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Srimad Bhagwatam canto five chapter twelve text eight ,Rahuguna converses with jada Bharat

This is a lesson from the ancient history of INDIA the great maha bhagwad mahapurana this is the history about great emperor kiong bharat who became ruler of the entire ,ruler of the civilised world and he retired at the getting his thrown to his sons he left for the forest and he became engaged in the practice of the yoga meditation of chanting mantras due to this process he developed great spiritual learning realisation but somehow he took a pet deer into the ashram ,once actually what happened that the mother while taking water when she was pregnant at the side of the river when he was meditating there was suddenly a lightning bolt which startled the deer who jumped across the tree and landed on the other side passed in a miscarriage and the mother died the mother deer so the retired king think the helpless little deer started to help in take care of it , no mother try to get some milk and some fruit and this way kept it alive but the deer became very affectionate to king bharat not knowing anyone else he took him just like the mother father every thing and to make a long story short after many years the deer just play like the pet and was coming some time and awake the king up in the morning when he was sleeping by looking on his face very affectionate so one day retired king was leaving his body he started to meditate well at that time the deer came and while the king was about to die ,the deer was smelling his face and he is there while leaving his body and the deer was looking right there and smelling his face he thought what would happen to this deer and he left his body but according to the bhagwad gita we have Bhagwad gita ? there is a law of karma explained in the Vedas and according to the law of karma whatever we do there is reaction for it this is another aspect of the laws of karma which is that whatever you think about while leaving your body we achieve that destination in the next birth it is explained in the chapter eight verse six” yaà yam väpi smaran bhävaà tyajaty ante kalevaram taà tam evaiti kaunteya sadä tad-bhäva-bhävitaù” whatever state a being one remembers when he quits his body o son of kunti that stat he will attain without fail end of translation.


p>Purport : The process of changing one's nature at the critical moment of death is here explained. A person who at the end of his life quits his body thinking of Kåiñhëa attains the transcendental nature of the Supreme Lord, but it is not true that a person who thinks of something other than Kåiñhëa attains the same transcendental state. This is a point we should note very carefully. How can one die in the proper state of mind? Maharaja Bharata, although a great personality, thought of a deer at the end of his life, this is the secret revealed , and so in his next life he was transferred into the body of a deer. Although as a deer he remembered his past activities, he had to accept that animal body because when he left his body he thought of the deer he took birth in a deer body but he didn’t lose his human intelligence his memory while he was a deer because he practiced the yoga process although he is deer he remembered his past activities he had to accept the animal body off course one pass during course of one life this accumulate influence of one path at the moment of death so this life creates the next life when one present life lives in the mode of goodness and always thinks of Krishna it is possible one to remember Krishna at the ends of one’s life that is how come to be transfer to the transcendental nature of Krishna if one is transcendentally absorbed in the Krishna’s service then his next body will be transcendental , spiritual not material therefore the chanting of HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE this is the best process for (not getting ) one’s state of being at the end of one’s life so after leaving a life as the deer when he would go to the holy places and get the food remnants of the prasadam sacred food and then when he died the next birth he took as the son of the dwija as the brahmana he had some land or property as well but he was so afraid that after giving up the entire world as the emperor I didn’t identify little carelessness I became a deer he became so afraid that he thought let me be very careful ,let me not make any mistake so that I can really go back to God at the end of this life time and not get stuck again in the laws of reincarnation so he remembered his previous two births which was very rare we normally don’t remember our previous birth but he could because of his unique situation of to having practiced so much bhaktiyoga then he won’t play with the other children he won’t talk with anyone he would just sit and meditate and do so the parents thought we have some kind of strange child like may be little retarded or something and they didn’t know what to do with him so they asked him to stand out in the courtyard to stray away the crows like a living stray crow so he would sit out there and when the crows come he claps! Stray them away that was he(not getting)so there is a long history I mean he was determined that whatever happens I am not going to forget Krishna and so he just kept very simple , one time he was kidnapped by some dacoits , dacoits mean in English you know the dacoits bandits o but all Indian diction but in American understanding dacoits that is not the word that you can outlaws ok there are outlaws bandits but they are special like professional like a gangue like a gangsters but don’t like the special armed bandit type of situation so they (not getting)they thought that here is this ,he was very healthy you see he was very well built healthy but he just sat there kept cold he didn’t and he just chanted Hare Krishna and didn’t thought to even talk to anyone he became so frightened up just getting entangled in some kind of worldly activity at that point that he didn’t get involved so they kidnapped him and no we chant Hare Krishna or another mantra actually he was chanting some mantra connected with Krishna and Vishnu so then when they kidnapped him they thought there will offer him as a human sacrifice to the goddess Bhadrakali and this way we can get a blessing for doing better robbery in the future (laugh) so they said they give him to the head priest and said please offer him as we found him (not getting ) so doesn’t matter he be killed like a man animal, according to the whatever type of black rite they did it supposed to be a kind of man animal some of very retarded so they thought this is very well but he thought , whatever happens I am just going to think about Krishna this time when I leave my body I am not going to think of deer anything disconnecting with God ,so he didn’t make any protest , they bathed him up in the night may cross he just still awaiting you know whenever he come I am ready this time I am thinking of you Krishna but then when then the priest came out to sacrifice him up lifted up the bent chopper then the big deity of kali came to life and it actually broke actually that goddess kali broke out of her deity along with her associates and she came with her chopper and she chopped the head off of pujari and killed all of the bandits because they were going to kill this actually liberated soul who is always meditating on God and when she disappeared so Jad Bharat looked around him and saw the all situation , went back to the field where they cultivate and the parents came where were you the crows are eating the crop he didn’t make any protest you can’t do anything right , why did God give us such a foolish child ! go and wander off ! then he was sitting there on the side of the cornfield ,the next day after some days again one king came by carried by four footers on the palanquin and the as he was going by one of his footers by the will of providence sat down on the stone or thorn or something and started to lift making what’s going on here hold it hold it and so then he said you know I am so absorbed I kept a system of four they can’t walk this there is a nice healthy guy sitting in the cornfield just see Hey you !hold here Jad Bharat just came up he didn’t he was very amiable person he came over and he said look here you carry this palanquin may have very put his heart so he grabbed the palanquin and he like get go everyone move d he as he walking Jad bharat saw there is so many ants on the path so by step on the ants I get some bad karma so he tried to miss the ants and others just go on left right left right and you know (laughs) he trying to miss the ants so then palanquin started moving up and down so then in this way the the king started to criticise, he said the king Rahuguna told Jada Bharat how troublesome this is my dear brother you are certainly very fatigue because you have carried the palanquin alone without assistance for a long time and for long distance beside the duty due to old age you have become greatly troubled my dear friend I treated you not very firm not very stout and strong ,how dear fellow carrier cooperating with you and this way the king criticised Jada Bharat with this sarcastic words yet in spite of being criticised in this way Jada Bharat had no bodily conception of the situation ,he knew that he was not this body for he has attained his spiritual identity , he was neither fat nor thin not had anything to do with the lump of matter , the combination of the five gross and three subtle elements ,he had nothing to do with the material body and his two hands and legs in other words he was completely realised his spiritual identity “aham brahmasmi”he was therefore unaffected by this sarcastic criticism from the king without saying anything he continued he carried palanquin as before ,the Jada Bharat was completely laborious he didn’t care that the dacoits the bandits tried to kill him he didn’t care anything he did knew that I am eternal and I am not this body so he simply kept his mind on the absolute truth basically the philosophy of reality of our existence as explained in this verse is that you are not your body but the spirit soul within the body ,this body is made of five gross elements according to the Vedas the vedic literatures with also the subtle mind intelligence and false ego these three subtle elements with this combination of gross and subtle body is the covering for living force or the spirit soul so Jada Bharat has realised that he was the spirit soul ,that he was actually the spirit soul found within the body but the body was something changeable or temporary like we can change our clothes we can change our body , we actually the person that makes the body alive once the person leaves the body , soul leaves the body then body is dead there is no life death is something to fear , we never die actually it is simply that we have to leave this body and we have to take a new birth so the question is what would be the next birth there is no question that one time one has to leave this body sooner or later either you are eighty or ninety or hundred maybe one at any moment it is no guarantee how long or when ,so he already reached the state of realisation after remembering three births going to everything he could realise that I am not this body so didn’t care that king is calling him all type of sarcastic want means , then the king got really angry because the after he still riding even after giving all sarcastic remarks palanquin is still moving in because Jada bharat still looking not to step on any ant he know this after body he doesn’t want to be responsible for any animals death as there you have to take the karma and remained bound entangled so he still tried to miss the ants by jumping this way and that way , the whole palanquin just moving and making the king very angry he said you rascal why you are shivering ,are you dead ,have your life within your body ,do you nt know I am your master , are you disregarding me ,by disregarding my order for this disobedience I shall now punish you just as yamaraj the superintendent of death punishes sinful people I shall give you proper treatment so that you come to your senses and do the correct thing although just like king , I discussed some plate here pick them up to street and I am telling this ___ rock my palanquin and he does’t listen why don’t know pitch this sway ___to disobey my order offcourse he became so passionate so he became so angry and he started to criticise Jad Bharat who is actually the topmost liberated soul so there Jada Bharat spoke to the king O my dear king a hero whatever you have spoken sarcastically is certainly true actually these are not simply words of chastisement for the body is the carrier the load carried by the body doesn’t belong to me for I am the spirit soul there is no contradiction in your statement as I am different from the body I am not the carrier of the palanquin for this body is the carrier certainly if you have been offended by my labour carrying the palanquin find the patch from the body , you have said that I am not stout and strong and this word befitting a person who doesn’t know the distinction between the body and the soul , the body may be fat or thin but no learned man will say such thing for this spirit soul as far as this spirit soul is concerned I am neither fat nor skinny therefore you are correct when you are said that you are not very stout also the object of this journey where the path leaving there mind there would be many problems and troubles for me because they relate not to me but to my body there is no trouble at all , fatty, skinny is bodily and mental distress, hunger fear disagreement desires for material happiness all these steep attachment for material possession ,anger lamentation illusion and identification with the body with his self are all transformations of the material suffering of the spirit soul a person absorbed in the material bodily conception is affected by these things but I am free from all bodily conception consequently I am neither fat nor skinny nor anything else you have mentioned , My dear king you have unnecessarily accused me being dead although alive in this regard I can only say that this is the case everywhere because everything material has it’s beginning and end , as far as you are thinking that you are the king and master and just trying to order me these all things are correct because these things are temporary today you are a king and I am your servant but tomorrow the posit may be changed and you may be my servant and I your master these are temporary circumstances ceated by providence my dear king If you are so think that you are the king and I am the servant you should order me and I should follow your order I can’t say that this differenciation is temporary and it span only for ----such a convention I did’t see any other cause in that case who is the master and who is the servant everyone is forced by the laws of the material nature therefore no one is master no one is servant even if must you think that you are the master and I am your servant I shall accept this please order me what can I do for you my dear king you have said you rascal you dull crazy fellow I am going to chastise you then you will come to your senses in this regard let me say that although I look like a dull , dark and a dumb man I am actually a self realised person what you will get by punishing me If your calculation is too mine amazement then your punishment will be like beating a dead horse for the no sake when a mad man is punished he is not cured of his madness so when he take him up his speaking was just stopped stupid guy carrying my palanquin then all of a sudden he said this very philosophical very profound words the king became like who is that , he became very surprised and then the king when he heard this presentation immediately the material conception of the king was destroyed he jumped up from his palanquin Let me down let me down! Down! Down! Let me down and he get off his palanquin and he fell flat on the ground with his on the ground touching the feet of jada bharat so he may be excused for his insult against a great brahmana then he prayed to jada bharat , O brahmana you are appeared to be moving in this world very much covered and unknown to others who are you ? are you a learned brahmana the saintly person , I see that you are wearing a sacred thread are you one of those eaxalted liberated saint such as dattatreya and other highly advanced learned scholars , may I ask whose disciple you are , like this he had so many questions ,he said I am one thing I am afraid of offending a brahmana , to offend a saintly person this is I am not afraid of thunderbolt I am not afraid of explosion I am not afraid of any body but I am afraid of offending a brahmana , I think like I have offended you and I see you are a great learned spiritual person therefore I request you please forgive me and instruct me so in this way they had a long discussion very interesting discussion on the difference between matter and spirit , on the duty , on the reality of the material position in material life and It won’t be possible to read the whole discussion that is one yadä kñitäv eva caräcarasya vidäma niñöhäà prabhavaà ca nityam tan nämato 'nyad vyavahära-mülaà nirüpyatäà sat-kriyayänumeyam All of us on the surface of the globe are living entities in different forms. Some of us are moving and some not moving. All of us come into existence, remain for some time and are annihilated when the body is again mingled with the earth. We are all simply different transformations of the earth. Different bodies and capacities are simply transformations of the earth that exist in name only, for everything grows out of the earth and when everything is annihilated it again mingles with the earth. In other words, we are but dust, and we shall but be dust. Everyone can consider this point. So fine this one was spoken offcourse many many thousands of years ago but written down five thousands years ago , J ada Bharat existed according to the vedic history millions of years ago ,bharat lived around millions of years ago that means many hundreds of thousands of years ago from the ancient vedic civilisation so this is a very philosophical discussion they had it is interesting that many of the more recent religious text in the world that have come up in the recent history past couple of thousands of years also repeat some other instructions regarding body the difference here is that the Jada bharat is explaining how the body is coming from the earth and again is mingling back with the earth so this is difference between body and the spirit ,the spirit never goes back to earth or never perishes , we actually the spirit we are part of Krishna and this understanding of the material nature is to give a perspective naturally we are living in the material world trust to material world as everything but for great self realised souls they can see that the material world is always changing it is not permanent and neither is the higher reality so the two things the temporary reality has to be balanced with the eternal reality , If you take the temporary reality to be everything then he is like the small child who thinks that little play tram or little thing that the child can fun is every thing some one takes the candy away they are crying someone gives the candy they are happy , to be happy or to be crying because we gain or lose something material this also only a______ child so Jada bharat by his instructions to this king was giving the king the vision to understand after he is going to so much hiding himself better emperor himself cross all these birth achieve the self realisation he was able to educate this king to understand the difference between the temporary world and eternal reality so then that king in the end he accepted jada bharat as his Guru as his Spritual master and that time he was a very great king and he was by achieving the bonafide spiritual master he was enlightened completely otherwise he was just thinking I am a king I am having the duty to protect the citizens and these are all my citizens my subjects and they have to do what I say I am protecting them and they are in need of something then he could realised that here is the specific higher relationship and that his eternal identity was not that the he was a king but actually he was the eternal servant of krishna he was the eternal spirit soul and therefore as the king his supposed duty was to uplift the spiritual consciousness of these people so when he accepted the bonafide spiritual master then under the guidance of jada bharat the entire world at that time became GOD conscious so this story of Jad bharat and the king bharat subsequently jada bharat as his third birth it is very interesting because it instructs gives us the idea about reincarnation about the laws of karma about the nature of the spirit soul , sometimes people have misconception , reincarnation when you die you go in someone elses body this is not how it works , when you leave your present body at the time of death the spirit soul is very small like a atomic size and that goes with the subtle body and enters into the womb of a mother as the act called conception at the time of conception ,what mother is what birth that depends on as you know now various factors of karma of consciousness , desires then they go into the womb just at the time of conception because of the presence of the spirit soul the body grows in the womb as an embryo so according to the Vedas the life is there from the time of conception , and abortion thereforewill also be considered as taking off the life after conception so in this way this also gives us some idea about what is actually transmigration of the soul this is the transmigration continually going on and also the importance of finding out what is the absolute truth ,finding out our real purpose of life it is essential thing how the bonafide spiritual master , Bharat maharaj when he first left his kingdom he began meditating he was careless by becoming attached to a deer after giving up so many attachements, he gave up the kingdom , beautiful wife the whole empire of very loyal subjects and family members , children he left them all so that he can concentrate on his self realisation at the later part of this life the vedic custom is that or tradition was that when a person gets over fifty years of age he considers about retiring and using the later part of his life for self realisation instead of going to old pop songs or they play checkard or cards until they pass away they would go to some sacred ashram and some sacred place and they would do some devotional service or some meditation in order to prepare themselves for the next life , so the problem with king Bharat he didn’t consult with his guru the spiritual master when he took the care pet , otherwise he would have known as well for someone who renounced so many things have taken little pet it is dangerous because if you get attached to the pet you can be unnecessary attached the final search as the marathon of life is meant to get complete attached and focused on one absolute truth transcending all relative attachements now in the preveous ages the atmosphere was such as that you can go in the forest and you can just meditate and people would respect you and they serve you. nowdays it is little difficult first of all you can’t find any forest if probably if you do they gain one somewhat you can’t save even your own life and may be a hunter could come by looking for beer or deer rather might you know shoot you or something but even in the Himalayan mountain it is difficult to find the secluded cave now a days because so many forest plane flying overhead looking for the mount everest and everything that atmosphere right now even Himalayas there is few caves if you go far enough inside them but generally speaking it is bit difficult now a days to find a place you can go and meditate in the forest . most people are not very suitable for them to give up the city and go in the forest it is hard for them to survive plus the forests are not producing so many fruits and the edible fruits for human being to be able to be survive in this circumstance in this situation so therefore it is recommended not to go in the forest it is actually advised in the sastras that in this particular modern age forget the idea about just going and living in the ashram in a forest as being the very practical means of self realisation it is better to live in a holy place or in the association with the other spiritual minded person in a spiritual community and perform ashram and practice devotional service or bhakti yoga this is much more practical and the so this is why the Krishna conscious movement has many ashram , many communities and farm projects where people can come can practice the devotional service along with many other like minded people also off course this process can be practiced in once home but one needs to regularly visit devotees or spiritual minded people to get some reinforcements from good association this is like all of the people here present they could be going out and having some hallowing party or so many other thing but they are here tonight to attend the love feast of Hare Krishna temple and to listen to the lecture from the bhagavatam and the bhagawat gita on self realisation so these are the very spiritual very spiritual people they are not any ordinary people you are very special people who are spiritual minded so just coming together to the spiritual people is very important creates a very ___ atmosphere it is very conducive to our spiritual progress confirmed so offcourse one does need to have a spiritual master as a guide as a shelter and that is also a special search king this Rahuguna was very fortunate that he got a spiritual master just by accident actually by the will of the providence by devine concession somehow he had the good karma to get such a great blessing or it is just like the causeless blessing so but doesn’t it bit generally one has to look for spiritual master one has to seek I remember there is a older history of one great spiritual master in the line of Caitanya Mahaprabhu his name was Srinivas acarya he was later became a acarya acarya means spiritual master but he is stated often as Srinivas das , servant and he kept the idea that let me go and find Caitanya Mahaprabhu and learn from him the teachings of the bhagawat the devotional teaching of Krishna consciousness so that time Lord caitanya lived in Jagannath puri which is on the side of the bay of Bengal ocean or sea , bay of Bengal sea and he was living north of Navadwip in Bengal in the city called or near Katwa and is a good for five hundred miles so he decided to walk to Jagannath puri to see Lord caitanya and request him to teach him the science of Krishna consciousness so he walked all the way down to Jagannathpuri which took quite a bit time to forest to jungles throughout the rivers trying to different checkpost or something as he had to go from one country to another there was ____ kingdom the kingdom of Bengal under mohammeden ruler and the kingdom of orrisa of some Hindu ruler ,so he was down finally he reached Jagannathpuri and in Jagannath puri he saw there is a great gathering of people thousands of people were gathered around the temple and he said what is the big festival ? someone said you don’t know , he said no what is the big festival ,he said lord caitanya has just left away , he entered into the temple and the door was closed behind in and he entered into the temple of Jagannath pulls the door when the pujaris open the door he was no longer there he entered into the deity his pastimes has finished , Srinivas he just walked all the way 500 miles by foot to see L ord Caitanya his hope was to see Lord Caitanya to get the teachings of the pure Krishna consciousness and he became so sorry so frustrated so he became like mad he said no! no! can’t be I can’t believe it no !how can I see how I will learn the Bhagawatam then he fell on the ground he is hitting the head on the stone ___ he just like mad in separation his whole life actually was , he was the devotee of Lord caitanya so his life long ambition was to see Lord Caitanya he gets some days the days after he reached the same day. he fell unconscious in his grief and miseries and Lord Caitanya he thought to commit suicide what is the use of living now then lord caitanya appeared to him in his unconscious state in a vision and told him you have given your body to Krishna you can’t kill it ,it will be a great offence now you go to see Gadadhar prabhu and he will be able to help you to study the Bhagawat so then he came conscious and then he remembered the words of Lord Caitanya, He asked where is Gadadhar men told he is in the court of Gopinath temple he went to the temple of tota gopinath and there he asked for Gadadhar ,they said Gadadhar is in such grief and such separation in love in separation of Lord caitanya he can’t speak to anyone he stopped eating he just has to cry in separation of Lord has just gone so no but I need to see him just tell him that I have come so one went in and told the Gadadhar the Srinivas has come,Srinivas ! bring him immideately they were all sat he was not interested in anyone who were leaving even though he was feeling such separation he felt some happiness to see Srinivas ,he knew that he was sent by Lord Caitanya so Srinivas fell down on the ground offering him obeiscences , Sir I want to accept you as spiritual master I want to learn from you the Srimad Bhagawatam the great history of the Bhagawat , the Science of God realisation , he told I can teach you the Srimad Bhagawatam my dear Srinivas but the problem is that the he show the Bhagwatam off corse now we have Bhagawatam which are printed you know by big printing presses but on those days the Bhagwatam was all written by hand the pages has been moistened now can’t read it anymore and he looked he saw the pages they all smeared because of the pages he couldn’t really make out what is written anymore somehow it was visible he said only when I can teach you the Bhagawatam when you are going to have a new copy for me so you get a new copy then I can teach you , so I have to get a new copy so well he again came to Navadwip from he came from (laugh!) so then when he went back again to N avadwip walking all the way and that was the centre of learning so the many great scholars they make a writing in Bengal they copied by hand the entire eighteen thousand verses of the Srimad Bhagawatam which took a bit of time so the whole operation took a couple of month or more in order to go there and walk there get that all copied they finally got the whole copy wrapped that up in special silk cloth then he went with this Bhagawatam published walking back again to Jagannath Puri and he got back to Jagannath Puri and he was taking a bath at the place of Lord Caitanya Danda was broken he was going ahead to see Gadadhar prabhu then he asked about Gadadhar prabhu and there was some kind of festival going on in the Tota gopinath temple and one said you don’t know Gadadhar prabhu has passed away he left the world in separation of Krishna Caitanya Ah ! no ! no! no !I can’t believe it how I am going to learn the Bhagawatam who is going to teach me how will I get the spiritual master no! how It can’t be no yes everybody came out it was going like just like grapes fade in this kind of walking in a stupor what got wrong , finally like he fell unconscious crying in the hick some where completely frustrated how he is going to find he was so eager to learn he wanted just go in goal in life is to just to find to learn the science of Krishna consciousness to get the shelter of bonafide spiritual master , so the G adadhar appeared to him in a dream and told him to go back from Jagannath puri to navadwip there is Nityananda and Adwaita they can help you so first he met all the devotees of Jagannath puri so then he went and met all the devotees of jagannath puri badi maa , Bhavananda and different associates of Lord caitanya I don’t know Ramananda ray was still there but whoever was there he met many of them all of them were when still present then he took his Bhagawatam and again he walked back to the Navadwip five hundred miles and he got to Nawadwip he took a bath in Ganges and he was coming out and he was asking people for direction where to find Lords Nityananda and Adwaita and do’t know they just passed away few days before they are no longer present they went back to the spiritual World and Again he is like No! No! No! No! I couldn,t believe it again to the third time this thing is going on he was just like crying and he was walking down the road in a just frustrated there is no word to describe the separation intense desire that he was was feeling in the hopelessness at that moment and some Vaishnavas came upto him with Tilak , nice devotee sure are you Srinivas he said yes please come with me , who are you ? he said I am Vamsidas bharati ,the consort of Lord caitanya Visnupriya thakurani want to see you ,lord caitanya’s widow who was living in the separation of Lord caitanya was residing in then Navadwip so she was calling srinivas , Srinivas is then looking excite o why ! How did she know who I am ?no we know about this I can recognise by the description she gave me but I never met him , It is all right come so then he went with Vamsida then he came into the house of Jagannath Misra’s own house sacimata had lived there Lord caitanya’s child hood house and there he could see Visnupriya clearly he fell on the ground and offeredher his respectful prostrate obeisances and she told him to sit he could see that she was her harewas not kept !she obviously continuously crying she wasn’t you know taking care of herself but stikk she was effulgent very beautiful but totally unkeptic in such separation of Lord Caitanya left the world she was getting such a great love for him she was not caring for herself anything she was just eating up few grains of food and chanting continuously Lord Caitanya’s name , Hare Krishna mantra she said she explained in the last night Lord Caitanya came to near my dream he sat down he said me you sit on my Lap , I sat on Lords lap , he told me there is a great devotee of mine coming is very dear to me he is suffering a lot because he wants to achieve the pure spiritual master but he couldn’t achieve yet his name is srinivas , when he comes to Navadwip then he described how he looked like , bring him and tell him to go to Vrindavan , there he will find the Goswamis rupa and Sanatana and others and he can get there shelter so then he disappeared Visnupriya stopped , he was definitely was very blessed by Lord Caitanya so I wanted to tell you this on the order of my Lord , I am very glad to be able to see you you have many services to perform for Lord Caitanya in the future now you should go to Vrindavan, and before you go , you can meet the Vaisnavas here and take there blessings so then he met with different vaisnavas in navadwip srivas thakur,Ramadas pandit different vaisnavas were there at that time Nandanacarya and then he went off with his Bhagawatam one thousand mile at least one thousand mile may be twelve of fifteen hundred miles distance to Vrindavan far north west of India he was in the western India so after walking for long time months ,I don’t know how it take in walk that month really it takes long time to walk fifteen hundred miles , hundred days , fifteen miles a day at least he taken a month must be so any way finally he got to Vrindavan the Birth place of Lord Krishna and he bath at the place akrura bath in the pond where Krishna bath before leaving vrindavan and he was preparing himself to looked up roop and Sanatan the great spiritual master so then he overheared two people speaking on the road “whole vrindavan is not as same without roop and Sanatana ”now as they have left I feel that vrindavan is empty what! What did they say ? he jumped out! he went and said where he stayed? what happened? where is roopa and Sanatana? they looked at him why you are so excite what is you don’t know they ___ in Govinda ji temple they are having their final festival they just left their bodies last night he said no! noo!nooo! he took Bhagawatam he just ran to the temple and he asked everybody in temple said no they have gone !he just couldn’t believe and he fell on the back of the temple in the heat and unconscious then someone start pulling putting water on the face and patting him then Srinivas ! are you Srinivas? He said who are you ? he said I am Jeeva please come with me so then jeeva goswami the younger brother of roop and sanatana was the ___ took them took him to his asram and explained that roop and sanatana appeare in last night in the dream and told me that you will be coming and I should instruct you the science of Krishna consciousness and you should take initiation from Gopal bhatta goswami who is far more superior as the initiating Guru and you learn the Science of Bhagwatam and be able to preach Krishna consciousness on behalf of Caitanya mahaprabhu in this way he left next to Gopal bhatta goswami and he took shelter of Gopal bhatta goswami and later he took initiation from him and then Gopal bhatta guided he studied jeeva goswami Vedas in this way after so many trial and trying to find the spiritual master but he looked always determined after some time he became very hopeless and then Krishna some how or other gave him the mercy and then he went on again to seek and finally he found at great difficulty so some time one have to look in different ways and eventually one finds bonafide spiritual master takes shelter gets connected with the disciplic succession and engages in devotional service ,engages in the process of bhakti-yoga like this there are many history of great souls who have undergone various trials fore ultimately achieving the absolute truth , so offcourse in the previous time one has to seek out the spiritual master sometimes very difficult to find but Prabhupada was very kind he came all over the world to establish the Sankirtana movement of Lord Caitanya the Hare Krishna movement so that people could get connection with the succession or spiritual line of spiritual masters so they one could easily understand that what is the spiritual science otherwise it is very difficult to everyone has to go to INDIA to know this science of God consciousness ,he very kindly brought to the western world to all the continents ,this year krishna consciousness also is given regular recognition in the Soviet union so now the ten thousand people are chanting Hare Krishna need not fear being arrested anymore for chanting and the number of chanters will increase hopefully by the mercy of Lord Caitanya tomillions in that country , so we need to focus on what all are priorities who are we ? are we just living for the temporary life really the thing we should do is that we should have something balance for actually we live to maintain our body and soul together simple life without tryin to unneccesary complicate thing and try to give more energy to understanding what is the purpose of life , who are we? What is the God consciousness? What is the eternal happiness ? and it is coming from love of god coming from the Vedas , coming from the love of Krishna so thank you again for being present here tonight to discuss something about king bharat and his different transmigration and ultimately his delivering of the world , we discussed journey of srinivas acarya in ttry to find out bonafide spiritual master and we also discussed the nature of the body ,which is coming from earth and going back to earth and the difference in the nature of the living force in the body which is actually imperishable which is the part of Krishna therefore we should go back to our origins real life of original source and remain transcendental to the changes of the material world by nature everyone is sat-cit –ananda ,”isvarah paramah Krishna saccidananda vigraha ” we are all eternal and filled with blissful knowledge ,thatis what we are seeking , we are seeking our eternal nature we are seeking natural blissful within happiness which is fully satisfy everyone eternal , knowledge the knowledge which is not changing for one minute to the next something which can give us our real understanding of this world , life and existence even beyond our experience thank you very much for your attention , I hope that you take advantage of reading this books they contain very very interesting history nothing else is very interesting and we have many important teachings which can be gained , teachings which are invaluable which is very difficult to get anywhere else actually these books are priceless but there is library here ,as well as the books are even in the most of the college libraries and also are available if purchases some amount but very important to understand is different view point coming from ancient culture in India in this world to get a better understanding of the world we live in why not see from the perspective of the ancient wise sages of India they have the view point which is so profound that so universal in its view that even some modern problem get easily solved HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE , any question ,QUESTION:__________GM: by chant hare Krishna everybody that is required jay!they were chanting there then they first after they got recognised then police went to stop then the devotees they saw some pictures he is talking like this how illegal this is very relief we can chant here this is the practice , then the police how you can practice , you can’t chant at red square , you have to chant somewhere else , then there is a big crowd of people gathered around and they are saying why not red square let them chant and soon so many people then the police went back and they had to simply chant ! Jay other question! QUESTION:____ GM: offcourse the spirit soul has quite a good memory but the normally what happened is that when you chant body to forget the process of birth and everything ,you forget your previous birth there are some children they can remember their previous life of thousands of cases spoke the fact but usually when they get over five years they start forgetting there are very few people adult who can remember previous birth , but many children they can but many don’t know but like one percent but many thousand who there have been cases history sometimes reported by former psychologist in the researches in the case of jada bharat this was specifically because he has been a yogi , he has been practicing yoga , if a person practices even a little bit of Krishna consciousness a little bit of devotional service then that can save one from greatest danger “swalpam api asya dharmasya mahato trayato bhayat” offcourse the greatest danger is forgetfulnessif we have to go to some birth we forget everything we done we start again from zero that is very dangerous,the advantage is being able to continue on and grow from where you left off this is very important so he was a bit careless , very careless in fact to become so attached to the deer and he used the deer used to lick his face ,he would get affectionat just to give the deer a little you know ___or nose or something and he ____deer instead of being so much concentrated just to prepare for going back to Godhead he became little bit ephemeral with his path and so when he left his body he had to take birth as a deer because he was thinking about the deer when he left but because the all the other spiritual processes and austarities he performed he had the blessing not to forget he didn’t forget in the third birth even when he took birth as the jada bharat so you could remember the whole figures so this is the special ___ because he had been such a advanced devotee in other words Krishna protect his devotees he said “ na me bhaktya pranasyati” my devotee will never perish so he protects the devotees from this kind of dangers give them chance to go ahead . Any other question QUESTION:_____ GM: this whole planet in other planet we understand the this planet is known as bharat loka or Bharat varsa by the residence of other planet he was such adjust history for them it is quite amazing and he was a famous emperor in his time and then he became liberated to the different stages so this planet became known after him as Bharat the planet of king Bharat the whole planet originally the whole planet now only India is known as Bharat but originally for the other residence of other planets the whole planet was known as Bharat , they don’t know as the Earth they know as the Bharat, Bharat loka , Bharat dynasty , is there any question ,yesQUESTION:_____GM: Well there is book in India that tells about your past lives why you got a present like body you have it is astrological book ,by astrology one can know why you got the present body and what is your previous body the point in knowing that is to avoid the making same mistake but just not just for some kind of sentimental value this is not that useful and but it may be interesting to know why you got this particular birth what karma you performed so generally no study a little bit about astrology to learn , what the previous karma were the previous influences so that they can be careful to transcend them by practicing proper yogic practices to transcend the previous karma, no one can avoid karma unless you practice bhakti yoga , previous kind so ever effects this one, he is able to transcend by becoming more spiritual , neutralising the effects of previous karma there is a lot of interestin these type of things but people go about half the way , If they would go by complete way t hen it will be more beneficial would actually be this one , this one thing they know what your previous birth is but as long for know what is next one going to be . I could no more remember, I could know where I am going and that is important to be able to know that how we can lead our life so that we end up in the better place at least the better place at we are now and not in the worst place , so that purpose so sometimes is good to know that how did I got to hear then we can get a clear idea how does the whole laws of karma work and then we can take necessary precautions so that the next birth we don’t put any mistake you might have made in the past ann! That is why it is more important how they act for the next life that is why we because offcourse you are correct because in material world there is so lot of variety we can choose from we can think of ___ takes away so therefore for little trained or for practicing spiritual life then Krishna started that, Arjuna asked in the Bhagwat gita , that what happened to somebody starts to practice some yoga as you are mentioning and he practiced devotional service and he do all these activities that you recommend for then they don’t finish off their activities so they detach themselves little bit from material activities yet they not fully reached the spiritual goal , they havn’t reach the perfection so they might be like somewhere in between what going to happen are they going to be like a cloud that is just keep just swayed by the wind left and nothing and just hanging in nowhere what is going to happen and then Krishna replied in this regard that no don’t have to worry about that , that for someone who does auspicious or good activities spiritual activity there is never a bad result even if someone doesn’t finish in the next birth they will get a better apporutunity ,they get a better birth or born in higher planet or be born in the family of yogis for they are fortunate people so they don’t have to worry about material things they can concentrate on the spiritual life , they won’t be illusioned by having practiced even if they don’t finish even if they still have many material desires ,then those desires would get fulfilled then they can later get a another apportunity to take up many people on the material world here actually waiting to again come back to practice this spiritual life they didn’t finish off in the previous birth when they come in contact with devotees who are practicing with the Krishna consciousness movement they fill some emmidiate affinity they fill like home may be George Harrison one of those people he said he fills very much as with Krishna doesn’t fill that is anything foreign for him there are many people they fill that way so in this way people can again take up where they left off in the previous life any thing else . there is a feast this night right , any drama or only feast , we had a drama jay!!!!!!

Transcribed by Netai Chandra Nemai Das From Kolkata

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