19860815 Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.29.5 @ New Naimisaranya, India

Following is a lecture given by his Holiness Jayapataka Swami on August 15, 1986 Hyderabad fallen in India. The class begins with the reading from the Srimadbhagabatam 3rd canto, chapter 29, verse 5

lokasya mithyābhimater acakṣuṣaś ciraṁ prasuptasya tamasy anāśraye  śrāntasya karmasv anuviddhayā dhiyā tvam āvirāsīḥ kila yoga-bhāskara (2)

Translation by His divine Grace Abhaycharan Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

My dear Lord, You are just like the sun, for you illuminate the darkness of the conditional life of the living entities. Because their eyes of knowledge are not open, they are sleeping eternally in that darkness without Your shelter, and therefore they are falsely engaged by the actions and reactions of their material activities, and they appear to be very fatigued.

Translation and repetition. My dear Lord, My dear Lord, You are just like the sun You are just like the sun, for You illuminate the darkness for You illuminate the darkness of the conditional life of the conditional life of the living entities. Of the living entities. Because their eyes of knowledge Because their eyes of knowledge are not open, are not open, they are sleeping eternally they are sleeping eternally in that darkness in that darkness without Your shelter, without Your shelter, and therefore they are falsely engaged and therefore they are falsely engaged by the actions and reactions of their material activities, by the actions and reactions of their material activities and they appear to be very fatigued. And they appear to be very fatigued.

Om Tad Sad It appears that Śrīmatī Devahūti, the glorious mother of Lord Kapiladeva, along the same time is very compassionate for the regrettable condition of people in general, who, not knowing the goal of life, are sleeping in the darkness of illusion. It is the general feeling of the Vaiṣṇava, or devotee of the Lord, that he should awaken them. Similarly, Devahūti is requesting her glorious son to illuminate the lives of the conditioned souls so that their most regrettable conditional life may be ended. The Lord is described herein as yoga-bhāskara, the sun of the system of all yoga. Devahūti has already requested her glorious son that’s Kapila muni to describe bhakti-yoga, and the Lord has described bhakti-yoga as the ultimate yoga system. Prabhupada go down to say
Bhakti-yoga is the sun like illumination for delivering the conditioned souls, whose general condition is described here. They have no eyes to see their own interests. They do not know that the goal of life is not to increase the material necessities of existence, because the body will not exist more than a few years. The living beings are eternal, and they have their eternal need. If one engages only in caring for the necessities of the body, not caring for the eternal necessities of life, then he is a part of a civilization whose advancement puts the living entities in the darkest region of ignorance. Sleeping in that darkest region, one does not get any refreshment, but, rather, gradually becomes fatigued. He invents many processes to adjust this fatigued condition, but he fails and thus remains confused. The only path for mitigating his fatigue in the struggle for existence is the path of devotional service, or the path of Kṛṣṇa consciousness. Thus ends the Bhaktivedanta purports of text 5, chapter 29, of canto 3 of the Srimadbhagabatam. And the chapter title is the explanation of the Devotional service. Here we can see that, Devahūti, Srimati Devahūti, the Glorious mother of Lord kapiladeva she is actually like the mother of everyone. Because she is concerned about all of the fallen conditioned living entities. She cares about their condition and wants them to be uplifted to pure spiritual consciousness.. (Conch blowing) In a material world you are always suffering, sometimes little bit of material enjoyment are there so they feel that there is the good. Hare Krishna. Jay. That is a good reason for them to avoid spiritual life. Because they can enjoy some material happiness .Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is so merciful that he has given us the process of devotional service. It is so wonderful, it is so blissful that one does not have to engage in any rigid , dry renunciation. One can become Krishna Conscious simply by a very balanced moderate way of life. And by constantly chanting The Hare Krishna Mahamantra. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare So oho.. Lord Chaitanya told Sanatan Goswami to teach, 08.26 teaching he give the details how one should avoid dry renunciation. Sometimes one wants to renounce because he does not like the material world. You have People say a family life, too much troubles , samsara, too difficult and then give it all up. That alone is not a complete understanding. Actually One has to 9.00 from that negative impulsion. They are not positive attachment to Krishna. That type of frustration may help one in the beginning to make a few steps forward in Krishna Consciousness. But eventually unless one cannot develop their full Krishna Consciousness. They cannot be free from the influences of the material world. When one is fully, He is basically well situated, fixed in devotional service. Then they naturally are getting so much energy from lord Krishna. Then it is very easy to receive this Krishna Conscious movement. Lord Chaitanya he wanted that the dry renunciation should be replaced by type of productive devotional service to Guru and Krishna. It’s no need to do rigorous type of tapasya like meditating under water, meditating with fire or highest graveyard or others such practices which are recommended for the mystic Yogis. Because those things makes the heart even harder. It makes even more difficult to understand our natural relationship with Krishana. Here it should recommends very simple process. It’s a very simple process. Bhaktiyoga in moderation one can achieve easy perfection. Bhagabad gita explains that the real yogi does not eat too much Does not eat too little. Real yogi does not get disturbed when he receives praise, or dishonor. He is aloof from pain, 11.35 all of from . So actually he should take shelter of Bhagabatam. As explained here in 9th chapter the science of Bhaktiyoga. 11.50 Here we see how the great souls who are concerned about others. Lord Chaitanya gives us the process of to be Krishna Conscious, the practices of Krishna Consciousness and then to protect them from doing mistakes, and rather to deliver the others this is the primal responsibilities. To bringing to the path of devotional service To help other to improve in devotional service help him to also achieve this highest perfection of the human life. Prabhupada expects that the living beings are eternal and they have their eternal need. If one engages only in caring to the necessities of the body, not caring for the eternal necessities of life then he is part of civilization of advancement of the living entities in the darkest region of ignorance. So this ignorance is increasing. Suffering is there. If we don’t heard the history something is all right. Things are okay. This morning I read in the newspaper Andhra Pradesh there something like 6.7 lakhs ah.. of persons who have leprosy. In tamil nadu there are seven lakhs. Just like in India there are 4 million or 4o lakh people. We have leprosy even today, known case . They are going to the treatment. In spite of so much medical advancement they are not even such a disease like the leprosy is arising, decease is there, death is there old age is there so what to do , tax is there, What to do? Tax system is given by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He said: Jare dekho tare koho Krishna Upadesh . so …sudama…he says that Sono sono Nitanyananda suno Haridas sarbatra amar agga karoho prokash proti ghore ghore gia koro au vikkha bolo Krishna bhajo Krishna koro Krishna sikkha.. He asked Nitai and Haridas they took this order to go door to door to the people, take up the process of chanting Hare Krishna, to worship Krishna, and to know the teachings of Krishna. So Lord Nitanyananda and Haridas they themselves firstly took up his word going door to door. thats Lord Chaitanyas order. Similarly we should also take up the order of spreading the message of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. To add many people at firstly. (Conch blowing) Devotees speaking Lord Chaitanya, he took Sannyas just so that he can spread the movement more. Otherwise he was very happily situated , young loving wife , affectionate mother, public fame , He had everything but he left all those considerations without 15.28 that he could spread. Preaching, to this movement to benefit the others. Lord Chaitanya decided to take Sannyas, He went to Keota at that time there lived big gangs of devotees are with him. Thousands of people gathered. Then he told them he told the barber are you cut my hair? But the barber said How can I, I cannot do it. I cannot touch your hair. Lord Chaitanya became impatient that you must cut my hair, it’s your job. .don’t hesitate.so Then the barber decided oh I will cut it. In so doing then Lord Chaitanya 16.20 went down to the Ganges He took his bath put on his sannyasi rob. Then he asked kesav kashmiri ah Kesav bharati to give him the Mantra ,first he know the Sannyas mantra took from vaisnava over then hear , He gave the Mantra. You know this mantra? . So this way he initiated Kesav bharati as his Guru. Then again that guru gave him back the Mantra. By giving water to the Ganges offer with the water of the Ganges. So even Lord Chaitanya took Sannyas from a great Vasnaiva but Lord Chaitanya he took He took Sannyasi from the sankarachya group he could deliver all of the advaitavadi , He took Harinama diksha from Madhavacharya Sampradaya.He took Sanyas from the Sankara sampradaya, so in this way he can also deliver those impersonal philosophers. A mayavadi sannyasi, So Lord Chaitanya;s mood was to deliver the fallen souls , to save them.. After taking Initiation again he is still chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare hare rama rama hare hare. He does not resist anyone to chant Hare Krishna. Become aha..Because they are neophyte , when u become advanced you don’t chant. No Lord Chaitanya chants all of his entire life, Haridas Thakur chanted all of his entire life. Everyone is chanting, that narada muni who liberated soul, who travel all of the universe, he also chant Hare Krishna. Wherever you go the chanting is actually more important than any other process the first nine processes of devotional service heaing and chanting and remembering. Smaranam, Kirtanam Vishnu, smaranamVishnu So we can take easily that the process of chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare hare rama rama hare hare. Chanting is not difficult. At the same time It is more 19.13 supposed, supposed to beginner and to most advanced to take up the chanting. Whether Narada muni or a small child , all chant Hare Krishna. Here all can chant the name of the lord. Lord Chaitanya he was the perfect example of a Sannyasi. Who is practicing the Vaisanava Dharma, the other Sannyasi who don’t practices perfectly Lord Chaitanya was reject them . One time he and lord Nityananda Prabhu went Nabadvip dham to Advaita’s house on the way out a Sannyasi get out from his asram , request them to come in so then he was discussing and discussing and request them to eat. Then ah..he said please stop down and take some fruit, some Prasad, not denying they sat down to take Prasad. He is discussing then that sannyasi said can I get you any meat and wine, Say what? You take meat and wine? You eat meat and wine? 20.20 he said what is wrong that sometimes taking Then he jumped up from his seat leaving that fruits he said uh…we didn’t take fruit from someone who is not following the regulative principles. You are only a Sannyasi in word; you are not actually following the rules. He ran up jumped 20.41 then leaves the bhojon and jumped into the Ganges. This is the very strict position of Lord Chaitanya. First of all he may be fallen. He can be purified. He chants Hare Krishna and you are forgiven. But once one takes the shelter of Krishna one should try to avoid committing more offences. We may make some mistakes but we should try to be Krishna conscious to avoid all 21.08. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare hare rama rama hare hare. Are there any question? Yes Devotees speaking 21.23 ( not clearly audible) Conditioned before but

ajo nityaḥ śāśvato ’yaṁ purāṇo na hanyate hanyamāne śarīre Life is going on. You are conditioned for the moment. He is so interest o live in the spiritual world, to come to the material world becomes conditioned. He goes through 84lakh species of life. He was aquatic, plant comes to human form but too conditioned, become Bramha and Indra you are zation yhat you conditioned. Until you achieve complete liberation, you are conditioned soul. The conditioned life already is there, you can get unconditioned by chanting: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare hare rama rama hare hare. 22.12 That’s how we end the condition. So we see that’s why God is always God. When he comes down described in Bhgabadgita He comes in atmamayaya. He comes by his own potency. Not that god has to meditate for five to ten years to become the God. Those Yogis meditate 22.34 God. They are not real yogis they are not incarnatives. God does not to do meditation to become God. yes. devotees speaking. ( not audible 22.59 to23.45) You should simply serve the spiritual master or spiritual master’s representatives. So then you are always under the shelter of senior Vaisnavas. so if we renounce an object of devotional object which can be used to promote Krishna conscious movement. it considered to be a dry renunciation. Or a falgu Bairagya. He accepts something which is sense gratification. This is also a voga. both the things are bad. This has to be avoiding Niyamagraha. We also have to avoid this type of material attachment and 24.29 attachments. You know persons sincerely trying to engage in Krishna’s service and he is authorized under the guidance of senior vaisnavas or the Guru then his position is strong. Then do something on their own, (24.50 to 52) weak then it is more dangerous. 24.56 act independently. He should always be acting as authorized by the spiritual master than one can enjoy the shelter of the spiritual master. Devotees speaking not audible 25.10 to 25.25 I don’t they want Who says? which Bhagabad gita you read read the sloka. Read out the verse Read 25.48 the purport. so reading one verse today you are asking a question on another verse 25.56 That something is on your own mind other don’t aware what’s going on. Any other question?

devotees speaking Which type of question? Doubting questions? Because professor human eye. Still enquire. athatu BramhaJiggasa. Inquire into the absolute now. Our mind made to a question because we supposed to enquire who am I? Where I came from? where is the B26.45 Where is the absolute truth. Where is the param Brahma? we are bramha in porom brahma. if you are a minister, chief minister. He is chief minister and ordinary minister. Iswara poromaha Krishna sad cid ananda vigraha. anadir adi Govinda sarva harana karanam. ……. Krishna purusattoma. that Krishna purusottamaha, means he is the supreme lord. There may be the other lord, other purusaha, poroma isvaraha. Isvaraha poromaha Krishna. that’s you say poroma Isvara , there may other Isvarah are there that poroma Iswara that means the supreme Isvara that is Krishna. There may be so many Isvara , Lord Shiva Lord Bramha , Lord Indra ,Kartikeya, 27.45 so on, so many other iswara and iswari are there. But whoi is the poroma Isvara. that’s to ……27.54…there are so many svara, so many puja,bhut puja, which puja is the best. Then he said aradhananam sarbesam Vishnu aradhana poram tasmad porotorom dehi tadianam 28.10 in all the types of worshipping the worshipping of Vishnu is the best. 28.15. Except one thing, that is worshipping those who is dear to Krishna. So we inquire what absolute truth is. Because we are part of Krishna. Momeibanso Jivaloke jivavute sanatana. Simply inquiring alone is not enough. first if one not enquiring from the right source avaisnava mukhodgirna putam Harikathamritam Srabanam naiva kartayabam sarposchhishta payo Yatha.…………. if we enquiring from a non Vaisnavas someone who is not a devotee of Krishna 28.55 touched by a poisonous serpent. That to hear from a authorized soul, from the devotees of the lord. You can get the proper answer then when you get the answer 29.10 that don’t have the knowledge then what to do? Just like somebody who studied law knows all the law, goes and sleep. He should use these laws as a solicitor, advocate or judge, and then it has some values. is that he know the law. 29.28. He has wasted his time. Is someone asks a question who am I? What is the purpose of life? Then he 29.33 pick up the practical spiritual activities, there different activities given in all the Vedas you takes up from practical spiritual programmers. Human beings have inquisitive to know what the answer is. Answer is by hear academic paper study it’s known by realization.
rāja-vidyā rāja-guhyaṁ pavitram idam uttamam pratyakṣāvagamaṁ dharmyaṁ pratyakṣāvagamaṁ, prattaksa. You can felt pratyakhsa that means you can have personal realization that you can see by your own eye. Not the necessary physical eyes but with your own spiritual vision. You can realize by perception what and who you are who is the supreme lord everything you can realize then. 30.34 knowledge. Human beings want to be sadcidananda, wants to be eternal, wants to be full of knowledge, wants to be happy. But it is conditional life as Debahuti said there is no happiness. there is fatigue, there is tireness, there is all the problems are there , the people are suffering very hard by the material energy. How to liberate them their condition. because there is difficulty . Because pf their struggle, all the problems are there. Therefore human beings want to know what is this? I want to be happy why I am not happy? I want to live eternal why do I die? I want to know what is going on. Why I am ignorant. Its natural By nature we are sadcidananda . Just like a man a man who had a car accident . He on coma. He cannot remember, he wants to know. Who am I? Who am I? What’s my name they may said you are Gopal you are Gopal shethy, this is your wife dipika, this is your son Dilip and so on . Then gradually the memory comes back. 32.12 More questions want to find out. Because he is in unnatural state. we are in a unnatural state.Its not our natural state to be ill, our natural state is to be Sad cid ananda. That’s we have inquisitive nature why is this? why we are suffering. That’s 32.31 human lives. That someone does not have inquisitive nature then they are not 32.33Nature they does not realize someone inquisitive that’s a first step. But the real inquiry should be made In the bramhan, into the absolute. Athato BramhaGiggyasa. What is the Supreme truth? Whether the truth is inconsequential to the base of supreme truth. that all right? Any other question? Hare Krishna. Mukam karoti bachalam panghu langate girim, yat kripa tamaham bande sreegurum dinatarinam,

Sree Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu Nittyananda Sree advaita Gadadhara Sreebas adi Goura Vaktobrindo. Hare Krishna Hare krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Thank you for your recitation of Bhagabad Gita Sloka, your recitation of the modern History of India of independence as well as chanting of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra.
Tomorrow of being the Independence Day Independence day celebration of India August 15. We remember that time when India receives the independence from the British. Of course there are other countries which have 34.50 independence from foreign ruler. But actually India is the oldest country, oldest civilization in the world. And therefore this culture although politically they were dominant the culture of India has not been dominated. But its continuing on intact (35.18) at one time India was the ruler of the world according to the Mahabharat, King Yudhisthir He told His kingdom and its extended to China, to Europe, to Northern Africa across the Indian subcontinent. So India was that one time center of the entire world administration. But 35.56 Many years of foreign rule India this historical fact are often not taught to the students actually the independence from the British should be a chance for all of you to now become more and more proud and in knowledge of your ancient history, your history which goes back since time immemorial. Real Independence can anyone say what real independence or freedom means? If I catch one of the boys, then he wants to get free. Then he may say I am free. So if you are caught up by a foreign rule then we rule ourshelves. Then we said we got independence or freedom. But Bhagabadgita says, that in this world there is one supreme energy known as maya or Prakiti. And we all under the governing of that material energy. prakṛteḥ kriyamāṇāni guṇaiḥ karmāṇi sarvaśaḥ So even if you are under one foreign rule or our own rule or some other rule, that’s mean, we are free from the rule of nature. So the Bhagabad Gita said that our struggle for freedom is not over until we are free ourselves from the bondage of birth, death, old age, and disease. That is the ultimate independence struggle which everyone in the world had to die for. But that struggle you have to do individually one by one with the help of the guru, of the teachers, and of the parents. We should all try to train the children to get free from that bondage of material life. How many of you want to get free from that bondage of material life? Can I see you show your hand? Can You understand, cannot understand. Devotees speaking... you understand what maharaja has said? How many of you want to get free from this material... How many of you want to get sick raise your hand.

How many of you.. Don’t want to get sick in your life.

Devotee speaking (who wants to get sick? Who wants toKabhi bimar nehi Hona, or janam maran se free ho jao) Devotees speaking (39.19 to 39.37) Thank you very much. So chant Hare Krishna and be Happy, and be free from these miseries.

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