19860810 Srimad-Bhagavatam.7.10.48-70 @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

19860810_Srimad_Bhagavatam.7.10.48-70_Kuala_Lumpur_Malaysia sa vā ayaṁ brahma mahad-vimṛgya-  kaivalya-nirvāṇa-sukhānubhūtiḥ priyaḥ suhṛd vaḥ khalu mātuleya  ātmārhaṇīyo vidhi-kṛd guruś ca The impersonal Brahman is Kṛṣṇa Himself because Kṛṣṇa is the source of the impersonal Brahman. He is the origin of the transcendental bliss sought by great saintly persons, yet He, the Supreme Person, is your most dear friend and constant well-wisher and is intimately related to you as the son of your maternal uncle. Indeed, He is always like your body and soul. He is worshipable, yet He acts as your servant and sometimes as your spiritual master. [purport] So there are many philosophies, many ideas regarding the nature of the absolute truth. What is the supreme truth? Is the supreme truth impersonal or is the supreme truth the person? In this way there are many different ideas which are circulated. Some people, they claim that the supreme truth is impersonal. Yet they can claim, they claim themselves to be an incarnation of that supreme truth. And they are person. So there are all types of groups, ideas going about. So Narada muni here is considered one of the twelve great authorities. And he explains that that impersonal Brahman is Krishna because Krishna is the source of the impersonal Brahman. Earlier in the first canto of the Bhagavatam it explains that the supreme truth or the Param Brahma is one. Is a non-dual substance. Vadanti tattvam edam yad jnanam tattvam advayam brahmati paramatmeti bhagavan iti sabdyate. That that supreme truth is realized as an effulgence, as an unlimited light, as a localized super soul in everyone’s heart and as the supreme person who is the origin of everything and the summum bonum. So in these three aspects of the absolute truth, different types of yogis realize different aspects. The jnana yogis, those who by mental speculation and by their will power and study of spiritual books like the Vedanta sutra, they come to the conclusion that this material world is temporary thus spiritual world is eternal. That this world has form; spiritual world must have no form. That is their conclusion. Although their conclusion is also considered to be material. Because if this material world is illusion and our mind is a product of the material world then anything we can think with our mind must also be illusion. Isn’t it? If our mind is part of this material world, then our mind is part of this illusion. So whatever we can think with our mind is also illusion. So we are thinking that this material world has form therefore the supreme truth must have no form. They are thinking that. Therefore it must be illusion. So one of the names of Krishna is Adhokshaja. That means that He is inconceivable. He cannot be described by any words. He is beyond description. Simply we can give some indirect explanation (7.06). But exact explanation we cannot give. To know Krishna you must realize Krishna. Tik Tik Tik Tik. But realization of Krishna is through different forms of Yoga. And actually realization of Krishna is through the process of Bhakti Yoga or devotional service. Jnana yoga we discussed. That is through the mental speculation but by that you can only realize maximum the effulgence coming from Krishna or the impersonal absolute aspect. By practicing the hatha yoga, astanga yoga process which is very difficult frankly speaking to practice. But if one were to practice to complete success, then they could realize that there is a super soul or paramatma in the heart which is the constant companion and who is the source of the brahman. You can realize that super soul in the heart through the this process of yoga. But one is not able to realize the Supreme Being, the supreme person that is the original super soul, the original aspect of the super soul. To realize that supreme person, one needs to practice the process called Bhakti yoga or devotional service. Again, more translations. Of course the Vedas are saying, bhaktyamam abhijanati. That without - only my devotee can understand me. The way to understand Krishna is through the process of devotional service. Because Krishna is beyond the mind, therefore we have to realize Krishna by some method which is also not dependent upon the mind, simply upon our thought process. We can only think those things that we have experienced in this world. You cannot think about something which is beyond this world. It describes that the absolute truth exists before this world exists all, after this world is annihilated. The absolute truth is beyond this world. So how can when the mind will be destroyed, when the whole world will be destroyed, the absolute truth is still there. So to realize the absolute truth the mind is not adequate. This is like trying to put the ocean inside a small bottle. How would it go? So one has to get the information from the absolute truth. That information may or may not be fully understandable by our mind. But that is the only way to know about the absolute truth. What we can by our own intelligence and speculation just without any other information come up to – that will be illusion. Because it’s simply a product of the material world. Whatever information we receive directly from the spiritual world, from the absolute truth Himself. We do not know who is the original – is it the impersonal brahman or is it the supreme person? But Krishna says Brahmanohi Prathistaham, I am the origin of the brahman, of the impersonal. You have to take His version. He (11.00) accepted by all authorities as the supreme person. Then whether the supreme person is supreme or the supreme imperson is supreme? So we here from the person –brahmanohi pathishtaham – the impersonal brahman is situated in Me., is emanating from me. Matra parataram na anyat – there is no higher truth than I am. I am the highest truth. So the practice of devotional service is not dependent upon the mind. But it engages the mind and senses in various types of active meditations. There are 9 fold, 9 folded practices of devotional service starting from hearing chanting – sravanam kirtanam smaranam vishno – hearing chanting and remembering Krishna. Then there is serving, there is offering of obeisances and prayers, worshipping the lotus feet, there is of doing worship, then there is being a servant, being a friend and surrendering everything to Him. These are the 9 practices. The first two practices are hearing and chanting. By hearing and chanting especially the names of the supreme absolute – this allows the pure soul to experience something beyond the mind and intellect. (12.45 -51) Great devotees like Yudhistir, they are already considered to be nitya siddha. They are already liberated souls. So they don’t go through all these regulative principles. They don’t have to chant their japa everyday certain number of times. You see because they are automatically day and night thinking about Krishna. They have no other existence than Krishna as explained here. Krishna for them He is their friend, He is their well-wisher, He is their guru, He is their everything to them. He is like the, he is always like your body and soul. So they can’t think anything without Krishna. So after devotee practices devotional service in this world, then the next birth, you can take birth in the spiritual world or in another universe where Krishna is having His pastimes. And there you can participate with Krishna directly in some devotional service. So at that time when someone is born directly to associate with Krishna and he comes down from the spiritual world or in his, in the spiritual world one is reunited. So one is automatically Krishna conscious. But to get that favour, to get that opportunity is only possible by rendering devotional service. Unless one has developed that keen desire and developed that taste for serving the Lord then how can be brought? It is not possible to be automatically be brought to Krishna by normal means. Unless one has developed the desire to be with Krishna. That desire comes automatically, from the heart when we render devotional service. It’s within our heart. We have already within us the desire to serve Krishna. But instead, because it is described they say Krishna is the impersonal brahman, Krishna’s energy is also expanded as the material world. So when we see something in the material world that we like, you know it’s very nice. That is also an expansion of Krishna’s energy. So indirectly we are also loving Krishna. One time Srila Prabhupada explained that Krishna in the Gita, He says that of all liquids, the quality of quenching the thirst – I am that quality. Everyone they want to take some liquid. If you get thirst you want to have a liquid. If someone gives you a cake or chapatti or some idli that won’t satisfy. You need water that has some special quality. Why do people drink? When they are drinking alcohol there is some taste they are getting. So whatever, any liquid you take whatever the taste is that you find pleasing or attractive or satisfying, that essence of that liquid is Krishna. One of Krishna’s vibhutis or opulences. So Srila Prabhupada said that even if a man is a drunkard if he sees that actually the, that thing in that liquid that the man is going after the whiskey, that, whatever little feature that they find so attractive, that feature is Krishna. If he is drinking and thinking that it is Krishna, then eventually he can also be Krishna conscious. (Devotees laughing). The thing is that if you know that well whatever any little thing you probably see, the sun set is beautiful, you see a woman is beautiful, you see a man is very powerful. Anything that you see has some good quality, it is an aspect of a minute portion of Krishna’s greatness. You see the big mountains or you see the vast qualities of nature these are all expansions of Krishna’s universal form. Then you have Krishna Himself – then that is the embodiment of everything. All perfections. So we are person so we think that the supreme absolute truth should not be a person. That means we are saying supreme absolute truth is less than we are. How is it possible? If the absolute truth is the supreme truth then how can the supreme truth have less than the relative truth? If we are by-product how can the supreme truth be less than the by-product or the expansion or the part? The whole must have anything that the part has. Om purnamadaha purnam idam purnat purman udacyate. Since the absolute truth is om purnam. It is the complete. It means, so therefore it contains everything that the parts have plus more. In this world our personality is a kind of reflection because it’s going through this body which is a limited thing. This material body is after all a kind of machine. If you look in your anatomy books it shows how this … I saw one school book for children. They call it the bionic man. (Devotees laughing). And they show how this is all one big factory. How the this is a… one type of hinge. This is ball joint hinge. Because you see that this hips and shoulders they can roll. There is a ball there. But this is just a straight hinge. These ones – the knees. It shows the whole thing. It showed just with hinges and it showed the lungs as a bellows; air filter; so on you know – gave oxygen - it showed that all is like a big machine. Purification, bladder pump, this that all, you know… filtering; liver, stomach or energy source. It showed the whole picture as a big machine. So what does the Gita say? Yantra rudani mayaya. That actually the body is a type of machine; we are situated in the heart. We are the soul, we are the spirit, we are the living force. So we spend our whole life. We may talk so many spiritual things. You find that there are those spiritual groups, so many people speculating about this and that but actually ultimately what they do with their time in life? They spend all their time in simply maintaining their body. Then what is the difference between them and any ordinary person? So the body is meant for a higher purpose. We should work and maintain the body but the key is moderation. No doubt. What is the real moderation? That everything should be done with a higher purpose. That is how we moderate. Sense gratification is not bad to the limit that we need it. And if we make sense gratification the goal, then it’s bad. The goal should be to serve the supreme person, to become devotees. To become liberated from this material world and engage ourselves purely in His pure devotional service. It’s considered to be the purpose of human life. So Yudhistir, he achieved that in such a sublime way that Narada muni was amazed that how is that you have got the impersonal brahman Himself walking in your house. You got the supreme Narayan, the supreme person, everything is with you. So if we follow in the footsteps of Yudhistir and become devotees of Krishna, we can also get the blessing to have Krishna with us. In fact Krishna will sit in our heart constantly and He’ll dance on our lips as we chant His names. The name of Krishna and Krishna are not different. So by chanting Krishna you can experience the presence of Krishna there in that vibration. And that presence of Krishna is what is purifying. That is what gives us an experience beyond the mind. So this is not really easy to understand. This is also explained by Narada muni. He said SB 7.10.50 — Exalted persons like Lord Śiva and Lord Brahmā could not properly describe the truth of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa. May the Lord, who is always worshiped as the protector of all devotees by great saints who observe vows of silence, meditation, devotional service and renunciation, be pleased with us. But actually it’s very difficult to explain this position of the supreme person. There’s an interesting story here that he told Yudhistir. He said: SB 7.10.51 — My dear King Yudhiṣṭhira, long, long ago in history, a demon known as Maya Dānava, who was very expert in technical knowledge, reduced the reputation of Lord Śiva. In that situation, Kṛṣṇa, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, saved Lord Śiva. (Purport is read) Raja uvaca SB 7.10.52 — Mahārāja Yudhiṣṭhira said: For what reason did the demon Maya Dānava vanquish Lord Śiva’s reputation? How did Lord Kṛṣṇa save Lord Śiva and expand his reputation again? Kindly describe these incidents. So then Narada Muni explained: śrī-nārada uvāca nirjitā asurā devair  yudhy anenopabṛṁhitaiḥ māyināṁ paramācāryaṁ  mayaṁ śaraṇam āyayuḥ SB 7.10.53 — Nārada Muni said: When the demigods, who are always powerful by the mercy of Lord Kṛṣṇa, fought with the asuras, the asuras were defeated, and therefore they took shelter of Maya Dānava, the greatest of the demons. SB 7.10.54-55 — Maya Dānava, the great leader of the demons, prepared three invisible residences and gave them to the demons. These dwellings resembled airplanes made of gold, silver and iron, and they contained uncommon paraphernalia. My dear King Yudhiṣṭhira, because of these three dwellings the commanders of the demons remained invisible to the demigods. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the demons, remembering their former enmity, began to vanquish the three worlds — the upper, middle and lower planetary systems. SB 7.10.56 — Thereafter, when the demons had begun to destroy the higher planetary systems, the rulers of those planets went to Lord Śiva, fully surrendered unto him and said: Dear Lord, we demigods living in the three worlds are about to be vanquished. We are your followers. Kindly save us. SB 7.10.57 — The most powerful and able Lord Śiva reassured them and said, “Do not be afraid.” He then fixed his arrows to his bow and released them toward the three residences occupied by the demons. SB 7.10.58 — The arrows released by Lord Śiva appeared like fiery beams emanating from the sun globe and covered the three residential airplanes, which could then no longer be seen. SB 7.10.59 — Attacked by Lord Śiva’s golden arrows, all the demoniac inhabitants of those three dwellings lost their lives and fell down. Then the great mystic Maya Dānava dropped the demons into a nectarean well that he had created. Prabhupada explains that the reason that the asuras are powerful is because of their mystic powers. Prabhupada in regards to mystic power explains (reading from purport) You could imagine if Maya Danava set up his shop today, old people he cdip them in the well and they would come out young and healthy, he’ll become… the whole world would start puja to him and saying he is God. Now a days there are many gods – especially in India there are a lot of avatars going around. (Devotees laughing). But all they do is they can produce some Seiko watch, a few ashes, a few different benediction. You know… Maya Danava he could bring them back from death practically. He could give them…mean… he’s not God. He is a very powerful mystic yogi who is a demon. He is against God. If they had someone even that big the whole world will be falling in his feet now. In fact we can be lining up to also take a dip (devotees laughing). Everyone is so you know… they want to get rid of this old age – even Mrs. Regan can spend 25,000$ to have her skin pulled tight so she looks 5 – 10 years younger (devotees laughing). That means 60 -75 thousand Ringgit for one face job (devotees laughing). So you can imagine that Maya Danava set up shop, I think the whole community will be lining up (devotees laughing) – to get this Mrtyu Sanjivani. So even now… so called Avatars we have today there are not having even as much power as Maya Danava. He was so powerful. He could produce this huge spaceships that could be invisible and could attack any country. Now how many billions of dollars they are spending in America to make this space swords for defense. But they had… if they had this type of weapon they would have to even worry about it. (29.20 devotee speaking, not audible). But our present day mystic yogis are at least they are interested in… they are not showing this type of demonstration. At least not on this planet. Maybe other planets they are doing. In this planet we are not seeing at least to this level, what we are seeing here. These things are not possible for ordinary people. There are residents on higher planets and they have super natural powers. And they get those powers by following this yoga system. But the problem is they are not devotees. When they get the power they use it for their own selves, sense gratification. And this Maya Danava, he being the supreme he gained more power to his followers. But the followers… that power is all being misused. Instead of creating peace in the world or for creating a wellbeing, it’s being used for people to help come ahead in their own way in sense gratification and to put other people down. So that cannot bring any ultimate good in the world. So that’s why when Lord Shiva when he was approached, he immediately went against these people. No they are creating a disturbance. But this Maya Danva was so powerful that even Lord Shiva practically killed them, he brought them back to life. That was the amazing thing. That’s explained here. Such is the power of Yoga that he could do something that even baffled Lord Shiva who is a… having unlimited yogic powers. So when the dead bodies of the demons came in touch with the nectar their bodies became invincible to the thunderbolts. SB 7.10.61 — Seeing Lord Śiva very much aggrieved and disappointed, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Viṣṇu, considered how to stop this nuisance created by Maya Dānava. SB 7.10.62 vatsaś cāsīt tadā brahmā  svayaṁ viṣṇur ayaṁ hi gauḥ praviśya tripuraṁ kāle  rasa-kūpāmṛtaṁ papau TRANSLATION: Then Lord Brahmā became a calf and Lord Viṣṇu a cow, and at noon they entered the residences and drank all the nectar in the well. SB 7.10.63 — The demons could see the calf and cow, but because of the illusion created by the energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the demons could not forbid them. The great mystic Maya Dānava became aware that the calf and cow were drinking the nectar, and he could understand this to be the unseen power of providence. Thus he spoke to the demons, who were grievously lamenting. SB 7.10.64 — Maya Dānava said: What has been destined by the Supreme Lord for oneself, for others, or for both oneself and others cannot be undone anywhere or by anyone, whether one be a demigod, a demon, a human being or anyone else. In this regard Prabhupada explains: (Reads Purport to 7.10.64) So it seems that this Maya Danava is very intelligent. He with his mystic power even faced Lord Shiva. But when he saw that Vishnu is coming and drinking his well, then he knew that once the supreme Lord has entered into the fray its hopeless cause. Whatever the will of providence is, the will of the supreme. That no one can go against. (33.25 – some whisper no clear). So actually this Maya Danava, he was the more intelligent of all the demons. ‘Cause he could understand this point. Up to this point he was going on competing with the demigods. Even to the point of Lord Shiva who is the Mahadeva – who is directly expanded from Vishnu. But when he saw that the Supreme Lord Himself is decided in one particular way, then he felt like, “Well, you and I can make argument but whatever the Supreme Lord plans, that’s what’s going to happen.” That is what makes Maya Danava stand apart from others in this history. We can already see. Just like people they are working very hard. They think simply by their work they are going to be successful. But if the supreme Lord doesn’t let them, doesn’t desire, no matter how hard they work, they may not get the result. Sometimes there are 2 people growing in the same family or next door neighbours born at the same time. But one family they become very wealthy, they may become Dakoobs and Dakins; the other ones they may become criminals even or beggars in the street, they may get so many problems. Someone maybe very wealthy. He gets married but he doesn’t have any family happiness. Sometimes it happens. You find even though everything there, they don’t have peace in their life. A poor man, he may not be having so much income, he may not have a big Mercedes ben car, may not have a big 3 way colour TV. But he may be very happy. He may have a very good family life with nice wife and children. He feels he is having a happy family life. So all these things are ultimately decided by the supreme. That if a person even wants to be materially happy, he thinks he can do it, simply on his own effort, he is mistaken. We may make our plans but if the plan is not approved by the supreme, then everything is finished. So we need the blessing of the Supreme, whether we want material happiness, whether we want liberation or whether we want to achieve pure devotion. This is a secret which Maya Danava has … although he is a great demon he has even understood to some extend this aspect. So in conclusion what has happened? It’s very interesting. SB 7.10.65-66 — Nārada Muni continued: Thereafter, Lord Kṛṣṇa, by His own personal potency, consisting of religion, knowledge, renunciation, opulence, austerity, education and activities, equipped Lord Śiva with all the necessary paraphernalia, such as a chariot, a charioteer, a flag, horses, elephants, a bow, a shield and arrows. When Lord Śiva was fully equipped in this way, he sat down on the chariot with his arrows and bow to fight with the demons. SB 7.10.67 — My dear Lord…King Yudhiṣṭhira, In this regard Prabhupda explains that (Reads the purport. In between Guru maharaj read (kaunteya pratijānīhi na me bhaktaḥ praṇaśyati) and said This means my devotee will never be perished. It is important to know sometimes we make think, “Well I have to do some business and make money then I can spread Krishna Consciousness. I have to do, get some degree before I can spread Krishna Consciousness. Otherwise people won’t listen to me.” But actually for spreading Krishna consciousness Krishna will provide all the material requisite. If we become sincere devotees and try to carry out His service. This is important. Whatever we are doing, if we are sincere devotee, Krishna will give us what we need to implement His devotional service. Whatever is essential to do His service, to be successful in Krishna consciousness, He will provide. Yoga kshemam vahamyaham. He preserves what we have; He gives what we need in order to become fully Krishna Conscious. We have to be sincere about our determination to become pure devotees of the Lord. And then he’ll give us all the requisites. SB 7.10.67 — My dear King Yudhiṣṭhira, the most powerful Lord Śiva joined the arrows to his bow, and at noon he set fire to all three residences of the demons and thus destroyed them. SB 7.10.68 — Seated in their airplanes in the sky, the inhabitants of the higher planetary systems beat many kettledrums. The demigods, saints, Pitās, Siddhas and various great personalities showered flowers on the head of Lord Śiva, wishing him all victory, and the Apsarās began to chant and dance with great pleasure. SB 7.10.69 — O King Yudhiṣṭhira, thus Lord Śiva is known as Tripurāri, the annihilator of the three dwellings of the demons, because he burnt these dwellings to ashes. Being worshiped by the demigods, headed by Lord Brahmā, Lord Śiva returned to his own abode. SB 7.10.70 — The Lord, Śrī Kṛṣṇa, appeared as a human being, yet He performed many uncommon and wonderful pastimes by His own potency. How can I say more about His activities than what has already been said by great saintly persons? Everyone can be purified by His activities, simply by hearing about them from the right source. So today we heard about the glories of devotional service, the glories of Krishna in giving His devotees, unlimited mercy. We heard about the glories of Lord Shiva the greatest devotee of Lord Krishna and how he’d gotten the name of Tripurari which is very famous name of Lord Shiva. How he destroyed the three residences of demons and burnt them to ashes, being empowered personally by Krishna to do that. So for the devotees of Krishna, they have a very intimate relationship with Lord Shiva. They respect Lord Shiva as the greatest of all devotees. Sometimes the devotees of Lord Shiva do not understand the position of Krishna. And there is a misunderstanding. But from the devotees of Vishnu and Krishna’s side, at least in our disciplic succession there is absolutely no misunderstanding what so ever. And we recommend that everyone worship Lord Shiva as the greatest devotee of Krishna. And worship Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead and take from Him the unlimited blessings of His causeless mercy and to serve Him through devotional service. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Sometime the deity are coming, moving in a line when they are doing a pastime. Then they go back and take a deity form. These are also avatars. So Krishna avatar is predicted that every day of Brahma at a particular Manu at a particular time and He comes in that Dvapara Yuga. And He does His lila. Then Krishna’s Lila is ended in this universe He’s started in another universe. And as… It’s described here as Krishna has been born here, when the birth Lila is over in another universe birth Lila is going on. Just like here at 7 in the morning, 6 in the morning the sun is raising, by 7 o’clock it’s already risen. But over in the next in the… over Indonesia or Andaman Islands of … in the Bay of Bengal, now the sun is start rising there. In in the next place is rises. Like this it’s rising – the rising lila is going on. Krishna’s avatar is going on in always. Don’t think that at this time Krishna is not taking avatar. But not in this universe, some other universe. After some… again the next day of Brahma Krishna will again come in this universe on schedule. He is very timely. That’s His lila that He comes once in a day of Brahma, on schedule. To pick up all the living entities who are His devotees in a universe. (43.04 – not clear) how is Krishna coming, how He is appearing, how He is performing His lilas – this is not a small thing. Krishna says Janma karma ca me divyam – that My appearance and My activities are transcendental. Divyam. Janma karma ca me divyam evam yo vetti tattvata and someone who knows in truth the nature of my birth and activities Tyaktvam deham punar janma naiti mam iti so arjuna. That when they give up this body again they don’t have to take birth again in the material world. So simply if you know… actually the nature of Krishna, His appearance, His lila, His activity, you don’t have to take birth again in this world. That’s enough to transfer you back to the spiritual sky. But don’t just take this on face value. Why Krishna is coming like this that. You have to know by studying the Bhagavad Gita, by studying the Srimad Bhagavatam, the Vedas, what is the nature of Krishna’s appearance. If you just hear it in the tea stall or you’re hearing this conversations from different pundits who haven’t gone deeply into the, through the proper. You see the main thing is to hear the glory of Krishna from the proper source. What is your source? Where are you getting your information? If you hear from the proper source, then these confusions do not stay there. This is the whole point here in the conclusion of this… of this chapter. (Reads purport of 7.10.70) Just like so many ambassadors are going to different countries. Today there was an ambassador from here, he is going to some country. They are going to see the Prime minister tomorrow. Does that mean that if the ambassador goes before the Prime minister goes, that he is greater? Some avatars amy come before or after. Who… if the prison house, the governor may visit, the chief police officer may visit, then later on the Agong may visit. Does that mean that if the Agong visits after the Governor, the Agong is less than the governor? When the Supreme Godhead comes from His spiritual abode to this material world, whether someone else, he came in other form before or after, that doesn’t reflect on who is the supreme. That relative, that sequence what does that make any difference? What that… This is a prison house. Then can visit whenever they want. Who come first who comes later… that is irrelevant. We have to know who is the supreme, not by the chronology – that who came before who came after. But from the supreme Lord Himself. He’ll say which is the original form. Mata parataram na anyat kincit - that is no higher truth than I am. Or as it’s explained in the Bhagavatam. All the avatars are mentioned. Varaha, Kurma, Matsya as well as Parasuram, and Narashinga, Krishna Balaram, Buddha, Kalki all avatars are mentioned. Amongst all these Krishnas tu bhagavan svayam. Ete ca amsa kala pumsam – all these as a part or part of the part of the supreme person. Krishnas tu Bhagavan svayam. Krishna is the original supreme person. He is the origin. Whatever qualities Ram has, Krishna has. Whatever qualities Varaha has, Krishna has. Whatever qualities Narasingha has, Krishna has. But the qualities Krishna has, no one has. He has some qualities that no one has. Even Varaha, even Narasimha, even Ramachandra. They may have 93% of these qualities, they may have 94% but 100 % only Krishna has. Therefore Krishna is analyzing all the avatar that came to the conclusion, He is the only one who has got exceptional qualities more any than others. Therefore he is the original. And He Himself says, “I’m the original.” This is a discussion which sometime in South India Lord Caitanya arguments with the Sri Sampradaya. They say that Narayana is the original. That Krishna is coming from Narayan. So we respect all the Vaishnavas – they got Krishna or Narayana. At least they understand that Vishnu is the Supreme. But lord Caitanya, He has a discussion with them. He said that you say that… They said why you’re worshiping Krishna. Narayan is the Supreme. Krishna is only Avatar of Vishnu. So then Lord Caitanya said that if Krishna is only an avatar of Narayan, then why is it that Lakshmi the consort of Narayan was doing tapasya to enter into Krishna’s rasalila. Can you answer that? Since Lakshmi is the consort of Narayana, she has Narayana all the time, why is that she is doing tapasya in order to enter into Krishna’s pastime in the rasalila. If she was the original, if Narayana is ori… they can go anytime. Why they have to do tapasya? Why she is not satisfied already? Why she wants more? I hope she is satisfied, still she wants more. Then Lord Caitanya asked why she was refused entrance. She was thrown out. Even Lord Shiva was allowed in rasalila as a gate keeper. But not Lakshmi. She wasn’t given a gate pass. Because Narayana is a majestic form; Lakshmi is the majestic form of Shakti – opulent form, all powerful form in that aspect. Krishna is the informal…He is the most informal, confidential, the original form. Just like some minister sometimes comes here. He sits on the floor with us. We give him Prasad. He talks with us. But if you go to see him in his office, there he has got the guards outside, we have to wait in line and do all the… then he is big minister. Sometimes the members of the High court, they come with us and they sit and take little Prasad because they like to associate with the saintly people. But if we go to see them in High court, then they’re sitting in their big chair with their wig or their robes. Then you can say to them… there you have to say My Lord, your Lordship and so on. Everything is formal. They walk in the room, you have to stand up in respect for their position, for the court. So Prabhupada explains that Krishna is the original form. Purport: This formal aspect because people want to see the power and glory of God, so He expands Himself as Narayana to manifest that aspect of God. That’s the formal aspect. And the informal, original personal form is Krishna. So in that formal aspect how can they enter into Krishna’s pastime. It’s the wrong mood. So which is the higher, the closer. If you go to a man’s house and you meet him there or meet him in the office where he is formal. Both are true. Neither are false. But at home you can know the person better, what is the actual person like. The other side sis o formal that you can only approach at a distance. You don’t get that intimate dealing. So that’s why the form of Krishna is also considered as His original supreme form. And Krishna is more approachable. The cowherd boys are hugging Krishna. They are playing with Krishna. They are running with their cow. Can you imagine Narayan doing that? You see… you think I’m good. Because He is a different aspect. Different mood. The mood is all holy, pure, absolute. But Krishna is the most confidential. We first need to know the power of God. Need to know the glory of God. We need to know the opulence of God. Then we can appreciate that He is also the great person. The greatest person. He is the most personal person. He is the most gentle and kind person and the most beautiful. But in this world we want to first … if we don’t appreciate the power and the ultimate purview, then we take it lightly. Therefore all these other aspects are to be understood first. Then you can come and appreciate. That supreme person, if it is just like, just like you see the big minister, you see the Prime Minister, then you go in some… if you are invited in… They may take you (53.17) to his house and there he is playing with his children. And it is… oh he can’t be the Prime Minister. How he can’t be Prime Minister? He is playing with his children. What? You think the Prime Minister can’t play with his children? No No Prime Minister is only standing up and giving speeches and so on. You say the supreme Godhead is only coming in this way. How can He be the so personal and so natural? How can He be so intimate with His devotee? How He can be so kind and so merciful and… no He can’t be like that. They were doing like this. Making all these conclusions. That is His greatness that He cannot only be the Lord of Vaikunta He cannot… although He comes and equips Lord Shiva to fight and destroy the demons’ houses, He can also come down and just be the friend of His devotee on equal terms. He can even can assume an inferior position as a servant, riding his chariot for His devotee. That is why the Supreme person is the greatest. Because He can simultaneously be the greatest, He can be the most humble and personal friend of His devotee. Hare Krishna. Tags: Maya Danava is intelligent, Shiva is Tripurai, absolute truth is a person, analogy of Prime Minister, Krishnas tu bhagava svayam, bionic man, yantra rudani mayaya, Lakshmi the consort of Narayan was doing tapasya to enter into Krishna’s rasalila. Transcriber: Hemagopi Submitted on: 23- 3- 2016

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