to protect the kittne . move the kittne from here to there, pick it up , the kittne was not actually harm by that . so like this some times the devotees do experienced differnt kinds of tests, differnt kinds of tribulations it appears . but actually these are actually to fix us more tightly at the lotus feet of radha and krishna .the lotus feet of radhha madav , lotus feet of sita ram , janava, nityananda prabhu so that we can be completely under their shelter and no longer be under the shelter of so called shelter of the external energy. hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare . so any questions ? so if you get the chaitanya charitamrita adilila part 2 , bring it that in the mean time you can ask . rich brahaman he was the leader of the of the brahamanas . he was considered the leader of the all the brahamananas . brahamans are as such are not wealthy whatever they get they spent the next day so some dey they may be rich but they spent that right away for krishna THEY DON'T HORED LIKE KINGS OR vaisays . we know that advaita prabhu had a debt because there was a past time that some one rode to jagannnath puri to obseve his debt , then lord chaitanya becomes offended , he wrote a rasa bhas he said that advaita is supreme personality of godhead he should pay his debt , so if you are saying that he has come as a devotee , while you are saying that he is supreme personality now you can say you have to pay the debt . pay his own debt . the whole thing is that you became offended by these type of contradiction and use and bringing advaita down to another level . advaita was not a , advaita had enough opulence for worshiping krishna but he was not like pundarik vidya nidhi who was like a brahamin but he was given so many villages which means he was a rich land lord brahmin .wasn't like that . everything in the spiritual world is a person . bhakti is also just loke the personified vedas , personified bhakti ........... kamala kanta biswas come here , since lord advaita was supreme personaloity of godhead , he has all opulence , whatever you wants you can get he just lived in a simple way . he had all opulence . when kamala kanta biswas heard about the punishment by sri chaitanya mahaprabhu . he was very much unhappy , when advaita prabhu heard about the he was greatly pleased . since kamala kanta biswas was unhappy advaita acarya prabhu told thay you are greatly fortunate that you are punished by the supreme lord the personality of god head . lord chaitanya mahaprabu alwys respected me as senior but i did not like such respect there fore my mind became afflicted by unhappiness i made a plan thus i will expand the yoga of basistha which considers liberation the ultimate goal of life . for thisthe lord wll become angry at me and treated me as apperent disrespect when chastised by lord chaitanya, he was very happy to see the punishment . similar to that of sri mukunda . similar punishment was ordered to mother sachi devi who could be more fortunate than her to recieve such punishment after pacifying kamala kanta biswas in this way sri advaita acarya prabhu went to see chaitanya mahaprabhu , advaita acarya told lord chaitanya i can not undrestand your transcendental past time . you show more favour to kamala kanta that you generally show to me . the favour you shown to kamalakanta was so great even to me you have never shown such favour . what offence i have comitted at your lotus feet so as not to be shown suh favour . hearing this lord chaitanya mahaprabhu laughed with satisfaction then immediately called kamala kanta biswas , advaita acarya then said to chaitanya mahaprabhu , why you have called back this men allowed him to see you he has cheated me in two ways . when lord chaitanya heard this his mind was satisfied only they could understand each others mind and then lord chaitanya explained that spiritual master should not accept charity from rich man or kings . we have a song by madhu pandit , so every one can have sankirtan. remember particular pastime he was in just not coming back to my mind , any other question ? jay sri sri bhagabad ki jay! srila prabupad ki jay! Transcribed by Viswambhar Bonomali Das Kolkata

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