19860913 Srimad-Bhagavatam 4.29.61 The Real Root Of The Gross Body @ Sri Mayapur Dhama, India

19860913_Srimad_Bhagavatam_4.29.61_The_Real_Root_Of_The_Gross_Body_Sri_Mayapur_Dham (The following is the class given by HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaja on Sept. 13 in 1986 in Sridham Mayapur, India. The class begins with a reading from SB 4.29.61) The questions, question was asked to Narada that he has revolved.... how is it possible that we are suffering and enjoying the actions of ourthisbody and the previous body. That body is already dead, so how is there a connection between one body and the next. So in answer to that this is explained that that body is finished but subtle mind continues.it is the connection to the subtle mind with the subtle body which is actually giving us the suffering and enjoyment. After that gross body is lost the subtle body continues. Today in this verse we understand that the subtle body is most important. Real liberation is to be liberated from the mind, intelligence and false ego. When mind is controlled, BG says, the mind is our best friend (whereas) uncontrolled mind is our worst enemy. Actually physical control of the body is very superficial. someone may be performing devotional service sweeping the floor, doing the service in a humble way superficially, but if their mind is always thinking about sense gratification, thinking about material relations, thinking about so many material things, then actually they are not purifying their consciousness. Therefore while we do all of our service whether it is cooking or whatever we may be doing we should chant HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNAKRISHNA HARE HARE, HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMARAMA HARE HARE. This chanting process is the most perfected means for awakening our Krishna consciousness. The whole purpose is to purify the mind.so someone may ask "how is that big big devotees who are doing so much physical service for Krishna how is that they fall down ??" the answer is that they obviously have been surrendering on the physical platform but not on the mental platform. it is most important to surrender in the mental platform. Of course if you are so called surrendered on the mental platform but physically you are engaging in illicit activities, that are also bogus. How can you be surrendered on the mental platform if you are habituated in the breaking regulative principles in a willing and knowing manner?Obviously when one is surrendered on the most subtle platform, the gross platform automatically follows. Very hard to see if someone is physically performing everything whether on subtle platform they are also performing. OnlyKrishna can know that. But in due course of time if they are not surrendering on mind then they also fall down. This is the thing we have to not simply be satisfied with being only strict in our superficial sadhana. We have to cleanse the mind and purify it from all kinds of envy, hatred and such such. Material emotions which are not dovetailed in Krishna consciousness we have to purify the mind from material desires and material thoughts and engage the mind in pure Krishna consciousness. in this way the mind can become purified and then we actually won the battle. until we liberate the mind our journey back home back to godhead is not finished. Until we completely purify the mind to make it sat-cit-ananda. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu He was very merciful; He knows all this situations that for conditioned souls in Kaliyuga it is very difficult to practice lot of physical austerities. So He went right to the root giving a very simple process of devotional service ??actually no excessive discomfort or pain . Simple living, high thinking.But this high thinking is most important. We have to elevate the mind. Unless we elevate the mind we again have to take birth in material world. if we actually have the high thinking, high thinking means to think about Krishna, to think about Krishna’s devotees and his teachings. Thus a..consciousness is really high and then we can go back home back to godhead. Caitanya Mahaprabhu is so merciful that He engaged everyone in Sankirtan process no matter ??no matter what was their background. in fact He sent His follower door to door to awaken them, to ask them to take up this chanting process to purify their consciousness. Justlike there was one time in the Srivas angan,Srivas guided one brahmcari to come and watch. Although one brahmcari asked Srivas, if he could see the Sankirtan of Lord caitanya. So then Srivas agreed and this brahmcari he hide in the house of Srivas and he was watching the Sankirtan. LordCaitanya came and started the kirtan. He stopped the kirtan and said " I am not feeling any ecstasy, I am not feeling any ecstasy at all, what is that, who is..who is responsible?". So all of the devotees they looked to each other, who is responsible. Most were looking to themselves. it was very ...ashamed thinking maybe they were the cause of some offense. so then lord caitanya "who is responsible?". Then Srivas ??before his ?? hidden in the basket and that’s what was disturbance to lord caitanya. So when he said “o lord caitanya! There is one brahmcari here. He is very strict. He only eats leaves from the forest and doesn't eat anything else. Only eats leaves. He is very strict. So then lord caitanya said "where is that brahmcari????" lord caitanya said chastise him. You are not qualified to be here in the Sankirtan. What do you think simply by doing dry austerity you could reach Krishna by torturing your body. You are not qualified to be here in ??only for devotees those who have given their mind, their soul everything to the service of Krishna . Not for those who are simply doing dry austerity on a superficial platform. Get out. You are not qualified to be here. And he was taken out and pushed ??Throne out of the door.So then the kirtan started and then every was feeling very ecstasy without that dry bairagi brahmcari inside that temple angan of Srivas. So that brahmcari outside he was thinking that how I am qualified I am. How qualified I am that actually all my life I am doing all this dry austerity, I never surrendered to Krishna in my mind. I never surrendered to Krishna. I am thinking I am very qualified , very great from all my austerities. Actually I never surrendered to Krishna. He said but still I don't know I am totally unqualified somehow I was so fortunate even for few minutes I could see the Sankirtan of caitanya mahaprabhu. And then he started to cry just feeling that how lord caitanya was so merciful to allow him to come and see the Sankirtan although he was so totally unqualified. then suddenly inside lord caitanya stopped the Sankirtan and said that bring in that brahmcari, now he is qualified to come in. the actual qualification to be in the Sankirtan movement of caitanya mahaprabhu is not to be strict.. not to very torturing the body but sometimes ?? austerities ??but to be very careful to do everything for the pleasure of Krishna to purify not only the body but to purify the mind. When the mind is purified body will automatically be purified. Though so called the Vaishnavas who are eating fish and so many things saying their mind is purified, how it is possible. If the mind is purified, the body will also be purified. This is very clear in this verse. When the mind is purified the senses will also be purified. not that but even then superficially one may appear purified like that brahmcari but if he hasn't surrendered his mind he still not considered to be a liberated soul. He is not in sat-cid-anandvigraha form yet. he is still conditioned. so we should work to become liberated from this subtle body. we should work to become totally surrendered to Krishna not only physically but mentally as well then we can go back home back to godhead not otherwise. Hare Krishna. __________________

Transcribed by Deepak Kumar

June 23d, 2014, Durgapur

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