19870625 Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.19.16 @ Sydney, Australia

The following is a class given by His Holiness Jayapataka Swami on June 25, 1987 in Sydney Australia. The class begins with a reading from SB 1.19.16. Oà namo bhagavate väsudeväya. (devotees repeating). Oà namo bhagavate väsudeväya. Oà namo bhagavate väsudeväya näräyaëaà namaskåtya naraà caiva narottamam devéà sarasvatéà vyäsaà tato jayam udérayet punaç ca bhüyäd bhagavaty anante ratiù prasaìgaç ca tad-äçrayeñu mahatsu yäà yäm upayämi såñöià maitry astu sarvatra namo dvijebhyaù SYNONYMS punaù—again; ca—and; bhüyät—let it be; bhagavati—unto Lord Çré Kåñëa; anante—who has unlimited potency; ratiù—attracting; prasaìgaù—association; ca—also; tat—His; äçrayeñu—with those who are His devotees; mahatsu—within the material creation; yäm yäm—wherever; upayämi—I may take; såñöim—my birth; maitré—friendly relation; astu—let it be; sarvatra—everywhere; namaù—my obeisances; dvijebhyaù—unto the brähmaëas. TRANSLATION by HDG Srila Prabhupada Again, offering obeisances unto all you brähmaëas, I pray that if I should again take my birth in the material world I will have complete attachment to the unlimited Lord Kåñëa, association with His devotees and friendly relations with all living beings. Translation with repetition Again, offering obeisances unto all you brähmaëas, I pray that if I should again take my birth in the material world I will have complete attachment to the unlimited Lord Kåñëa, association with His devotees and friendly relations with all living beings. PURPORT That a devotee of the Lord is the only perfect living being is explained herein by Mahäräja Parékñit. A devotee of the Lord is no one's enemy, although there may be many enemies of a devotee. A devotee of the Lord does not like to associate with nondevotees, although he has no enmity with them. He desires association with the devotees of the Lord. This is perfectly natural because birds of the same feather mix together. And the most important function of a devotee is to have complete attachment for Lord Çré Kåñëa, the father of all living beings. As a good son of the father behaves in a friendly way with all his other brothers, so also the devotee of the Lord, being a good son of the supreme father, Lord Kåñëa, sees all other living beings in relation with the supreme father. He tries to bring back the upstart sons of the father to a saner stage and to get them to accept the supreme fatherhood of God. Mahäräja Parékñit was certainly going back to Godhead, but even if he were not to go back, he prayed for a pattern of life which is the most perfect way in the material world. A pure devotee does not desire the company of a personality as great as Brahmä, but he prefers the association of a petty living being, provided he is a devotee of the Lord. That’s end the Bhaktivedanta swami purport and translation to canto 1 chapter 19 text 16. TRANSLATION Again, offering obeisances unto all you brähmaëas, I pray that if I should again take my birth in the material world I will have complete attachment to the unlimited Lord Kåñëa, association with His devotees and friendly relations with all living beings. in this verse and in previous verses we can clearly understand how Parikshit maharaj is a pure devotee of the Lord. Although he is preparing himself for leaving the planet for being Krishna Conscious, going back to Godhead, at the same time he is praying that if it is a desire of Krishna that if he be born in material world, he may be a devotee of Krishna, he may remain attached to Krishna. He may have the association of his devotees. All these are symptoms of a devotee. Even though he has been cursed unreasonably, he played a bad joke on a sage Samiksa muni and his son took it as a great offense and cursed him to die. Hardly a suitable punishment for someone who has simply done some harmless yet almost funny type of action because he felt offended by the sages. Negligence of our ... ignoring him. The sage, he didn't take it very seriously at all. His son Sringhi I believe, he took it very seriously and he cursed parikshit Maharaj. Parikshit Maharaj he could become envious against that son. Why is krishna causing this to me? Why is this.... there are so many emotions could be there which normally people demonstrate when they feel that they have been unjustly punished. But instead what does he pray, he pray that somehow I was attached to family life. I probably would not have easily got out of it. But now the Lord in order to save me appeared before me in such a way that only out of fear I will detach myself from the world. He said please take me as completely surrendered soul and may Mother Ganges also accept me in that way. I simply want to remain as a devotee of the lord under any circumstances even if i am born again in the material world allow me to be a devotee. All these are very transcendental qualities. Does not any symptom of …..ness or envy or hate within his character. He is rather showing all the good qualities of a great vaisnava. Certainly krishna is not going to abandon him and let him leave his body without preparing him to go back home back to Godhead. And of course Sukadev Goswami appears just at the right time at this point when all the brahmanas are there and nobody can come up with the consensus what is the best thing for him to do. it would be adequate even to say why has the lord forsaken me. He could have become hopeless but instead he just was determined outset here fasting until death. Just tell me and then ... at that time Sukadev Goswami appears and gives him the spiritual message of Srimad Bhagvatam which we are able to now benefit from. Bhaktivinod Thakur our previous spiritual master when he prayed manas deho geho jo kichu more . ……nanda kishora .one of the verses in that song he states that bahirmukha brahma janme nahi aas. I don't have any desire to be born even as a lord brahma. Even if you want me to be born in the material world for the biggest birth in the material world is to be a brahma but i don't want to be born as a brahma, with the brahma who is a bahirmukh, who is materialistic or who is not a devotee. kita janma hoye even if I can take birth as an insect, as a worm, who is your devotee. This I will prefer, this is what i request. Let me reborn even as a worm who is your devotee. prabhupada explained this purport one time that basically if he is born a worm in the stomach of a devotee, basically this is what he is requesting that at least that time that way you can get little mahaprasad. The devotee should be taking prasad whereas by him even brahma he won't even get mahaprasad. So actually the devotee of the lord is only perfect living being. All the good qualities of Krishna are also present in a devotee. You take the life of Haridas Thakur. He is spreading the holy name chanting everywhere, he was arrested by the some nawab and they asked him that why you are chanting the names of Krishna being born in mohamadan family. So he explained that because so many people are being converted from mohamaddan to hindu and other religion. Since there is only one God and as this name of Krishna I get some special energy from chanting the name of Krishna what is the harm? So many other people are chanting so many names, if i like this name and chant what is the problem? Then his.. Mulla .... started to chastise and said, “no, if he is allowed to do this so many may follow. This will be very bad for our sectarian religious interest. Actually, this person is harami, a great offender. He must... put him in jail.” so they imprisoned Haridas Thakur . so in the prison he is chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. and other prisoners they started getting angry on him, why you are so happy here? you are imprisoned. it is not the place to be happy, singing and everything. you are supposed to be suffering inside the prison. we are not free, we can't go out. then he said what you feel that you are imprisoned you are very fortunate because you feel that you are a prisoner. the people outside they are in illusion they think they are free . they are not free. they are bound by their material senses, by their material desires. they are forced to act according to the dictation of the modes of nature. Srila Prabhupada explains someone thinks he is free to smoke, free to drink alcohol; actually he exercises his freedom to become a slave to those habits. once he is surrendered to those habits he cannot stop. so he surrendered his freedom to serve those particular habits. where is the question of freedom? he has given up his freedom. the devotee does not remain subservient to any nonessential habit. you cannot live without eating otherwise we cannot avoid eating. but we only eat krishna prasadam. we eat food offered to krishna. we don't eat other things. we don't remain slave to any unnecessary.. we need to sleep so we sleep to rest so we can do more service for Krishna. but these other unnecessary habits these are avoided because they make us artificially subservient to the senses instead of being servant to Krishna. so Haridas Thakur was preaching to the people in the prison that you are very fortunate because here you can realise that in the material world we are all prisoners. this is durga. durga .. dur means difficult and ga means prison. this is a difficult prison to get out of . so now knowing that you are actually prisoner better to chant Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. in this way you can actually achieve your real liberation from material bondage. in this way you can actually achieve the highest perfection of life . so in this way induced all the prisoners to chant the Hare Krishna and the whole prison house was chanting. actually in 1977 when Mayapur was attacked one day when the communist government took over in west Bengal, in the beginning, now they are more favourable, but at that time they misunderstood that possibly we are connected with the America or something and they seem to induce some of the persons from the muslim religion to become insided against us. they promised that if you drive them out of their temple then we will give it to you as a big animal hospital and mohamadan school. so in this way they attacked the temple trying to drive us out. when they religious came to attack the temple behind them the .... and children from the village were following with baskets and ....bull have bags in order to loot the temple. ...it was going to be a loot. so they have to the man with the sticks in the ......they are following after with bags ....i witnesses. that was recorded in the court records. so it wasn't the innocent thing. there was actually preplanned thing to drive out the devotees and completely loot the whole place every tape recorder, watch this that whether where you can get the hands on. they were going with their big baskets on their head in order to come back loaded. like supermarket or something. so of course they didn't expected that one may the devotees they didn't expected the devotees to respond the way they did. the devotees are not... of Krishna from all over the world are not in the mood of just allowing people to drive them out of the temple or harm the deities. so under that circumstance when they were starting to.... they caught the headmaster of gurukul... were beating him .... probably would have died. so then order was given to fire on the attackers with the short guns. otherwise the devotees never personally want to cause any harm to anybody. but in self defence one has to do the needful. so it was just a birdshot, nobody got killed or anything but they got lots of ........ in their backside and they ran off. so there was a big thing in the paper small head. so somehow or another the devotees were all arrested. and there was about 17 devotees 11 or 17 i forgot. in the jail including Bhavananda prabhu and Subhaga and so many different ... Subhaga Swami and so many different devotee were in there. and we were ... i was with Prabhupada in Vrindavan and he immediately sent me back. and we couldn't .. you know there was like a whole set up. so we couldn't immediately get them out of the jail. We were going mad trying to going here and there. we got that we could bring prasadam to them. ...everyday we cooked a big feast and gave. then they would give inside to the jailer and other prisoners. they were very popular. everyday prasad distribution. came out in the paper. they were having a big kirtan every day. and it came in the paper that Krishna ….. jail and Hare Krishna kirtan daily going on. and the it was so .. daily they were doing kirtan, taking prasad. we were outside trying to get them out going like you know going mad thinking how to get them out. but there are certain ..... there where they have the known as the naxalite. they are like the radical Marxist, Lenin type of revolutionary. they believe the only way the peace is over through the government by terrorism and so on. so they have them under highest security, chained to the wall you know the ancient system. and they wouldn't let them out. at the same time as other prisoners they heard they never let them out at all. because they were afraid they will escape. may be only if they got sick they let them out for an hour a day. so the devotees they would be chanting all the day. Lal salaam lal salaam jindabad you know red salute red salute victory will come. just you know all day the slogans. when the devotee see the devotees walk by their prison chamber, then they see .... red salute Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Jindabad. everyone there were chanting. somehow impowered by Haridas Thakur. so like that Haridas Thakur when he was the first pioneer in prison preaching. and see now in some places the devotees they become Chaplin for prisons. say many good people may not be people that due to some bad karma in previous life they get implicated in some kind of crime but they are not such hard core bad people. in fact quite a few i know one or two even senior devotees they sitting in the prison getting Prabhupada books read about they totally changed their life and became a devotee and very good people. may be they are arrested for possession of drugs or some thing they are not like necessarily violent people. and as a result they become devotees. so now many places around the world they actually have Chaplin in the prisons who are devotees they go and give books to put books in the library, they give counselling and in this way sometime you can get some young people or different people. they are stuck there and really not ...good people good souls. they change the ways and they come out and become devoted. so because they have nothing else to do there so its good for them to chant Hare Krishna. i mean they can play Ping-Pong and things but its better to chant Hare Krishna and read the Bhagavad Gita. so we represent we are actually you know i was visiting in New Orleans and we have devotee who registered like that with the prison. he goes around and gives counselling for people. well at this time Haridas Thakur he was not there as a counselee, he was one of the prisoners. but he started preaching. he got everyone to chant Hare Krishna. so then the news came back to nawab that everybody is chanting Hare Krishna in the prison house. so then the mulla, nawab was not so bad but the mulla the iatolla the priest of the king mohammadan priest he started “No, he is going to spoil everything. we got to take care of this person.” so they brought Haridas Thakur before the Nawab and he said that Listen! unless you give up this chanting we are not going to spare your life . you have to stop chanting Hare Krisna and simply chant the names of Allah and other names of God. we won’t allow you to chant the name of Hare Krishna. then haridas Thakur said that if you take my body and you cut it into little little pieces. so long there is one piece left it is going to chant Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. so then the nawab said punish him, punish him, punish him. so the king said all right you are to be beaten in 22 market places Bais bazaar. ..... normally if 2-3 whippings like the back will be left the .. die immediately. 22 market places that means nothing will be left ... then they took Haridas Thakur and they tie them up. people couldn't believe that how is that they are punishing this innocent devotee what for chanting the holy name of God. so the public they become very against the government action but they were helpless to do anything. so they started to whip Haridas Thakur. so he was praying he was feeling great pain praying that Krishna please forgive them for their activities. actually I deserve this because I have committed so many offenses in my life. I have committed so many sinful reactions. so many sinful activities I deserve this. this is simply your mercy so please forgive them. so then even though he was whipped he was praying for them. such an exalted devotee such a perfect person. so they go on like that beating him in every market place. so after that somehow miraculously Haridas thakur stopped feeling any pain. they whipping whipping they took him all the market places whipping like anything. finally they finished he is still alive unhurt. you can't believe it. the two guards they were sitting there you know holding their hand on their head you know .he asked whats the matter? the matter you are still alive that’s the problem. whats wrong with that. he said because you are still alive we are not able to kill after beating you in 22 market places you are supposed to be dead. because we couldn't kill you the king is going to torture us. we are going to be finished. so Haridas Thakur said i don't want to cause you any inconvenience. I would die that would be better for you? that would be very good for us . so he said alright if i die. yes please die . so Hridas thakur lay down. actually he went into deep samadhi. so he stopped his breathing, stopped his pulse everything and just went into trance. he is dead.. he is dead.. you know they just overjoyed. They danced. they run over to the king to the Nawab and tell him ' just we have done our job'. He is dead. i want to see him personally. The king ... the Nawab went down there and he felt no pulse ... he is dead . then the king said alright now bury him. the mulla he said no no he should not be buried. burring is for highest muslims. this person is an offender . he is the hiren. he is the harami. then we should burn him. the Nawab said no. he should not be burnt, he should not be burried. he should be cast in the river. let the birds and dogs eat his flesh let all worm .... suffering for his great offense giving up his religion. so the nawab said alright throw him in the river. so the two guys came to pick him up. they tried to move they couldn't move it. no matter how hard they tried to pull they couldn't move even a buzz. so he said bring some stronger guys. so he brought some other big wrestlers, big body builder ueeeeeee. Haridas Thakur didn't move an inch. so he is getting really what is wrong? actually because he was meditating upon Krishna he had assumed the mass, the weight of Krishna. Krishna being present in his heart He Krishna can be as heavy as an universe and as light as a feather. so Krishna with His own sweet will manifested himself as heavy as an universe. so no matter what they... they couldn't move... not even a millimeter. finally they brought an elephant. elephants are pulling aeeeeeee. ropes snapping. so all of a sudden Krishna made Himself very light. they lifted him up .. threw him in the river. he is floating on the water. wind was blowing him to the other side. as he got in the Ganges water that can wake him up out of the samadhi.

He is floating on the water, when.... blowing him to the other side as they got him .. Ganges water, and kind of waked him out of his Samadhi, so then he started to swim swim over to the other side jumping and ... hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare . And nawab, he couldn’t believe it. Get me a boat. He talked to the priest he said what you have done this is some great fakir this some great some great mendicant he not an an ordinary person he is peer and he madly got into the boat, he said take me to the other side. And he went running after Haridas Thakura fell down at the lotus feet of Haridas Thakura and said please forgive me, please forgive me for my offences I could not recognise you are a some great saint you have got so much power__Haridas Thakura.,., then meanwhile behind the king the nawab was running, he said with his beard and everything please forgive us, he was also pleading for forgiveness, the haridas thakura said there only way out I’ll forgive you is if you give order that no one will implead anyone from chanting the harinam sankiran, hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare , there will be no more religious prosecution.,.,., in your kingdom. he said yes yes i give my order no one will impede the harinama sankirtan anymore. so then he forgave them. like this haridasa thakura ofcource now only we see supremely powerful but he had all the good qualities of Krishna, of a great devotee, even though he was being whipped , even though , off course later when this happen even some of this thing happened during lord Chaitanya childhood , even before his appearance. haridas thakura was older than lord chaitanya. so when lord chaitanya started manifesting his sankirtan movement when in the house of srivas they had the kirtans the one kirtan lord chaitanya he started to reveal himself to the devotees, the big 21 hour kirtan performed by adwaita acarya at that time he would reveal to each devotee what was their eternal relationship with him, he revealed to murari gupta, coz murari gupta was a devotee who would day and night .. worship krsna but couldn't be kept thinking of rama he revealed to him you know who you are and suddenly murari gupta looked at himself and he was hanuman he looked .... no more lord chaitanya was standing there instead there was ramachandra, ram chandra was,. ,. lord chaitanya had become ramchandra and murari gupta had become hanuman, and murari gupta he fainted, it was just too much for him then when he became conscious again lord chaitanya was there, nityananda was standing, like, the whole kirtan was continuing like this there was so many pastimes during that 21 hours festival, so at that time he called haridas thakura , lord chaitanya called haridas thakura, and he said you remember that time when you were being beaten in 22 market places , you see i could not tolerate that how my devotee was being beaten i was coming down with my sudarsana chakra from the spiritual world, but just as i was about to cut off the heads of those to torturers, you pleaded for there you pleaded for their deliverance. Then how could i kill them but how could i tolerate , Lord Caitanya said no one could tolerate ... so i've taken the beating on my own back lord caitanya turn around his back was ... scars from the whips of torturers haridas thakur saw that he fainted that Krishna had taken that pain for his devotee like this caitanya mahaprabhu reciprocates with devotees like a competition. devotees doesn't ask anything from Krishna rather simply the opportunity to serve Krishna, but then Krishna , he is being served by... he wants to reciprocate and then he wants to serve the devotee this way this is the type of competition, devotee trying to serve Krishna and krsna trying to serve the devotee actually after Prabhupada requested me to excavate the holy place of Bengal wherever lord chaitanya's pastimes are, actually the pro… was that last year we will be able to complete new temple at the ashram of vasudev dutta nitai gour deity and like this different places sometime we go and we try to locate lost holy places then constructs some repairs and deferent and whatever needed at that particular place, so i was requested by some senior vaisnavas to see what could be done at the birth place of Krishna das kaviraj since Krishna das kaviraj was the writer of the caitanya charitamrta which is the most important literature for the devotees of lord chaitanya the most authentic authoritative. so went out mayapur.. so many years ago to find the birthplace of Krishna das kaviraj which was very much often … so i got up to the place lord chaitanya is taking sanyasa in katwa and then i asked the head pujari who was known to me Nandalal Goswami coming in the line of gadadhar dasa sampradaya. so i requested him if he could kindly give an assistant or someone to guide me coz after that road ended it was after that dirt road and going to the villages and forests to find the actual place and any other important place is nearby there. so that time it was about 12 noon. so he said alright I’ll give u someone but you should stay and take prasadam. I said way after go and find and have to get back to Mayapur so many you know ..I’ve to do Krishna’s work Krishna’s work comes before personal consideration. Then he said you are doing Krishna’s work but as the pujari I’m representing Krishna and so Krishna he wants to serve his devotee. so I’m saying that unless you accept Krishna prasada I’m not giving you anyone to guide you (laugh). so he said like that so they get some nice spinaches and different things you know sabji.,.,. Anyway i took some Krishna prasad the n there was ... this the Krishna’s competition. Devotees are trying to serve Krishna, he is thinking how to deliver these fallen souls ... how to get them engage them in Krishna .. how to get them into sankirtan how to give them one of the transcendental literature of Srila Prabhupada so that they can be del..... and Krishna he also helps the devotee bringing in different souls who are ready to become Krishna conscious. Even sometime some demons create some obstacles.. somehow Krishna also helps the devotee in different ways. We don’t see how Krishna is helping but He is there he is appreciating the mood of the devotee. one of the names of Krishna is bhavagrahi janadhana, the lord who accept the mood of devotion of the devotee, so Krishna he appreciates when a devotee takes on that attitude of service the desire to serve specially Krishna appreciates if someone wants to serve the devotees of Krishna by serving Srila Prabhupada by being the servant of the servant of servant of the Krishna that is more pleasing to Krishna, then he is more grateful that O, serving my devotee he is so dear to me and this way Prabhupada said we should be fixed even to be the servant of servant hundred times moved. gopi pada kamlayo das dasanudas. and in this way parikshit maharaj he takes everything as thats happens as Krishna’s mercy and always determined simply wants to be fixed in devotional service to Krishna and so Krishna reciprocating with him giving him sukadev goswami as his instructor and revealing to him the secret of srimad bhagvatam so now we all grateful to pariksit maharaj for his devotional attitude by which this srimad bhagvatam was revealed so that we can also get the mercy of knowing about the science of Krishna so we can also follow in the footsteps ..we can pray to pariksit maharaj he may also bless us sukadev goswami may bless us that if we are to take birth in material world when we do so in association of devotees ,devotees of chaitanya mahaprabh we can remain we can have attachment for lord caitanya lord sri sri radha krsna. if we are again to be born in the material world that how we request ...to serve anywhere devotees ready to go, ... desire to always be a devotee, that is the basic aspiration that a devotee has. therefore even lord caitanya just as he pray that doesn’t want wealth na dhanam na janam na sundarim, doesn’t want follower, doesn’t want to enjoy beautiful women. He simply wants to serve krsna janmani janmanisware ahaituki tvayi even birth after birth simply serve your pure devotional service. So that mood the lord caitanya has put in his sikshastakam is being here exemplified by pakshit maharaj, parikshit maharaj ki ....(devotees)..jaya.. , srila prabhupada ki ...(devotees)...jaya... srimad bhagvatam ki... (devotees)...jaya.. gour premanande ..(devotees)...hari bol.. time to questions questions ..after krsna.. ..Krishna appears once.. ..Krishna.. lord caitanya appears only after Krishna appears.. ..Once in a universe and there are millions of universe unlimited ananta koti.. unlimited millions of universe he is the .. present right now in some universe he is going.. each time he is .. he is present in one universe.. ..he comes so that everyone get delivered.. .. considering a .. .. .. my understanding is he only comes after Krishna appears.. ..krsna comes once in a day of brahma.. ..8 million.. 3 million 4.. 4 millions 3 hundred thousands years 1 thousand caturyuga cycles is a day of brahma. once in that krsna comes after Krishna comes lord chaitanya comes, this is my understanding, you are 500 and 1 years after chaitanya mahaprabhu came. this opportunity is going to come to again after 4 million 2 hundred and 2 hundred and 90 thousands .. 2 hundred 90 thousand 90..9..99 thousand and 500 years...499 years from now you will get this opportunity again.... devotee says 499 (all laughs) ..say roughly.. .. 4 millions 3 hundred thousand years from now you may take 500 to get the opportunity.. ..time the thousand 4 billion 3 hundred million years.. ..so that’s why it is very important also that we know Krishna promises in gita that if you don't make it back to godhead you are then ....devotee gets birth in a heavenly planets where they can live for thousands of year enjoy all types of sense gratification, so also that’s why the devotees are very careful they pray that i want only the birth as a devotee, otherwise if he get birth not as a devotee he go upto the heavenly planets unless some preaching is there one time Bhaktisiddhanta was telling his followers he was taking them on morning.. walk... he started to look up to the moon and said we must now now is the time to go preaching in the moon, the people there they are becoming to materialistic becoming bahirmukha now there is a need for chaitanya mahaprabhu’s movement to go there, so offcource the great acarya, they are planning different program in other planets as well but devotee very concerned simply be a devotee , coz if you take birth in the heavenly planets ...remains as some kind of minor demigod or something and you enjoy then after that by the time your life is over then movement of lord chaitanya will transfer to another universe and the heavenly planets kaliyuga go fast here they go slow so the point is not to miss this opportunity now is the opportunity, where you can get like clearance house everything must go just come fresh (laugh) now in very little effort you can go back to home back to godhead you can get pure love for Krishna by following lord chaitanya mahaprabhu's movement maya is trying to trick us and trying to distract us in various ways we have to be very careful, knowing how powerful maya is we should afraid of maya that maya is so powerful that she can bewilder anyone if you are little careless, so we have to be very very, Prabhupada says we should cling, we should just cling the lotus feet of nitai gaur, we should be just be holding arms for ... t their lotus feet, so they have come now this is the greatest opportunity for us. in every kaliyuga ,in every yuga there is avatars who gives liberation, who gives different parts of religion, but you actually get love for Krishna there is no greater opportunity than now when lord chaitanya mahaprabhu's movement is here present in this world this is the greatest opportunity and to miss this opportunity what greater misfortune could be then that.. Yes ..devotional activities is devotional movement ...sankirtan movement will predominate. In the material world we can never expect 100% everyone is going to be a pure devotee. but at different times certain situations may predominate. even in dwarka there was different things going on but at that time the predominant… everyone was devoted to krsna. so even in kaliyuga there can be a time when the vast majority of people they all become practitioner of the sankirtan movement. when the sankirtan movement can be the predominate spiritual culture in the world at that time. At which time that makes everyone a peaceful, makes natural things very harmonious creates a whole new environment in the world. In any case if lord chaitanya's movement is present that gives opportunity for people in the kaliyuga to take shelter of lord chaitanya's movement and go back to the original position.. ..yes.. ..well chand kazi had ordered his descendants not to impede lord chaitanya's movement. so his son he went to this day ... descendant after you know 13-14 generation still comes to our functions sometimes and lectures although he is a mohemden but he is favourable so the last living descendant of chand kazi is there and he is still devoted to lord chaitanya, although..... he is by religion, because one doesn't have to change the religion, to be devoted to lord chaitanya, one can be even remain in the same religion or one can take Vedic culture as religion, this thing is difficult for people to understand that you can practice krsna consciousness and still remain...if you wants to keep some attachment for some other regional type of religion, you can do that that’s not the , there is no bar for that but that last descendant of chand kazi is still favourable but these other so many other mohemdens they are since British rule, no more chand kazi or rein or mughal rules stop 200 years ago after that the descendants of chand kazi no longer remain empowered the whole thing was reorganized with British magistrates and you know there is ____ system in Bengal changed the quite deal in some places. they kept the ___ system and some places they didn't because the , the capital was in Kolkata for some time in Bengal the ___ system was by in large changed. there was only capital in one or two places in bengal that was also just mainly for show, basically they, the Britishers are running everything. so as far although his personal descendants are favourable but the general mohemdens they didn't make such place ....good relationship with mohemdens now there was just they were like en ..... to do these things and after the whole thing was over they came and they also apologized and said actually you know we made a mistake you always been helping us and giving us job and things like that but some how we got bewildered by lust and greed. so now we, now we have good relations with villagers again. we always ….. but we never some how exploited simple people little bit , got little bit greedy and the basically now we have good relationship in the villages no problem. but in the bengal we have to always keep your eyes open on villages politics, so was the potential ...infla.. inflammatory situation but at the present time we started a or even a feeding the people and the villages of Mayapur giving them a ... feeding. this was going on even under one a ... was there and feeding the Mayapur so that the relationship in ours much better. in fact i asked one mohemden that you take prasadam he said yes so the fact is you are mohemden .... very happy but you don't ... ... food is food and your food is very good (great laugh). but actually some of them are actually hidden devotees of lord caitanya ,due to social pressure they are not able to show it all the time. one time , big mohemden preachers they were noting this ... so they were coming and they had a big black blackboard like this and the wanted to make sure that the Mayapur was .... and not going too far over. so then he said that you have to be faithful to allah so then in allah you know they write in Arabic backwards you know so whole thing was ... thing. so he put he said that he put on the blackboard the name he put first he put stars he put all kind of dots, he said this is the sky, right?? all the stars in the sky they ... then he attached he draw the lines between the dots and somehow it came of in Arabic allah they said allah-o-akabar you know the everyone cheered. then he took a picture of lord chaitanya ..this is chaitanya mahaprabhu then he turned fingers sideways raised one arm raised the leg put a line here put a dot there, you know then it came out allah also then he said allah-o-akabar even chaitanya... so even when they preach to the mohemdens they have to include chaitanya little bit . high philosophy you know... ...we got upto the Ajay river. there is no bridge there was no fairy boat there was just a wooden boat and we ...about 18 miles ... to much to walk... so we made a deal with a boat to put our zeep on top of the boat which is a kind of precarious thing and we have to we have to like ... can hold the zeep up because i mean hold the boat from tilting so the zeep wouldn't fall on, somehow we got and over to the other side and there were no ... but we got over to the other side and then we ... was driving and we got to this one village and there they said this the birth place of udar dutta samadhi of udar dutta thakur. so we never knew where his samadhi was coz not written in chaitanya charitamrta anywhere. we know his birthplace because Prabhupada is the descendants from the family of udar dutta thakura suwarna vanik family , so we never knew where his samadhi was this samadhi is in certain village about 2 miles before reaching the birthplace of Krishna das kaviraj. so then we started walking in the village to get some to see where the Ganges was , .... because we had the Ganges nearby so as we were walking through the little market place then we started hearing people say ISKCON ISKCON ISKCON. there was pretty far away from you know ISKCON is the you know just like a kind of ...ten years ago just like esoteric name and only some of them really direct contact whatever say ISKCON, .. even Hare Krishna was the word commonly known , but ISKCON that was. then all of sudden like 10 people all surrounded and they said that 4 years ago your boat party came here then they pulled out some old Gitar gaan and different book. and they said they came here distribute books to us and they promised us they will build the temple here and we remember he was from ISKCON. so we still have your land here waiting for you when will you come and build the temple .so we said how the boat had gone and ...no road even here to just go through the fields practically there and the boat had reached there we always remember ... when ISKCON will come back and build a temple here for us so we can chant hare Krishna. so then that was very satisfying how now we are fixing up the boat and a ... just donated one sonar depth finder so there ,... we can know how the depth of river then suddenly sand would come and we get stuck. i remember one time i went and found all the devotees on boat stuck on sand … trying to push it off you know. it took about 6 hours to get it off so now we have our depth finder and we went on and finally we got to the birthplace of Krishna das kaviraj. here there was a lotus foot print of lord nityananda little temple with lotus feet of nityananda and the temple of , there was a temple to radha madan mohan i believe deities and the temple was all cracked with ... cracks on the wall .then we talked to the devotees there the family there who was overseeing the temple and then we made some programmes we fixed the wall.., we have a ... later we send people go back and they repaired the temple and put a plate there describing the place. there is lot more work that can be done in the future whenever this places could also be helped if they are managed by ISKCON or that is upto the local people but their family was wanted to continue doing everything there. so we repaired the things and preserved for other people to go and visit and in the future more could be done. right now there is a hall for kirtan has been built and then this ..repaired temple so it doesn't break or fall down. then from there we started heading back , they also showed us another place and a way back, the temple of ganga mayi goswamini. you know her you don't know ganga mayi goswamini, she is the daughter of lord nityananda , she married sri madhavacharya. so her they have little temple there where they had lived very nearby there on the side of the Ganges, and there was a temple there , and the temple was broken down, all there was left was a mound of earth where the temple was , and the people and the villagers taken the bricks .so I assigned a care taker ...always there. Then I told the priest and villagers you shouldn’t take the bricks. And then we build some sign there so that place is preserved. Otherwise hardly anything left to...so we found three places what we searching for and two other ashram of ganga mayi goswamini and sri madhavacarya. both of branches of lord chaitanya and nityananda's tree. ganga devi she was the actually the Ganges took birth as the daughter of lord nityananda personified. so she also had her ashram right next to the Ganges, which is ..... and then the the samadhi of udar datta thakura, so that was the big day was a big find. Hare Krishna.

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