19850610 Srimad-Bhagavatam.4.27.3 The Unlimited Happiness Of Transcendental Bliss @ Toronto, Canada

19850610_Srimad_Bhagavatam.4.27.3_The_Unlimited_Happiness_Of_Transcendental_Blass_Toronto The following is a lecture given by His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj on June 10th, 1985 in Toronto, Canada. The class begins with a reading from the Srimad Bhagavatam, 4th canto, chapter 27, text 3. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj: Puranjani embraced the king and the king also responded by embracing her shoulders, in this way in a solitary place they enjoyed joking words. Thus king Puranjana became very much captivated by his beautiful wife and deviated from his good sense. He forgot that the passing of days of night meant that his span of life being reduced without profit. Purport: The word pramada Purport by Srila Prabhupada: The word pramada in this verse is very significant. A beautiful wife is certainly enlivening to her husband, but at the same time is the cause of degradation. The word pramada means “enlivening” as well as “maddening.” Generally a householder does not take the passing of days and nights very seriously. A person in ignorance takes it as the usual course that days come, and after the days, the nights come. This is the law of material nature. But a man in ignorance does not know that when the sun rises early in the morning it begins to take away the balance of his life. Thus day after day the span of one’s life is reduced, and forgetting the duty of human life, the foolish man simply remains in the company of his wife and enjoys her in a secluded place. Such a condition is called apa Krishna-cetana, or degraded consciousness. Human consciousness should be used for elevation to Krishna consciousness. But when a person is too much attracted to his wife and family affairs, he does not take Krishna consciousness very seriously. He thus becomes degraded, not knowing that he cannot buy back even a second of his life in return for millions of dollars. The greatest loss in life is passing time without understanding Krishna. Every moment of our lives should be utilized properly, and the proper use of life is to increase devotional service to the Lord. Without devotional service to the Lord, the activities of life become simply a waste of time (srama eva hi kevalam). Simply by becoming “dutiful” we do not make any profit in life. As confirmed in Srimad-Bhagavatam (1.2.8): dharmah sv-anusthitah pumsam visvaksena-kathasu yah notpadayed yadi ratim srama eva hi kevalam If after performing one’s occupational duty very perfectly one does not make progress in Krishna consciousness, it should be understood that he has simply wasted his time in valueless labour. Thus ends the purport and translation by his divine grace Srila Abhaya Charan Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada to the Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 4, chapter 27, text 3. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare So this is a continuation of the history of King Puranjana, an allegorical story told by Narada Muni to the King Prachinabahi, which illustrated that way that the material nature, our bodies, our environment, conditions us in the way in which we get entangled in the material activities. Of course also to these illustrations Narada Muni is expert in the… enlivening the devotees, enlivening the fallen souls, to take up devotional service because in contrast with the material activities when properly explained and understood… one can understand that the… to perform devotional service is the perfection of life. So here in this example King Puranjana is coming home, greeting his wife, and he is enjoying the nuptial bliss of household life. This can be equally reversed ah… to woman, this is from the other angle of vision. In this way life is passing by, and they are forgetting everything else just absorbed in their little material happiness and gradually before they know it, their life span is decreased. Bhakti Vinod Thakur sang ah… in his ah… song udile aruna purava bhage… one verse which also says similar statement that whatever rising and passing of the sun…. our lifespan is decreased. Wake up… don’t you see how you are losing the valuable time to practice Krishna consciousness. According to Vedic culture everyone has given a certain period to live on this earth in this particular body. It’s like the new… the motor automobile manufacturer’s have a planned …obsolescence that the vehicle should fall apart after so many years. So according to the law of karma this body is to last a certain number of breathes. How you use your breathe’s, how many breathes you use…. The more everytime you breathe, what to speak, what to speak of everyday. Everytime your heart beats that’s one more moment you have become closer to leaving your body. If a person is built up enough spiritually, but then if then if they are Krishna consciousness enough they can go back to Krishna when they leave the body, but just at the last second it’s not always possible to focus the mind unless one has got some already pre-cultivated consciousness. So Parikshit Maharaj, he was cursed for seven days. As soon as he knew that I have just seven days to live, immediately he concentrated himself…. seven days - day and night, he simply heard the Srimad Bhagavatam and of course… after that he was able to achieve the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. There was Maharaj Katwanga, he had been fighting for the demigods and the demigods offered him anything he wanted in the material world. The first thing he asked is how long do I have to live? What’s the use of asking of anything in the world if you don’t have any time. So he said, “how long do I have to live?” Then it didn’t take them long to figure out through their vision. They told him, “you have one moment to live.” When heard that… then immediately, he stopped everything and absorbed himself in Krishna consciousness. Time’s up. And in one moment he was able to achieve pure Krishna consciousness, he was able to absorb himself, but that’s very rare, not sure if he is the same person. One person had a very small period of time, maybe it is the same, and he used the same period of time reading the bhagatam, then he was given another week, so then he used the whole… or given the day, then he used the whole day to read the bhagavatam, so then he got a week, then he used to whole week, then he got a month, then he used the whole month, he got one year, so then he read the bhagavatam for the whole year and then he came back to godhead. He kept extending his life one more period by reading the bhagavatam. So then finally by reading the bhagavatam he came back to godhead, achieved eternal life. So this Srimad bhagavatam is very important for the practice of Krishna consciousness. It is not very important, it is the most important. So all this different great personalities, they knew how much time they had. Srila Prabhupada explained in the purport that we are in a disadvantage. We can’t go to anyone and say, “what’s on our scorecard, what if we knew we had one year to go, or ten years to go.” Sometimes devotees leave... already from our midst our…some of our godbrothers and devotees have left the planet, can anyone say how long we are going to be here emphatically. Astrologers can say something but it is not definite, it can be changed, because astrology doesn’t apply perfectly for devotees, they defy the principles of astrology. So Lord Caitanya has given us a process that everyone can practice, rather than simply being…. I mean even in the animal birth one can enjoy this happiness’s, you see sometimes in India you see the wild dogs running around…. Stray dogs enjoying their family affairs right there in the street, kissing each other and cuddling up and everything, running around, fighting each other and rolling, doing so many other things, so they seem to be enjoying life, so the same kinds of things if they human being… uses their valuable time, then what is the advantage? That’s why Lord Caitanya sings, “Jiv Jago, Jiv Jago, wake up, wake up to the opportunity we have, wake up to the opportunities we have to be Krishna conscious in this life time and achieve the real happiness. I remember one time Prabhupada was ah… giving a lecture in a railway station called Chakdaha… he went there because the…the temple of Mahesh Pandits, one of the associates of Lord Caitanya. Mahesh Pandit was ah… very ah… great devotee of Lord Caitanya. Chak daha is about half way between Mayapur and Calcutta…what to say… how long is the drive, it’s quite near picnic place where Prabhupada used to stop whenever we used to go…ever since we were in Mayapur, we know about the picinic place. So the sadhu that was there, he asked Prabhupada to come, that he wanted to give that temple for surrender to become a part of ISCKON, many other sadhu’s had said the same thing, and some of them like Bhaktiprabhav swami, they actually surrendered their temples. So this sadhu invited Prabhupada and gave very strong lectures how the people there…he gave a fantastic idea, he said, “Look you people are so fortunate”, and this was in the Pal para, this was in the place of Chakda…Mahesh pandit, I will get back to Chakda later, it’s about two miles from Chakda. They got all the villagers together, they said that you are so fortunate that here in this village you have this ancient shrine of Caitanya Mahaprahbu, so you should make use of the temple as the centre of your lives. They said that, “we are very poor, how can we…” He said, “you should all take Krishna Prasad.” He said, “the temple is…we are very poor, how can we afford to take… the temple cannot afford to give us, how can we give Krishna Prasad.” So Srila Prabhupada suggested that, “you all…most of the people were commuters into Calcutta for jobs, and a few were local agricuturers but most of them were commuters. So he told that every Sunday, whatever you would normally eat… you all eat, so whatever you would normally eat, you all put together and you come and give here to the temple, jointly cook together, the Brahmana the better…cook it together, offer to the deity of Nitai-Gaur, beautiful deities of Lord Caitanya that was offered and then he would take prasadam. What a simple idea, kind of like a spontaneous transcendental picnic, everyone can come together…you know people are so lethargic that ah… unless one constantly is encouraging them to take a little bit of spiritual practices. So then ah… Prabhupada started to realize that this sadhu had couple of didi ma’s who were intrinsic part of his temple, he was very familiar with this didima’s. Didi ma… Didi means older sister and usually they call any kind of… usually they used to call everyone mother, so they call some type of older type of antique didi ma out of some respect… something like that, like saying antique or something, but this didi ma’s weren’t that old and the relationship seemed a little bit mushy for sadhu, sanyasi kind of person to be there. So prabhupada started to pick up and he said, “I think you should come and stay in our temple for six months in Mayapur, or otherwise get rid of the didima’s and then come and stay in our temple and you just stay here with achyutananda swami, just stay here. Well he was very attached to these didi ma’s, seems something was a little fishy. So there in the hand it didn’t work out. We didn’t take the place, because Prabhupada, he didn’t want to take the place unless the person became a little bit more strict in his association with woman as a sadhu or a sanyasi or get married but not what he was doing. So in India there is a lot of things like this, this temple and people they don’t follow strictly. They appear to follow when we go into it, we see that there is a lot of discrepancies. So Prabhupada, he only wanted people only to associate with ISKCON which represent a pure standard atleast for our temple and shrines. So then Prabhupada went back to Chakdaha which was a much bigger city… I mean about say 20-30,000 people. Also all commuters. So then the first thing he said in his lecture, was that he quoted the verse in the 5th canto, where he said that, “don’t go after the pleasure which is available in the species of stool earters such as hogs and dogs, simply working hard for little momentarily pleasure. Try to achieve the unlimited happiness of transcendental bliss through Krishna consciousness. Totally… the first thing he said, he quoted the verse in Sanskrit and translated it perfectly, then he said that, “you people are daily passengers, you wait for half an hour for the train to come, go on the train for two hours to Calcutta, then in an hour you go by bus or walk to your work, you work hard, you take for lunch a little tea or biscuit, then at the end of your work again one hour by crowded bus …two hours by train and then come back again to your house, you see you family and kids, some nights you enjoy some little sex life, some nights you just go to sleep and again the next day you do the same thing. So this… is this the purpose of human life? Simply to work hard like this, simply like an ass? They were totally overwhelmed by Prabhupada’s words, but many of the people started nodding their heads. So he said, “So what is the solution?” So Prabhupada said the solution is that you have to begin chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. So of course because of economic reasons many of those people couldn’t give up their jobs and stop commuting just…but what happened was that remarkably after Prabhupada gave this one lecture in Chakdaha, it was noticed that on a daily commuting train at least 50% of the cars… at least those cars that were coming from Chakdaha… the people brought kartals with them and started chanting Hare Krishna all the way in and all the way out while on the commuting train. Srila Prabhupada ki Jay The point is that, it is not that one has to necessarily… 100% change everything that one is doing, one may not be able to in the kali yuga but actually one has to change one’s consciousness, one has to start practising spiritual life by chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Hare Hare, associating with devotees, hearing the bhagavatam, doing devotional service. Of course Srila Prabhupada said that, sometimes people say that, “listen it is so hellish out there that we just cant be Krishna conscious, working in the normal jobs, associating with all the materialistic people. Then Srila Prabhupada said that, “then you come husband and wife, whole family you live in our communities, you do some service, chant Hare Krishna and be happy.” Even in India you will be surprised there will be so many obstacles. People in general, maybe the standard of Krishna consciousness is higher than the standard in the West, but the standard there maybe say is 10% or 20% Krishna consciousness, maybe here it is .05 or something like that or .02 or whatever but the actual inertia in India is so incredible that if somebody else moves up and even becomes 50% Krishna conscious the other people feel intimated. What’s the problem with you if he is becoming a sadhu or something. If a kid wears a neck bead in school where there is practically nil Krishna consciousness even in India… before we had gurukul we sent one boy with shaved head, sikha, kunthi mala to the bhaktivinod institute which was started by Bhaktisiddhantha Saraswati Thakur to preserve the teachings of Bhaktivinod but because of the failure of the Gauria math has been turned into a public school with all karmi teachers, so it is just in name. So it is just like a private… you know private school funded and aided by the government. So the name is Bhaktivinod Institute but the whole management has the …22.06-22.08… with the government standard, all karmi teachers. In the Bhaktivinod Institute, the boy was sitting there, the teacher started to blashpheme Krishna. “What’s wrong with you, why are wearing the kanthi…” this that, just blaspheming this 12 year kid for being a Vaishnava in the bhaktivinod institute at the birthplace of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. So I mean what to speak of if he had gone you know to some other schools, you will surprised, I had one namhatta disciple by birth and by profession he is the quack doctor. Don’t laugh… just like in India someone is a pharmacist or one is a doctor, MD, homeopath, and then there is one gradation Quack, this is considered little below…served as an assistant to a doctor for five years, then Quack, but they say very seriously, “I am a quack doctor.” It doesn’t have the same kind of connotation, it means that he is a country that doesn’t have a degree but he knows something… so in the… in the… there is no regular doctor that will go to the places he will go and he will take… the regular doctor will take 20 rupees, he will take five. So if you have a little something wrong, little poor, atleast they don’t hide what they are, if there is something heavy then they have contact with their higher doctors, then they will tell the people, it is beyond my capacity, better go to the MD or M.B.B.S or whatever they have their other thing. So anyway it is very nice devotee that has little Radha Krishna deities. So when he became a disciple of the Hare Krishna movement, all of the caste brahmanas of his area boycotted him, and they harrowed him, they actually put him under house arrest. They said, “you took initiation you know from a non-Indian or a mleccha… this that… you have… now you have ruined the brahminical culture, it’s a sin, and they wouldn’t let him leave his house, they would let anyone go, he was just 25.50-53 kept there, the whole day, they degraded, they blasphemed him to the whole village. So we had to send in one of our brahmachari preacher to go there and rescue him, challenged the Brahmana, defeat them in a major debate, what is the real qualification of a Brahmana, of a Vaishnava, how is the initiation, what is the meaning, defeat them in a public debate, you know and then …26.20…. the disciple who can’t do his doctory and this and that, and that was around two years ago. So kind of finally he was even beaten up one time by some of the sons of the Brahmana who thought you know they are just trying to keep away this …26.37… so we went and did a namhatta program like you saw in the slide show, and then again this year we went there, and so now there is two, three namhatta centres there and really has a big following of about 30-40 people who are regular coming and all those caste brahmanas are just like faded out. So in India you have to go through a tremendous amount of this kind of thing… it’s not…I mean here you have different problems you know with devotees who are addicted to intoxication, addicted to illicit sex… ah… this kind of things mainly, meat eating to some extent, in India meat eating…there they have people who are very addicted to their family situation and very hung up with all this kinds of more subtle casteism, brahminism, maya, social problem. No one wants anyone to step out and become more advanced in Krishna consciousness. Therefore even in India it is very difficult for many people but that devotee, he wanted to give up his temple within Mayapur but I told him you have to stay there because I want you to make this whole village Krishna conscious because I experienced that lot of families when they come to Mayapur they just end up …28.05… the floor and if they stay in their own village they actually become like temple presidents of their Namahatta centres and now he is a upachakra senapati in charge of five namahatta groups and he established one namhatta group in an industrial….not industrial but a trading centre of the area and all rich people, so they are financing all the namhatta activities in all the other areas and that has really given him a boost. So anyway, the point is that generally even the so called somewhat Krishna conscious Indian type… even an Indian who may occasionally chant or occasionally do some puja.. something. They also just absorbed in he kids growing up and the daily affairs and things like that. What to speak of someone who is really in an enjoying mood and just absorbed in this time… the King here is totally absorbed in playing with his wife and enjoying. So they totally lose sight of how the time passes by. So when they do something then they don’t have the strength anymore. Finally when… their bodies become too weak to get into the ah… to enjoy more the physical pleasure which in the west people…they never… they don’t wake up at all in their old age. There was one person who had a heart transplant, he was ready to die and then the thing that he broadcast… 65 year old man that I…. the greatest ever I had sex just with my wife… at 65 years. He had a heart transplant that was it… So they don’t even think that there is something….. they are trying every last bit… right to the very end. There is no consciousness that there is something after this, even if they say and even if the people believe that they are twice born but if they actually… what goes after this, people don’t understand. And so this is very very applicable for everyone, this type of instruction that how our life …30.30-35… and actually if we use our life for practicing Krishna consciousness, in that case we would become so blissful. Where is the actual bliss if you try to measure it, how much bliss do they really get? In Montreal, Canada Prabhupada said in one lecture, I never forgot that, just one little example but it stuck in my mind, maybe it helped me in my initial days to the point of accepting the sanyas ashram but point that how everyone is working very hard during the day, they are doing their work and they come home in the night and some people they are enjoying sex life and some people they think that they are unhappy because they think that they are not enjoying sex life, they are sleeping. People enjoy sex life for short time, then they sleep, then they wake up, then they work, so actually the whole day the time they don’t sleep they are not enjoying, everyone is working… they are thinking, when can I get off, some people they may like what they are doing to some extent, they might be an artist….or be a… or they might be in the occupation that is the most agreeable to them but still it’s not… in most case it is not bliss… they might like it to some extent but the fame, the money they get from it, the… there is something else they are working for. If they don’t get paid for it, they wouldn’t do it. In itself it is not giving any transcendental pleasure or something, so the little fame or money or in the end of the day the little bit of a material happiness, then they think… well this is there… they are working blindly. So that standard of happiness is decried in the vedas, it is not the real human standard but actually should experience by Nityananda prabhu’s mercy so much happiness that the pleasure or material life would seem insignificant. That is the wonderful thing of Krishna consciousness, we may say give up this, give up that but actually practice Krishna consciousness, develop your relationship of Krishna consciousness to the extent that you reach ruci, asakti, bhava, that your transcendental bliss is at such a level that the material things will seem totally insignificant… that is real. Everything else is theory…give it up… this that in the future… this is something that you can achieve at a level of Krishna consciousness where material happiness compared to the happiness you experience… by the mercy of Nitai-Gaur….materially happiness is totally insignificant…. Trivial. Therefore the kripa bindu diya… give me the drop of your mercy, which Lord Nityananda gave…you are premannanda sukhi, you are ocean transcendental happiness, you are always in ecstasy, Kripa bolo ekhana karo, by the strength of your mercy, give me your mercy now, Ami boro dukhi, because I am miserable, because I am just wasting away here in the material world, no nectar, so just give me just one drop of your transcendental pure love for Krishna, one drop of Lord Nityananda is just like a tidal wave. For those of you who don’t know what a tidal wave is, you can just read the recent newspaper what happened in Bangladesh. The cycle in the Bay of Bengal, all of a sudden a 30 foot wave, 30 foot high wall of water came rushing over just knocking down trees, houses, you just look 30 feet, three storeys high wall of water but that’s because we want a tidal wave of Lord Nityananda’s mercy that will just sweep us away in pure love for Krishna knocking down, with that all of our material attachments and fetishes and things which are superficial, which are irrelevant to our eternal life, brining everything down to size. So in spiritual life tidal waves are alright, if they are tidal waves of love for godhead, not in material life… they are very destructive but in Lord Nityananda’s case, his tidal wave of mercy is desirable. So that’s the wonderful thing about Lord Nityananda, He doesn’t consider whether who is qualified, who is unqualified, He is very independent, He is totally independent, He can give it to anyone without any consideration. Not only Lord Nityananda but even His disciples, His devotees, like Niliketan Ram Das, he would go up to people, he had a little flute that was given to him by Lord Nityananda. He would just go up to people and he just taps him with the flute and ……….Hari Bol……….and they start becoming ecstatic and jumping and chanting Haribol. They just feel a total just ecstasy of pure love for Krishna. So if we had known where the flute was today, maybe the research will uncover the flute, it will be wonderful to… but actually although maybe Niliketan Ramdas is no longer there, he became so angry at one point that he broke his flute when Krishnadasa’s brother in law was offending Lord Nityananda. So I don’t know if the flute is available anymore, but Lord Nityananda’s mercy is still available. Adyipa lila kare gaura ray Kono kono bhagyavan dekhibore pay One can still get the mercy of Lord Nityananda and Caitanya Mahaprabhu even today. Therefore they are asking, “Lord Nityananda please! You are always happy in spiritual bliss, I am miserable, please give me, I am very unhappy due to not having Krishna consciousness. Please give me your mercy. We should cling to the lotus feet of Nitai-Gaur, we don’t know how many minutes we have left, how many seconds, time up. So it’s not very blissful to be practicing Krishna consciousness. So we should just cling somehow or other to the lotus feet of Nitai-Gaur. By their mercy we can experience this pure Krishna consciousness, pure love for Krishna, and that means automatically every moment of our lives will be utilized properly. Say by chanting Hare Krishna and engaging in this movement, Srila Prabhupada has given us, automatically one’s time is properly used, even the government people they come and see our temple in Mayapur, they look they say, “everyone here is working”, which in India is…. They say everyone is working, so we have never seen a temple where everyone is busy, everyone is…. In fact a guest complained….when they go to Mayapur…. They don’t… they want to talk to a devotee… they are all rushing from the… someone is going from the art gallery, someone is going to the constructions site, someone is going to the gurukul. Someone is…Pujari is running …so many activities, someone is going out on a sankirtan and all are temples, think that there are so many activities. But in Mayapur it is variegated, people they want an excuse, they hardly get someone to stop long enough to find out where is this, where is that… so now we have given a… creating a new service… in Mayapur because we have now about 20,000 guests coming in some weekends…guide… full time service. Say another devotee says, “I have no time, I have to talk to the people” So Krishna consciousness is so wonderful that one can actually see, actually enjoy what they are doing because it for Krishna. We should come in the habit of consciously offering what we are doing to Krishna, doing that which is devotional service, remembering this is for Krishna. When we are washing the floor or washing the pot or whatever, whatever we are doing, whether working in the office or doing puja or sankirtan, we should remember that this is an offering to guru and Krishna and as our consciousness becomes absorbed as we read yesterday in Bhagavat Gita… it’s like yukta vaivam. When one is absorbed in Krishna consciousness then the service itself will give us transcendental happiness. The service will give us bliss, then we don’t become nine to fivers… infact people have to drag us, come on it’s time to take prasadam, it’s time to take rest, it’s time to … we have to regulate ourselves because the service is itself blissful because it is connected with Krishna. So just stay closely. Remember when Lord Caitanya when He ran into the…into the ocean at Puri thinking it was the jamuna and He was floating in the ocean, totally extended his joints, when He would get into that ecstasy they would get disjointed but only the joints would be held together by the skin, so He has become 18 inches longer and He is already golden colour but laying in the water you know how your fingers become wrinkled and everything, so He became even more pale thinking he was just like some weird half-goblin or something… creature, what is …. So when He got caught in the net, when they took Him ashore, they wanted to get this thing out of the net, by touching Lord Caitanya immediately he achieved love for Godhead, tears started coming, all the ecstatic quivering, he was just a total fisherman karmi, didn’t know what was going on. So he was crying and laughing, he thought, “my god, I have gone mad, what’s happening?” So the devotees are there, they have gone mad too, looking where is Lord Caitantya, they looked up and down the ocean, looked everywhere, looked in all the temples, they could find Him anywhere because they were all walking together, it was a little dark, all of a sudden Lord Caitanya ran and jumped in the ocean, noone even saw Him do it. So they told Him, “where did He go, they didn’t find Him, so then Swarup Damodar, all the devotees they were looking in the beach, finally here they find a fisherman “ah…. “ laughing but he is also very afraid. They said, “where is Lord Caitanya?” you know… He said, “I have been taken over by a ghost, ….whatever… but he kept intermittedly chanting Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, that is Swarup Damodar… this is not the sign of medicine, this is the sign of what happens when somebody has love for Godhead ecstasy but this person is tremendously afraid but I can cure you of your ghost hunting, you just have to wait or just stand there…. One second…don’t worry it is not going to hurt you much… wa…wa …wa … he slapped him you know three times on the face. So alright shook him, “you are alright now!” Actually he was not afraid, he was just feeling ecstasy of love of Godhead. So then Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, so then he said, “well, where is that, where is that, what happened to you?” He said that, “well I was just…. I think I think I caught in my net and touched it, it was horrible… it was a ghost…” No, No, No, Lord Caitanya is so beautiful, He is…. I have seen Lord Caitanya… This is horrible thing… this is all white and extended and this is horrible… horrible…. I can’t think about it. So where is it? Where is it?

It’s over there… there sure enough, Lord Caitanya totally in ecstasy… all His bones dislocated, His teeths chattering jaga..jaga… jaga Chanting Jagannath’s names…. So they said… fisherman is chanting Lord Caitanya’s…. this creature it was making this horrible sound, na…na..na…, he could understanding what Lord Caintaya was saying in His ecstasy, he is totally petrified. So they went there, lay down the cloth, picked Lord Caitanya up and bathed Him up with the sea water and then they started the kirtan. As soon as the kirtan reached the crescendo, boom! Lord Caitanya came back… started coming back together like a tortoise is going…came all the bones, suddenly came back… there Lord Caitanya Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, He came out of that ecstasy. So Lord Caitanya, just by touching Lord Caitnya that fisherman, he got love for Godhead. Actually Chand Kazi… just by touching the Chand Kazi he felt love for Godhead. So somehow or other if we can get Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda just to put their lotus foot dust on our head or somehow get their mercy, easily we can have love for Godhead. So we are always hoping for that special mercy but we just don’t say that we are waiting for that and we don’t do our service. We hope for that mercy…we pray for it… we want to get that mercy from guru and gauranga and short cut everything but to show our sincerety, to take any of our advantage we practise devotional service by sadhana, by following the rules and regulations, regular routine, and even in that way gradually we can also achieve the same… by the mercy of Lord Caitanya and Prabhupada, spiritual master, in a very quick period of time we can also achieve the same realizations. The devotees also hankering for the mercy of guru and gauranga to get little bit early the benediction. Jaya Shri Krishna Caitanya Prabhu Nityananda Sriadvaita Gadadhara Srivasadi Gaur Bhakta Vrinda Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Transcribed by: Sadananda Krishnaprem Das (Dibrugarh) , Dated – 03-05-2016

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