19900619 Srimad-Bhagavatam.3.20.14-16 Our Eternal Nature Is Loving Service To Krishna @ New Orleans, USA

SB 3-20-14-16 Our eternal nature is loving service KRISHNA –New Orleans ,June 19,1990

Speaker:H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

0.0       Mangalacharan

0.046- SB CANTO 3 CHAPTER 20 VERSES 14-16

So the Srimad Bhagvatam 3rd canto is now discussing conversation between Maitri and Vidura .The system of material creation is being described .In Vedic literature and all the Purana.Material creation is an essential aspect.There are 18 Puranas and each Purana from different perspective tells about creation as well as cosmology of the universe.

The basic principle of the creation is very simple although there are so many details .The basic principle is that there was originally no material energy manifested.The material energy was within the Lord.He manifested material energy in one corner of the Spiritual world .This intial state of the material energy is known as unmanifested material energy or Maha Tatva .So ,from there to Manifestation of the false ego .Universes are created .Universe is like a huge shining egg or big coconut.It has some open space in the middle .However ,the unlimited million of universes floating in cosmo ocean.Originally the Universes are not living .They have no life in them ,they are simply empty shell.

So ,the Lord enters into the universe as Garbodakshayi Vishnu .Garbo means womb.So the universe is like a dark womb.So,the Lord enters within that and then within that dark Universe life has entered.So,then Universe is material in nature tells no life.Life is injected into the womb of each universe by the entrance of the Lord.He is the seed giving father to all living entity.”aham bijam prada pitah” in Bhagavad Gita Krsna says I am the seed giving father .So,when we say the Supreme father ,our father .The Supreme father means the original father is KRSNA.

When we say our father in heaven vague this could also include Lord Brahma . Lord Brahma is omnipotent ,omniprescent in the Universe in some ways.He knows everything going on in the Universe .He is also the creator .Some religions when they talk about God vague in their presentation that whether they are talking about Brahma or whether they are talking about Supreme Lord.

Infact even the Muhammadians they come out and say we have no concept about the Supreme Lord .There are many universes and in each Universe there is one Supreme Lord,God the father .Anyone can become God the father if they are religious for certain period of time.

Which is basically what the Vedas say for becoming Lord Brahma.But ,is very clear here in Bhagavata Purana .What is the relationship between the Supreme Lord ?.As the Muhammadians based in Salt lake city 6.32 …knowledge of the Supreme Lord above the creataor of each universe .He said it is a mystery as long as …….6.42.

But ,in the Vedas there is an originally created being in each universe Brahma and Lord Brahma as a living entity with the same category of Atma/soul we have 6.53.But,he has taken much higher birth and his position is topmost in this universe .But ,he is coming from Garbodakshayi Vishnu .Who is the expansion of Supreme Lord .So without the presence of Krsna and his various expansions there are no other creation going on .So,he is the primary cause .So,the secondary cause is Lord Brahma .Without the living entities however there is no life in the Universe .Lord Brahma can create the different bodies and planet and which living entities can habitate and live .Living entities are directly eternally parts & parcels of Krsna .They are spiritual parts.

This verse explains all living entities are lying in dormant state waiting to come out & manifest themselves in the Universe with different kinds of activities .So all of those living entities together are very brilliant .Far bright than 1000s of suns.So,each living entity is far brilliant than 1000s of suns .Also because the Sun is a material planet but the living entities are spiritual sparks.

That spiritual sparks is eternal.Therefore its more significant than unlimited temporary suns.Just like in the night people put on fire works Srila Prabhupad saw fire works .Some one saw the fireworks in the same place they took Srila Prabhupad to see he said it tickles the eyes.They are tickling the eyes .He was not very impressed.

So just like the temporary manifestation of the firework in the sky.Which stays for a few secs & its gone .In the same way a Sun which is lasting even for a day of Brahma is coming & then going.What is it compared to the eternal existence of living entity .Even though in size it may appear like decimel.However ,infact it is eternal has unlimited potency.If it is connected  to Krsna .Therefore the living entity ,spirit soul is much more significant .Millions unlimitedly more significant than even 1000s of suns.

So we are in this universe .Garbodakshayi Vishnu is there in this Universe .He is the original person .He is is the Supreme Person who has brought us into the universe & he is not directly interacting .With the living entities .But ,he expands himself as Kshirodakshayi Vishnu or the 3rd Avatar ,3rd Incarnation.Who is the Supersoul that is present in everyones heart.

The Lord is our constant companion & witness to all of our activities .He is observing our report (10.11) desires our deeds & our speech.This form of the Lord is form which is most active in all universal activities ,directly.Still,then Kshirodakshayi Vishnu  doesn’t interfere into the day to day activity .He gives his sanction .For the karma fruits are coming in a mechanical manner .According to laws of karma .But ultimate final decision rests with the Lord whether he commits it or not.He wants ……interfere (10.51).

Normally for an Aethist why should he interfere ?they don’t believe in God ,they don’t want any help from God.So,he desnt interfere at all to get their karmas .So ,whatever they sow,they shall reap.The devotees are requesting special mercy from the Lord .So,the Lord in consideration out of his own independent decision .He wants to interfere .Its upto him .But without his sanction nothing can happen .Its not that things are out of his control .If he wants he can exercise his will .In normal circumstances he just observes things which are going on and final button is ……(11.44).Things go on without his interference goes on naturally ,automatic .The difference for the devotees is that ,the devotee is directly under the protection of the Lord.

Since the devotee surrenders to the Lord therefore he personally takes charge of devotional life .For the materialist there is no relationship with the Lord .Then they are simply working under the Lord of Karma & material nature in her form is Mother Durga .She is engaging that conditioned soul in different activities .Its been explained how ,actually a living entity is always dependend .Yesterday,we were driving in Detroit to come here and there was big signs in one parts of Moutan saying “Addiction is slavery”.So that simple sign brought out many thoughts .That particular part of the town Americas slavery was abolished but then .People are taking to addiction so they are becoming slaves .This is may be their immediate thought thought.

Then in a more Krsna Conscious perspective we see,how by not serving Krsna voluntarily we become slave to this material nature .Become slaves to our senses Godasa.Actually,Dasa means slave in one sense .Servitor ,but servitor not in the ordinary casual sense .But means a sold out servant .In devotional sense when we say Krsna das is not a forced slave .But is someone out of Love voluntarily .Dedicates himself for the servants of servants of his master Supreme Lord.A forced slave is a particular word in Bengali .

I don’t know “kola” that means just like a captured ,entrapped slave .Another generic name is Das means someone who is completely servitor .So that could both indicate slave or that couild indicate someone who voluntarily serves could indicate both .Some one who is serving the master .If a devotee is voluntarily realised that Krsna is the most merciful master .He is my eternal Lord.So,the serve him out of Love.Those who are in illusion may think I don’t serve anyone .I am not going to bow down to anyone.But ,in their decision to not serve since their actually the spirit soul they are not actually the Body.But their whole life is based on serving the Body & those things related to Body.But their whole life is based on serving the Body & those things related to the Body.When the Body is product of material nature .They are serving the material nature the dictations within the body are not within their control.Therefore ,if you have to serve its not under your control.

Slaving actually the people choose to voluntarily serve Krsna out of Love .As they are forced to serve the Lord generally through external energy in slavery.Thats also their voluntary choice .But once they are serving they cant get out .They cant do what they want .Its time to eat they have to eat if they don’t eat they face a lot of trouble.

They are going to be tortured by their stomach .Its time to sleep if they don’t sleep they are going to suffer a lot .If they want to sleep they cant sleep that’s another type or problem.People are suffering today.They cant sleep for so long .So they are not ……15.58 they are forced to serve dictations & those dictations may be goodness ,passion or ignorance yield different results in the future.

So,the first of all issue is that we are never serving our eternal nature is to be a servitor .Although we might think great King .A big prime minister in parliament he admitted that I may be a big prime minister so many things .But when I go on to my house ,I have to be in my knees to my wife to get sense gratification.So in the material world everyone is brought to the knees by one way or another .Ultimately death brings everyone to their knees .Some one gave a very nice example . Some people say how your bowing down the devotee are coming in and prostrating themselves before the Lord .

So the devotees are voluntarily surrendering to Krsna .Because they are one over by his beauty ,his opulence ,his transcendental qualities ,so  they are voluntarily surrendering to the Lord .

Prostrating themselves humbly before the Lord .Someone very proud   he said that I wont bow down to anyone .I want bow down before any man,any god, or anyone .So,But .Also it came out yesterday How in America,there is less change in the congress than even in the Supreme Soviet in Russia.Then here in this country the Congressmen are once selected .Generally the governmentsare reelected everytime.Why they are voted out ,they get the vote of God.They die.People are voted out of congress they die.They said ,if it wasn’t for the vote of God ,they will be there forever.Most of the people they don’t get voted out they die in Congress.Once they get it ,they are there till they die.

So its interesting how they compare the death with the vote of God,because in the Bhagavad Gita .Krsna says that for the aethist he comes as death.For the devotee he comes as so many beautiful forms .He comes as Nitai Gaur,Radha Madhav,Radha kantha ,Jagannath.How many beautiful forms are there he comes with his energy for his devotee.But ,for the materialistic there is only one form of God .They know they dont believe in God.But in one form they know for sure.He comes in the absolute form of death ,he comes personally & moves them forcibly  from body.So,he comes as death .Even though they say I wont bow down before God.They are forced to bow down .They forced to fall flat on the ground & do their  dandavats.At the time of death.Everyone has to lie flat.You put them in crematorium or you put them in grave they are flat out .Even ,there is a saying how they become flat sometimes ,corpse 19.19.Stiff right.So they are forced to do their dandavats atleast once in their life.Without any choice .So,the devotees are voluntarily bowing down before the Lord.

The materialist atleast once they have to forcibly bow down once in their life to death.Heavy weight boxing champs they win the world title .But ,then somebody give them smack then they also do their dandavat.Chaios .Actually atleast one time they are knocked out.Death many more times before that 20.00.So the devotees they understand what is their position .A PHD ,a Professor yesterday was discussing with me .He asked me “Why is it that the Vedas have all the answers?”.How is it that?why not in other part of the world?.In India ,in Vedas they have every possible answer .The Lord has revealed everything,so much about himself.About this material nature in the Vedas written down in India.So from there all this knowledge is there .The Lord has appeared there.

Actually the Vedas are coming from Krsna that’s why they have all this knowledge.Because they deal anyway 20.52 He is independent .It happened he revealed in this planet in India because that is special place for him ,as he had his pasttimes.But,he can say now the Lord is revealing the same knowledge here in America.Its been written down in India ,But if someone practises it in America get the same benefit. Knowledge is the same in any part of the Universe.On this planet he has revealed it in this Yuga.

India ,the place of his pasttimes ,the holy dham are there.In other planets ,these books are also revealed.So, all the materialist are trying to understand .What is the creation? Here already the answers are given in the Vedas.The creation which begins far beyond the intial level of perception by material scientist.When it comes here ,the production of 5 gross elements .At that time when suddenly Brahma pow! Reveals all the 5 gross elements manifests in this universe.Under his direction these gross elements are formed together in different planet Suns ,etc.star the sun.At that time then all the planets become suitable for habitation and Lord Brahma starts to create Universe .He starts to place Universe & actually Mankind is brought to this planet.Doesnt evolve on this planet.

Brought to this planet.Actually evolution is also speculation not accepted by the Vedas.Rather Brahmaji has he creates different kinds of life one after the other .You can say there is evolution of his thought process ,different kinds of bodies he produces.Its not that the bodies are evolved.Life evolves .Life is a spirit soul ,body are evolving in the imagination of Lord Brahma inspired by Lord Krsna.Each of the different bodies are given by Krsna he is the original intelligence & Brahma he search 23.25 the spirit soul and they come to life .

So,Manu comes and humanity begins on this earth.So,In the other type of life in the Universe 23.41.What is their origin ,scientist are trying to find out from various phenomena,waves & vibrations in the Universe .What are there origins?.But they can only hope to come what are their origin up till the origin of entering the gross elements & the Universe .Before ,that there are many subtle creations that are going on.The creation from the unmanifested material nature ,coming into the forms of the false egos. As affected by the different levels of 3 modes of material nature .Then,it mentions here that there is a subtle element.

The sense organ & the working senses.So ,if they Gist the gross 5 elements.But how does one see them? Taste them ,hear ,smell and touch.The ability to do that is something very special.That itself is the whole type of creation.The spiritual living entity is given the ability to perceive .So,The material object,they also take the form as sense object.Otherwise they will be material nature ,But the spirit soul will be not called into action .He will just be there in some unmanifested stage.To bring them into existence & bring them into perceivable forms.To actually have the capacity & facility to see ,to hear to perceive.All these are types or levels of creation .These are beyond modern science preview.These are clearly mentioned ,in the Vedas.The Bhagvata.So,we understand that everything we are seeing ,we are tasting ,we are hearing ,we are smelling or touching.

All this is being done through the material nature .This material nature is rapt around the spirit soul in the form of material body the false ego.There is a interfacing ,there is a connection.A subtle type of connection ,not a direct connection because the.. like oil and water.There is 2 different types of elements one is spiritual Shakti & one is material energy.So,somehow this spiritual energy is entrapped within this material energy & is identified to these senses.

So one is thinking that with contact with the material sense objects will be happy.Something good to smell,good to taste ,good to touch or something revers  something painful. Something pungent or bad to smell , something stinky . Something ugly , something painful.The opposite sensations are there.So ,one is trying to avoid painful sensations and to experience pleasant perceptions and these pleasant perceptions are considered the goal of modern life.Pursuit of happiness.Actually happiness real happiness depending on perception.According to Bhagavad Gita there are perceptions in the mode of Godness , mode of Passion & Ignorance.So,now government responsible people they are telling people ,to avoid Ignorant perceptions.Say NO TO DRUGS! Because that perception is pleasant in the end people are suffering.

It actually addicts ones on.So it can differentiate the materialist can differentiate different perceptions of pleasure & pain .Some are destructive taking some cocaine ,some crack or heroin or something.So mainly the pleasure is destroying that person .Now,they are coming to understand that also taking cigarretes,is destructive because it causes cancer it causes bad health .Taking some kind of harmful smoke in the body as a result of …..28.44 is very detrimental to ones well being.So they are differentiating ,this is that.In Bhagavad Gita says it is tamasic,its ignorance ,its going to cause disease.These things are already given 1000s of years ago.Things in the mode of ignorance are bad for you. Things in the mode of passion ,they give immediate happiness but later they give frustration ,anxiety.Only things in the mode of goodness in the beginning they seem negative .Like if we tell people to be a vegetarian ,I cant eat meat I have so many difficulties.Then after they are eating vegetarian ,they feel healthy ,they feel so nice .So like this ,things in a mode of goodness ,appears first for those who are no in goodness but in the end they say very nice .So.modern scientist and its empiric objectivity,as they are becoming more expert ,they are able to gather more different ,statistics .They are coming to the same conclusion.That the Vedas are given .

The conclusion that material life ,happiness comes from living more in the mode of goodness.So,then finally government publishes report that eating ,meat is detrimental. Environmentalist say that those who are eating meat .Actually meat eating is destroying the environment,& someone is really a Environmentalist they should be a vegetarian.These are nothing but simply lead spiritual life .They simply those guys are coming to the conclusion that things in the mode of goodness are better.Which is what already Krsna says in Bhagavad Gita .This is like primary kindergarten school ,primary understanding.But ,real transcendental understanding goes beyond these 3 modes of material nature .

Nistrigunya above the 3 modes.Devotional service is above the 3 modes.Its discussing with the eternal spirit soul and eternal Lord.So we also discuss things in the 3 modes so people can understand .This world we are living in.We can know for what it is .Then we are taught in the Vedas especially Bhagavatam ,Bhagavad Gita what is beyond this material world.So,we understand that beyond  the spirit soul there is no life .

Without the Garbodakshayi Vishnu entering the Universe ,the Universe will remain dark & die.Lifeless.So,what is our real connection?is it with the Garbodakshayi Vishnu or is it with Krsna or is it with this material universe & its energy ?.So to understand that this material universe & these bodies are tied in prison .We are imprisioned within the Universe .But,the easy way to get free is to establish our forgotten relationship with Krsna .So,in Caitanya Caritamrita it mentions that ,that person who is the origin of the mula sankarshana .Who is the origin or the Purusha avataras .The mahavishnu ,the Vishnu who creates the intial material energy expansion .The Garbodakshayi Vishnu creates the material universe & brings life into it.The Kshirodakshayi Vishnu who expands & presents in everyones heart.All these different Purusa avataras ,are coming from Lord Nityananda.

Its Lord Nityananda who is the origin of the different avatars, incarnations of Godhead.He himself has come along with Caitanya Mahaprabhu & he is freely giving out ,immediate reestablishment of our loving relationship with Krsna .Which is the real freedom from material bondage .Which is the highest liberation because ,by some mechanical means of Yoga .One may dismantle their attachments to material nature & thus realise the effulgence. Which is all expansive .throughout the material & spiritual world & surrounding the entire material world everywhere.

So, that they realise the spiritual effulgence they are freed from the laws of Karma. But again from there they can fall back & enter the material world.So,that type of liberation is not considered permanent. Its a type of unnatural liberation .But,when Lord Nityananda is giving love of Krsna ,which re-establishes our loving relationship with Krsna & then the chance of falling down will not come again.Because when one regains his complete knowledge.Lord Nityananda is dancing in ecstasy, engaging all the conditioned souls in the service of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.In the service of Krsna.

“Hare Krsna Hare Krsna 

Krsna Krsna Hare Hare

Hare Ram Hare Ram

Ram Ram Hare Hare

So , Lord Nityananda is the original spiritual master . Lord Nityananda is known as Adi Guru.He manifests as the spiritual master also to give the same knowledge.To the disciplinic sucession.To regain our original position with the Lord.Engaging the devotees in Lords service .Yesterday 34.53 we had the Pani hati festival  ,in this month.Where Lord Nityananda engaged Raghunath Goswami,in making flat rice ,chida and condensed milk.For the pleasure of Lord Chaitanya ,Lord Krsna .He had Raghunath das perform so many different devotional services.This is Lord Nityananda mercy .He Engages the devotees in service of the Lord & while serving the Lord he also gives them transcendental love.

We pray for the mercy of Lord Nityananda prabhu,we were taught that he engages everyone in the service of the Lord.100s and 1000s of people would come to take prasadam.He would  do this spontaneous festival Kirtan ,Prasad distribuition.So,here we are trying to do the same sankirtan.Distribuiting the mercy of Lord Nityananda. Distribuiting maha Prasad to the conditioned souls.The souls .They may not know this is for their benefit.They may not ,due to being in the mode of ignorance & passion.They may not see.Just like glimmer of light to the clouds.Mode of goodness comes.Just like its overcast.Just for a moment the cloud opens & the sunlight comes through.Everything becomes lit up.So,like this in this dark period of Kali Yuga where everything is overcast.Little bit the Sun clouds open for a second and the sunlight will shine in.The whole world becomes illuminated.

This is basically whats happening.The clouds have opened letting in the light of Lord Chaitanya sankirtan movement .Srila Prabhupad has brought this message all over the world.  Lord Nityananda is anxious to see all the people chant Hare Krsna.

“Hare Krsna Hare Krsna 

Krsna Krsna Hare Hare

Hare Ram Hare Ram

Ram Ram Hare Hare”

This mercy is not forced on anyone.In one sense ,Lord comes as a humble devotee & encourages people requests them to chant.His devotees are also doing the same thing following in his footsteps.People chant Hare Krsna ,ITS for their benefit. Devotees are going and requesting everyone to chant.As 37.40 the process of Yoga reverses this whole creation process.To the meditation of the process of Yoga.Devotional service goes to the root .Why we came from the spiritual world.Its a spiritual solution for our original reason of being here.We are badha jiva ,nitya badha ,eternally conditioned because.The reason for us coming into material world ,its not a material cause .Its temporary its stems from the spiritual world.

So by all material means you can’t end your bondage here.You end in dark well there is no way to crawl out.The cause for our being here is from the spiritual world.So the solution to get out of the material world is a spiritual solution.We had to reconnect ourselves, we have to be forgiven .For whatever offense we have commited.To be here in this material world .To re-establish,our relationship with the Lord ,OUR new ,then immediately the cause for being in this material world becomes redunbant.No longer applicable .This is the direct solution .Then one can revert to their Nitya muktha status from eternaly conditioned again to eternally liberated.


Once when liberated ,remains liberated perpectually eternally .Unless someone wants to enter into the material world.There is no such thing that one has to enter into the material world .Its not that you have to go back to the spiritual world .You can stay here forever,theorectically .Unless one becomes Krsna conscious they don’t go back.The cause for us being here is not material.Its spiritual cause .Unless we take shelter of the spiritual world,we cant get back.Similarly when we are in the spiritual world there is no material nature .So there is no question of being brought down when we are in the spiritual world .We are eternally liberated .


However ,due to some spiritual offense ,due to some spiritual defect .If we decide to leave that spiritual world .Then we come to this material world.Totaly independent & simultaneous spiritual & material discrepancy are going on without any direct connection.They are separated by a river called Locha river .What goes in this world goes on there .There is no direct connection.But the Lord is the Lord of both the worlds.While we are in this material world we can connect ourself with the Lord & then do this process of Krsna conscious .Through chanting ………. 40.26 to devotional service .We can thus get free from this type of illusory consciousness.So we can become fixed in our eternal loving devotional service to Krsna .Its all by the mercy of Lord Nityananda .The original spiritual master .So we pray to his lotus feet to his mercy that we can engage in Lord Chaitanyas  devotional service.We can have the eternal service of Radha Radhakantha.Nitai Gopinande Hariharibol!.

Any question?

What is seem to recall then .In the night of Brahma some of the planets are kept in the Garbodak ocean.Dormant ,everything is shut down .All living entities are brought back in the body of Garbodakshayi Vishnu.There is no planet which is active .But ,they are not all destroyed .Some are ,kept off the shelf.Kept in cold storage in the bottom of the ocean.When Brahma wakes up he pulls it out of water in place & starts them all over.If he sees new ones ,he can also do that.Only satya loka ,brahma loka is not destroyed or not put to rest during the night of Brahma.When Brahma sleeps ,Indra & all the devas sleep .Even ,Narad Muni was in heavenly planets .But he is liberated soul .He also,enters into the body of Garbodakshayi Vishnu during the night .Brahma he remains conscious .So when he came out ,at the new day .He was the same person.Same consciousness.SO the other entities start over fresh again.Only Lord Brahma he is waking up to the new day.The others don’t remember their previous birth.

They start again.Exception are those who are some great mystic yogis ,liberated souls.Dhruva Loka is not a material planet .So its not affected.

42.52 …..cant hear the question Lord Chaitanya mahaprabhu was Lord Krsna himself.till 43.54.

Krsnas pastimes Lord Balram was easily pleased & easily angered .Just like he was intolerant ,WERE offending him.So he wanted to pull Hastinapur river .When they came & pleaded with him ,he resisted.He is also compassionate .But he was playing in that mood some time as a Kshatriya ,some time as a cowherd boy.But ,in the pastime of Lord Chaitanya ,He has come as in the mood of a devotee .In the mood of ,Guru.Guru is always forgiving the disciple.Our offenses.Gadadhar Prabhu took intiation from Pundari Vidya nidhi because ,he commited offense to him .He knew that if he takes intiation ,then the Guru is always forgiving the disciple offenses

Srila Prabhupad said we should do daily Guru Puja & pray ,to Guru to forgive us for our known & unknown offenses.So Lord Nityananda is coming in the all merciful mood as Guru.You want to go to Lord Chaitanya you have to go through Lord Nityananda.As devotee if a devotee wants to deliver as a preacher they want to deliver ,the conditioned souls.

When Balaram was playing as a Kshatriya then , Kshatriya have a different morality.When playing as a cowherd boy,its also .In this pastime he is playing as original Guru.He is a devotee.Yes!

What is the meaning of being a servant of the servant?

Just like Radharani is the servitor of Krsna.She is being served by different sakhis.They are being served by manjaris.Like that .Krsna is being served by Brahma ,by Narada.By the disciplinic sucession.So one takes up the service of the servant of the servant.Das anudas.We cannot directly approach .To serve Krsna directly independent of his other servitors.But through the intimate servitors serving the servant.This is more so pleasing to them & by their intervention ,by their mercy to Krsna.One may also get a direct opportunity to serve Krsna based on 46.51.

One must always approach the via media through the devotees.The confidential ,eternal devotees of the Lord.Am I right?

Devotee asks q not audible from 47.00 to 47.27

One can express that desire ,to prepare to action .Of his ….47.30 .Words into action also.You pray give me your mercy .I want to .But you then also try to follow the GURU ,follow .Through serving the Guru ,then Lord Nityananda is pleased.Follow his instructions given by Lord Chaitanya.One may or may not be fully sucesful .But atleast they should try their level best.So if their desire & effort is in line .Actually trying they are begging for the mercy from pure devotees of the Lord.Also there  many things in Nectar of devotion.How you can get special mercy.

Holy dhams are there .Special holy day today is ekadashi fast.Given in Iskcon panchaka.So on ekadashi one fasts & chants Hare Krsna doesn’t take any grain.Then one can get special mercy.So we take all the advantages given in the scriptures .The gates of mercy open up because the devotees they are serving 365 days a year & they are always serving in the temple of the Lord.So they are getting all the merciful facility.

Transcribed by Ramani Visakha Devi Dasi (2018)

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