19881225 Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.20.18 Mahamoha vs. Mahavidhya @ Butterworth, Malaysia

sasarja cchäyayävidyäà païca-parväëam agrataù tämisram andha-tämisraà tamo moho mahä-tamaù

Translation: First of all, Brahmä created from his shadow the coverings of ignorance of the conditioned souls. They are five in number and are called tämisra, andha-tämisra, tamas, moha and mahä-moha. Purport by His divine grace Srila Prabupada ki jay!! The conditioned souls, or living entities who come to the material world to enjoy sense gratification, are covered in the beginning by five different conditions. The first condition is a covering of tämisra, or anger. Constitutionally, each and every living entity has minute independence; it is misuse of that minute independence for the conditioned soul to think that he can also enjoy like the Supreme Lord or to think, "Why shall I not be a free enjoyer like the Supreme Lord?" This forgetfulness of his constitutional position is due to anger or envy. The living entity, being eternally a part-and-parcel servitor of the Supreme Lord, can never, by constitution, be an equal enjoyer with the Lord. When he forgets this, however, and tries to be one with Him, his condition is called tämisra. Even in the field of spiritual realization, this tämisra mentality of the living entity is hard to overcome. In trying to get out of the entanglement of material life, there are many who want to be one with the Supreme. Even in their transcendental activities, this lower-grade mentality of tämisra continues. Andha-tämisra involves considering death to be the ultimate end.Jagannath swami ki jay! The atheists generally think that the body is the self and that everything is therefore ended with the end of the body. Thus they want to enjoy material life as far as possible during the existence of the body. Their theory is: "As long as you live, you should live prosperously. Never mind whether you commit all kinds of so-called sins. You must eat sumptuously. Beg, borrow and steal, and if you think that by stealing and borrowing you are being entangled in sinful activities for which you will have to pay, then just forget that misconception because after death everything is finished. No one is responsible for anything he does during his life." This atheistic conception of life is killing human civilization, for it is without knowledge of the continuation of eternal life. This andha-tämisra ignorance is due to tamas. The condition of not knowing anything about the spirit soul is called tamas. This material world is also generally called tamas because ninety-nine percent of its living entities are ignorant of their identity as soul. Almost everyone is thinking that he is this body; he has no information of the spirit soul. Guided by this misconception, one always thinks, "This is my body, and anything in relationship with this body is mine." For such misguided living entities, sex life is the background of material existence. Actually, the conditioned souls, in ignorance in this material world, are simply guided by sex life, and as soon as they get the opportunity for sex life, they become attached to so-called home, motherland, children, wealth and opulence. As these attachments increase, moha, or the illusion of the bodily concept of life, also increases. Thus the idea that "I am this body, and everything belonging to this body is mine" (aham mameti)also increases, and as the whole world is put into moha, sectarian societies, families and nationalities are created, and they fight with one another. Mahä-moha means to be mad after material enjoyment. Especially in this age of Kali, everyone is overwhelmed by the madness to accumulate paraphernalia for material enjoyment. These definitions are very nicely given in Viñëu Puräëa, wherein it is said: tamo 'viveko mohaù syäd antaù-karaëa-vibhramaù mahä-mohas tu vijïeyo grämya-bhoga-sukhaiñaëä maraëaà hy andha-tämisraà tämisraà krodha ucyate avidyä païca-parvaiñä prädurbhütä mahätmanaù thus end the Bhaktivedanta sawami translation and purport to text eighteen chapter twenty canto three of Srimad Bhagwatam in the matter of conversation between Maitreya and vidura Ooom Tat sat so here a very nice and systematic explaination of the five kind of illusion that the living entities in the material world are captured in this may here is given Tamisra , andha tamisra , tamas ,moha and ,mahamoha Prabhupada explain how one leads to the next always a progression, tamisra for anger envy brigs us down into the material world then andha tamisra for one thinks that eat drink and be marry for tomorrow we die , death is the end and death is everything that is andhatamisra blind blind ignorance then is tamas or ignorance of the spirit soul ,people just think that they are the body like an animal they think that the body they don’t think anything else even if they believe in God they think God’s purpose is to give me material things because there is nothing except material Moha is the illusion of the bodily concept as one gets material things he becomes attached and more entangled and Mahamoha is one when one is mad after material things working hard day and night to increase material enjoyments it is seems that modern civilisation has increased the five types of ignorances very much in Sanskrit or hindi they call a high school as vidyalaya college as mahavidyalaya and university as the visvavidyalaya , “vidya’’ meaning knowledge ‘’alaya’’ meaning a place , ‘’maha’’ meaning great , ‘’visva’’ meaning universal or university but actually it seem that they should call it mohavidyalaya ‘’place of teaching moha illusion’’ or mahamoha or it says here Mahamohalaya because they are training people how to be mad after after material life without giving any information that we are the spirit soul , material knowledge is necessary but material knowledge without understanding the spiritual knowledge is useless because such material knowledge will be used for ignorance , if someone thinks that at death i am finished they think that I don’t have to be worried about what I do ,I can do anything , if some how or other I escape from being caught then when I die it is finished then no problem but every religion says that there is some punishment or reward after death , a hindu or vedic dharma as well as Buddhism accept the laws of karma and reincarnation and in Christian they say you go to heaven or hell , I think that also in islam they say heaven or hell isn’t it so all the religion says that there is life after death or some sort or another but Andhtamisra mean that we think that there is nothing after death so modern science is often telling people that after death there is nothing we are not against science we are against what some scientists says that there is no life after death which is only unscientific , because there is no proof that there is no life after death , they can’t prove that, that is there own speculation , so pure science means anything you say you should prove it by observable facts , so how they can say that something that they are not able to prove as a fact they can’t prove that God doesn’t exist because they can’t observe him , does this mean that he does not exist , actually scientists are not able to see the atoms they can only see a reflection of a electron by electron microscope but they are not actually able to see the atom similarly we can see the reflection of God ,we can see the reflection of Krishna , He is saying that ‘’aham beeja pradah pita’’ I am the seed giving father of all living entities everything there is created by me so you can see that whole material world is running very efficiently , Einstein was considered one of the practically the greatest scientist in the modern era , greatest thinker of scientific thought he came to the conclusion that there must be supreme intelligence behind all of this because everything is got so much order , he came to the conclusion that order represents intelligence , disorder is a result of randomness so real knowledge ends with the understanding that there is God , there is absolute truth , there is Bhagwan ,there is eternal spirit this is real knowledge , and the opposite of the real knowledge is avidya or tamisra or tamas , ignorance is the ignorance of the soul , a person may be very learned , you have all heard the story about the boatman and a scientist , previously here in the Malaysia they used to put on this play but in passed two years I haven’t seen it ,how there was very learned professor with PhD , Msc,Bsc every thing he was going to India ,He was crossing a river with simple boatman who had no education at all . and he was saying you know what is this fish you see that fish that is the that’s the fish’s hipeterious so looks like the feast to me , bash dish ,trout you don’t know the science of fish , whatever is this fishiality or something ,I don’t know much I am lacking in fish , you never studied fish inthe university, no no sirI haven’t taken all this formal education I just know the fish , but that is the rare fish it is black bodied fish is hipeterious , rarely seen in tropoco countries and not seen anywhere else at all we see quite bigger (not getting) about twenty five percent of life is wasted my dear boatman you haven’t gone deep into the matter then he was going o you see that that is rare the very rare bird , took out his binocular it is a flock to worry is sagaterious (laugh) it is looks like a sparrow to me sir ,then no it is red , red waste very rare , you don’t know the science of birds , no sir I just know the boat your fifty percent of life is wasted then they are going look at that cloud look at that that is the acuminous cloud rare gigantaccumulous so we called that mansoon store cloud so you don’t know meteology , so I am sorry I just know it is a monsoon cloud sir, seventy percent of your life is wasted , sir you know swimming , so no I don’t know swimming I know never learned that in the university (laugh) but am afraid of that the cloud if one happened to be of typhoon , store cloud , then I think you are going to be hit by a typhoon and my boat would probably keep side because we are far from the shore ,so I just want to know you may have to sweem, no no I don’t know how to swim then all of a sudden storm hit then boat is dipped over then then boatman dived off , I think hundred percent of your life is wasted (laugh) we may know everything but if we don’t know who we are ,we don’t know we are the spirit soul , we don’t know we are the eternal jeevatma then it is tamas it is real ignorance we lose everything , the meanwhile we die again we start all over in ignorance , animal is in the “tamas” animals are in ignorance but human being got more intelligence to come out of ignorance ,but being a human being if we don’t come out of the bodily concept , we don’t realise that we are the eternal spiritual soul then what we understood in life knowing that spirit is culmination of knowledge it is like someone may be a doctor he knows how the body is functioning , how to cure the body when it is malfunctioning or diseased but just like in the Vedas there also a ayurveda they knew that the body is ultimately the source of the body is coming from the soul , once the soul leaves the body then you can’t do anything , modern science knows something about the body all they need they have all that is missing is knowledge of the soul then you get perfect understanding, if you have so much knowledge of the body but they don’t have knowledge of the soul then you remain incomplete it is just like now modern medicine has been able to create artificial heart artificial kidney artificial liver artificial so many things so when a person they can keep a life support system they can purify the blood in the air and everything by dialysis machine , this machine they have so many machines so while they are doing operation they can keep the function going for sometime but if the soul leaves the body even all the machines are going but gradually everything starts to decay they can’t keep on going indefinitely they may have to turn up the machine and call it back, they don’t know what is the what is the what is that difference between one is able to have the machine working and body is even the liver is taken out putting in the liver transplant , heart transplant , kidney transplant , still the things are going but something happens to it doesn’t work anymore things start to the brain wave stop moving , so far they don’t have machine to make the brain go even when a brain stop because the soul leaves the body , the soul leaves no matter you can’t keep the body alive ,you can keep away from decomposing microbes for sometime but it is not complete , you turned the machine off it is dead mini (not getting) just the machine is keeping things work , modern science doesn’t have the explaination because the soul is described in the Vedas as being a Chit-kana a spiritual spark so how you see just like you can may be get a reflection of an atom by electron microscope becuse an atom is made of electrons and protons and things like that but same spark soul the atma is not made of electrons and protons it is not material so what type of microscope you can see with it , you can’t see it with any material microscope ,you can only see by the soul itself that is called self realisation , the Atma has to see himself by his own spiritual vision , can’t see the soul by anything material so how we know , we know the soul is there because when the soul is there, there is life . The Vedas tell us that the symptom of the soul is life but when the soul is not there, there is no life so we can prove that there is such a thing as a life energy , even though we can’t see him we can see the effect of it’s presence that is scientific , even the simple person knows that the live body is different from the dead body , the Vedas describes that there is a living energy and we should realise that living energy , and that living energy is coming from the supreme person , the supreme absolute truth , coming from Krishna so we are part of Krishna if we don’t know that what is the living energy that is called tamas ‘’ignorance’’ when a person is in ignorance , they can do all kind of nonsense , it is easy for them to be illusioned a person in ignorance if he goes out to material things it is not unexpected but if ignorance becomes more entangled so the devotees perpose is to save the people from this five types of ignorance , to free them from ignorance so they can achieve their real spiritual peace and happiness, a person is in ignorance how can he be peaceful , if there is no peace how is there happiness, specially human beings because human has more intelligence if you are an aniomal you are so much in ignorance you don’t even think about it but being a human being you know that there is death , you know that there is a future what the future holds being a human being you have the opportunity to solve this ignorance , so why should one act like an animal , so when we preach to people the idea is that to wake them up from ignorance so they can achieve their real happiness they can know who they are ? but people when they are in illusion they want to know , so many times we hear people say that “do’t want to chant Hare Krishna” because if we chant Hare Krishna I may have I may have to give up something material , they don’t think that if some one chanting hare Krishna they give up something material like taking meat or intoxication this is because they are happy without those things so why should they do it , the real goal is to be happy but due to illusion they become attached they think that the real goal is to eat meat and to to take intoxication , to take drugs they think this is happiness so they don’t have open mind , no body is forcing to devotees to do anything but by chanting if they feel happy without taking cigarette and getting cancer then why should I take cigarette , they say any intelligent person could understand but someone who is in mahamoha who is mad after these things just a (not getting) that i live without these things they get frightened they say no better i don’t chant Hare Krishna they haven’t use their intelligence to think that these people are happy also more happy than I am bit they are happy without doing all of these things, someone is in Mahamoha they won’t think like that this is the problem in material life life to be we have many people they are mad after this material enjoyement and when they see that devotees are preaching to people to become detached from material ignorance they become angry with the devotees this is tamisra , why you are telling the people to become detached from material ignorance , ignorance is bliss ,they want everyone to remain in ignorance so in the beginning because of this type of ignorances,when the devotee used to preach people are sometime object , they objectbecause they don’t have the proper understanding because they are faithless so gradually by association by giving some knowledge by purification when they understand what is actual the Krishna conscious sight then the very same people they show o I made a mistake “this is very good ”so this urges are thankless tasks ,while we are preaching there always be some people ignorant ,who object ,who will be upset so we try to see things in a least agitating manner at the same time if we don’t(not getting)how the people wake up when you are waking from ignorance they are bound to be little reaction but once they awake they say why don’t you wake me up earlier now I am late , I missed so much time , why don’t I understand earlier that I am not this body I am eternal spirit soul so I don’t have to be dependent on so many material things to be happy ,I can be happy very simply so the devotees are doing the most important welfare work by distributing Prabhupada books the Vedas the essence of the Vedas Gita, Bhagwat and uncovering the people from their ignorance thos is actually saving the life , someone who is Andhatamisra who thinks that there is nothing after death ,when they die they are again going to be born , when they born they are again going to die ,actually when you awaken such a person to his real Krishna conscious position they get liberation you are saving them from death you are saving them from death many times as if they won’t walk in they die many times , doctor can save or postponed death but ultimately he can not keep us alive eternally we go to do the doctor to get healthy so we can continue up with the work but sooner or later one time the doctor will fail every life . I told a story there was a great movie star in Bengal called Uddhav kumar , he was a big hero in a sober screen when he got ill he called a doctor and he told the doctor you have to cure me ,the Doctor said I am sorry but I am afraid to say thatI think that now nothing I can do , you are about to die now that same hero he became very anxious , he grabbed the doctor’s hand and “Doctor !Doctor save me! Save me I don’t want to die !! ” and he died so the news paper man they came and they said Doctor your patient grabbed your hand , he is begging you, you save him and just saying he died holding your hand , what you have to say about that , How do you feel not be able to save your patient , He said , he requested me many times and every time I saved him only one time I failed so we have to forgive the Doctor that one time they are going to fail every life ,because no body can live forever , so this is the illusion that people they don’t even think ,here Andhatamisra means you think after death there is nothing when there is a further type of ignorance or illusion when one doesn’t even think he is going to die this is the real illusion they are so mad they don’t even realise the fact sooner or later they have to leave but Vedas says that you have to die again we have going to be born, whoever die he is going to be born,whoever born is bound to die this is the fact , Buddhist also accept this action the Vedas also tell us that if you become fully God conscious , Krishna conscious then we don’t have to take again birth in material world we go back to the spiritual world ,this is the real purpose of life is go back to home to Godhead I f we develop love for Krishna then it is as good as being now in this world is good as being in the spiritual world for someone who has love for Krishna they don’t care whether they living or dying they are living with Krishna theyare dinning with Krishna ,ultimate peace and happiness we can achieve in one second if we develop our pure devotion for Krishna that counteracts all the ignorance , one point just in conclusion , even in transcendental activities sometimes the low grade mentality of tamisra continues , as tamisra is the envy or anger sometime you find a devotee become very angry why does senior devotee not giving me my position ,why senior devotee not feels wider at them ,why shoul they become they remain angry so this is the condition of ignorance which is not appropriate for a devotee to be angry in this way , we are only angry when Krishna is offended ,when guru is offended ,we don’t become angry for all these material things sometime the devotee showing this anger is not appropriate for transcendental life ,it is a type of immaturity in spiritual life so we should apply this anger in the devotional service ,anger against other devotees ,envy against other devotee , dissatisfaction ,if we grown up doing our devotional service we can experience transcendental bliss , only if someone is going against the sastra , if they are going against Krishna then we can be angry why you are going against Krishna , why you are going against the Vedas , these are all very practical instructions we should learn from them and we should see how the people are in different type of ignorance , we can categorise the people of the world this prime minister is seen in Tamisra , andahtamisra ,tamas , moha and mahamoha . this president which of the five ignorance is in him ,this political leader ,this scientist , this so called leader are they conditioned by the five ignorances ,this (not getting)which ignorance is in him the professor lieutenant , then how to get out of these ignorances so we can be in the natural cure state of eternal blissful knowledge of purew devotion , HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE ,any question , Question: then he finds that there are many movements and they are all like equally good in philosophy and they are giving very good sound philosophical reason and also he could find faults with the different movements poin is that how do we come to a conclusion which one of these movements are showing the path which we will follow in spiritual life GM: when we mentioned earlier was that transcendental science is beyond the range of human experience that transcendental science is revealed to us from the Vedas so any spiritual movement should be according to the Vedas , according to the vedic literatures it should actually lead us to the absolute trurh so any given time we may find it is better than what i have now so we go to that but we still not satisfied we find that there is some deffciency we find that better Idea we go vedic philosophy is based upon our progress until you reach the absolute truth so there be the one person go to through twety five or hundred groups before he finds one that actually givesthe complete absolute truth , once he reaches the absolute truth he doen’t seek any more he found ,he is the finder our goal is not remain always seeking but to become the finder , you have to find the truth for always seeking first is you have to before getting involved you have to sure that it is properly based on the Vedas ,their philosophy is actually complete ,their process is complete their people are authorised in a disciplic succession they are actually practicing or trying to practice what they are preaching they are themselves sincere people , they are not just cheating then you get the basis of convince that the thing is proper according to the Vedas people are sincerely trying to follow it , it is abonafide movement then ultimately to get purified yourselve practice it then by practicing then you can actually get get intellect what is really the substance then you have to find that the it is not what is mean ought to be we go on you find a proper Guru , a proper spiritual movement , once you find a guru then you first thing is all this seeker they have to find a guru just by going and looking in the dark is no use , you have find a bonafide guru and the guru guide you through all the levels , it is like someone is seeking he trying to figure out what’s wrong he is poking he need to go to a doctor , the problem is most people they don’t know they are seek , they know something wrong but they don’t know that what ‘s wrong is there in this ignorance the people know they are seek that is the first thing , someone knows he is seek they go to the doctor , the doctor says take this medicine , take this treating he gets cured but sometimes people they are coughing . they don;t even think they are coughing , they don’t realise they are seek these are the problem in people are ignorant they say why! I want peace ! I want to enjoy , I am doing so many poojas , I am worshipping this avatar that avatar i getting access from this picture , I am getting so many bribes still not giving any peace and you try to explain to them that the problem is that they don’t want to hear that this one peace , one packet one kilo peace ! just like in the petrol station you got this special sixty cent and you get out one you see (not getting) lichu drink yhey want drink peace shoooo! How much I have to give ,I gave I do liitle pooja give me some peace ,they won’t realise that , you want to get lasting peace , you have to actually take a proper cure ,you have to awaken up out of ignorance , you have to find a bonafide guru and you have to follow the prescription he gives , someone has got sickness he is taking some capsules just like this hiding the symptoms but sooner or later they have to actually cure the disease , they should find a guru they should be cautious they can before taking a commitment with a guru permanently they can follow the process they can understand they can go deeper into they can ask question they should have their doubt eradicated when one is convinced he takes shelter and they go to a higher level completely eradicate the ignorance , om ajnan timirandhasya , taking away the ajnan and all this form of ignorance timirandhasya , tamisra , andhatamisra ,tamas ,moha , and mahamoha any other question aaa! in Bhagwad gita chapter two verse twenty one purport Prabhupada quotes from manu samhita , Prabhupada says GM: what verse , twnty one purport GM:what chapter ,chapter two GM: give the bhagwad gita yes, Prabhupada quotes from manu samhita in the purport , he says a person he murders somebody and he is hanged up materially punished so he is liberated from that sinful activity , what abot the karma spiritually because materially he was punished ,no it says here that”o patrha how can a person who knows that the soul is indestructible ,unborn ,eternal ,immutable can kill anyone and cause anyone to kill this is the verse explaining that the body is only killed but soul is indestructible so in the purport Prabhupada says that the violence has its utility how to apply violence rest with the person in the knowledge. although the justice of the peace of awards capital punishment if the person is condemn for murder ,the justice can’t be blamed because he orders violence to another person according to the codes of justice so in another words the judge is condemning someone to die he is not going to be hanged himself for doing that because he is doing that according to the codes of justice then why this is explained in manu samhita the law book for man kind it support that the murder should be condemn to death so in his next life he would not have to suffer for the great sin he has commited therefore the kings punishment of hanging of a murderer is actually beneficial in other words a man has killed someone the karma for that is in next life he will be also killed and he have to suffer a lot of suffering for being a murderer but if the same lifetime he is hunged then that karma for killing the man is wiped away that doesn’t mean that he is liberated , only that particular karma ,that particular karma is counteracted that particular karma , many karmas by being hunged you get cleared up by quite a few karmas (not getting) you are hunged so you are getting a lot of bad karma gets wiped off including that karma for ,particular that karma for murder so it tis said that sometime a person even by being hung he gets a higher birth after death whereas by after being a murderer if he is not punished he escapes next birth he is given a very low birth he has to suffer a lot it is not that the you hang a person he is liberated from all karmas just that particular karma otherwise everyone can hanged himself and get liberated it is not the system of self realisation you see don’t create some new kind of cult we shouldn’t commit suicide , you can rid of karma also by chanting Hare Krishna ,dancing , doing tulasi parikrama you take Krishna prasadam all this things can rid the karma by serving the devotees so in this way you get rid of karmas by surrendering to Krishna fully then he will take responsibility for your karmas and all these systematically taken away getting rid of karma is one aspect other aspect is we have to also develop our spiritual attraction , develop our spiritual knowledge , spiritual love for Krishna so that attraction to Krishna that attachment to Krishna that love for Krishna will pull us out of the material world

Transcribed by Premananda Caitanya dasa Kolkata

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