19821215 Srimad-Bhagavatam.3.1.41 @ Honolulu, Hawaii

Srimad Bhagavatam 3.1.41 saumyānuśoce tam adhaḥ-patantaṁ bhrātre paretāya vidudruhe yaḥ  niryāpito yena suhṛt sva-puryā ahaṁ sva-putrān samanuvratena


O gentle one, I simply lament for him [Dhṛtarāṣṭra] who rebelled against his brother after death. By him I was driven out of my own house, although I am his sincere well-wisher, because he accepted the line of action adopted by his own sons.

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So here we see the quality of a devotee. Often we wonder what it means to be a well wisher, how a devotee can even be a well-wisher to an enemy. That when a person is an enemy, naturally, he wants to hurt his enemy ; wants to create some kind of misfortune for that person. But the devotee does not desire, even for his enemy particularly, that there should be any misfortune, but would rather see that even the enemy gets benedicted by becoming Krishna conscious. That even the enemy, so-called enemy, the person who thinks that he is an enemy of the devotee may somehow or other stop his envious position. In material life we find that even Indra and great demigods are praying for protection from the demons. Of course, they would just as soon see the demons completely destroyed. But the mood of Lord Caitanya’s devotees is that even the demons, they like to see, become devotees. Even Krishna Himself, when the demons would come, if they showed little bit of… even the demons he would give liberation if showed little service attitude like offering a poisoned breast for His sucking, or any little service, then, even then Krishna would somehow deliver that person and give them devotional service. So we can't understand how merciful Krishna is, and how merciful the devotees are.

Of course even great sages and great souls, they like to see, they do not lament, they are actually relieved when they see a snake or a scorpion killed. So it's not out of context, of course a very envious person is destroyed by the material nature. The devotee won't lament for that, because that will clear the way for spreading of God consciousness. But even then if the opportunity is given, the devotee’s motive is not being driven by some tamasic desire to destroy someone, but is actually ultimately driven by an overall desire for having people uplifted in Krishna consciousness including the inimical people. If there was a choice of destroying the person or making him a devotee, obviously the devotee would always choose let the person be actually purified and this is something which is different in the ordinary consciousness. In ordinary consciousness, when there's an enemy, you just want to see him destroyed, you don’t care about helping them. So, in the sankirtan movement, that mood of compassion is something which is specifically one of the qualities of Lord Caitanya. It is called audharya. Jagannatha, Subhadra, Balaram, they are worshipped in the mood of aishwarya, they are worshipped with opulence, like Krishna in Dvaraka. And Radha Krishna are worshipped in the mood of maadhurya. Madhurya means the conjugal love, very sweet transcendental relationship of pure love, that is the particular mood that They are worshipped in. But Lord Caitanya, He is known as the audharya vigraha.

In the songs by Narottama das thakura, where Prabhupad sings one song where the mercy of Nityananda and Lord Caitanya was described that They are bhurida. So bhurida… What is the meaning of that? Da, data, means a great benefactor. So bhurida means just like a free house, just like open house. Bhurida, just unlimited giving mood. Just like in America, they used.. they have the… one movie… television show, I don't know if they still have, the millionaire, something like that? Some guy would give people, walk up and hand a guy a check, "Here's a million dollars," and then watch to see what the person did with it. So that is a mood that is there in human consciousness. The idea of "Give someone some great, big donation, give some help ; be very generous. Just like Prabhupada gave the example that some very generous rich person, just like a rain cloud profusely gives the charity everywhere. Lord Caitanya’s mood is like that, bhurida, Nitai Gaur’s mood is simply giving out the mercy. That is the meaning of audharya : simply compassion, simply mercy. Even a person has no possibility for becoming Krishna consciousness without the mercy of Lord Caitanya, they can get the mercy of Lord Caitanya and can be delivered. So this mood – in fact even when Lord Nityananda, when he was attacked by Madhai ( Jagai and Madhai), at that time Lord Caitanya became so impatient, He was calling out Sudarshan chakra. Sudarshan was coming down. It was just ready to strike and kill the two brothers for their offense to Lord Nityananda. And then Lord Nityananda stopped Lord Caitanya and said, "What are You doing? What're you… have you forgotten? This is not Your mood now. You promised that You're not going to take up any weapon in kali yuga ; You are supposed to simply give out mercy. He said, I can’t control when My devotee is being attacked, that goes over all other promises. But Nityananda was pleading, in this kali yuga if You hit these two, You're going to have to get everyone. They're just symptomatic of so many people. So finally, Jagai Madai, they came to their senses and paid their obeisances, they begged for forgiveness that "Please, please, forgive us." Lord Caitanya said, "I will pardon you if you promise not to commit sinful actions again, you see. So even though they were so sinful, because they promised not to commit again, once He gave them sehelter, they wouldn't againg do the same things, then they were completely pardoned and forgiven, you see.

Of course, even after some time, Lord Nityananda was approached by Madhai, where he said that "My Lord, You've pardoned me, You've given me Your mercy, but I am haunted by the idea that with my hand, I have struck You and I have caused You to bleed. And I am just obsessed with this thought that I have committed this offence to You and how can I actually be forgiven. Even though You've pardoned me officially, still I was thinking that I am so rotten, I am so fallen, I am so envious that I could have done such a thing. Then Nityananda, He picked him up, He gave him the shelter of His lotus feet, He said that " I never took any offense, because I took just like you are My child. If a baby hits the father, does the father take any offence. So I am thinking like that, you are My baby ; so what offence can you do to Me? You didn't do any offence. Out of foolishness, you did that. So in this way Madhai couldn't get any… Nityananda didn’t' accept any offence ; that was His mood that "All right, they're all my children. All right, they do some nonsense. Won't take any offense. So then Madhai said all right, but I committed so many offences to other living entities. I did so much sinful activities, how will I be forgiven for those offences? I was so envious. So many living entities– dogs, cats, man, women, children. Who wasn't I …? I was torturing and persecuting and I was committing so many sinful activities over so many of those people. How will I be forgiven for my offenses against all living entities? Then Nityananda, He considered that. So then He told him that "You can construct a bathing ghat with your own hands on the Ganges. And that way so many people, living entities, so people will be able to go and take bath. And because of that, they will be forgiven for their sinful reactions. By your building the ghat, you will be instrumental to them for that and you will be forgiven for your sinful reactions, for your offences to the other living entities. So Madhai, of course he could have had other people help, but Madhai, he was so enthusiastic that he himself, he took the digging implements and he cut out the ghats, and he personally laid out the stones and everything and built out a beautiful ghat and steps. Ghat is like stairways, you know steps..ghat. I don't know what you call it in English ; beside the river, call it ghat. You build a stairway right into the water, because if you go ordinarily on the riverside, you get your foot stuck in the mud and then you go wash and come out and again you've got to step into mud and then you get dirty again. So they may build stairways right into the water, so that way, you know, it's very convenient for taking a bath ; otherwise it is difficult on the side of the river. So it goes right down, deep into the water. So Madhai personally dug the, built the, constructed it and then had great devotees inaugurate it and so it became famous as Madhai ghat. It was one of the five principal ghats in Navadwip : Bokuna ghat, Mahaprabhu ghat, Madhai ghat… I forget the other last two, but there are five principle ghats, and Madhai was one of the main ghats. So, in this way, then Madhai was given a complete forgiveness for even the offences he had committed to other living entities.

So Prabhupada was so kind, because in this western world, by just that daily life, we can't help but commit so many offences to other living entities : so many go-hathyas, murdering of cows, so many violences on their own body, so many violences on other bodies, in so many so many different ways. It describes in Bhagavad Gita that one who causes torture to his body that, that person is under the nature of the asuras, the demons and he is envious against his own body and his self, then ultimately against Krishna, you see. So here it is natural to overwork the body in terms of you know, for sense gratification and to take so many drugs and things like that which actually are partially poisoning the body and so many different things, which … Actually this enviousness against their own self and against Krishna. So in so many ways people in the western world especially and more and more all over the world, are engaging in very envious activities, very offensive activities to other living entities, to Krishna even to their own self. So how to get forgiven from that, how to get completely purified? By working for the welfare of others, just like Lord or just Madhai Prabhu, who became Sri Madhav das brahmachari afterwards. He worked for the welfare of others, he built a bathing ghat, built a facility whereby they could become purified. So, by distributing transcendental literature, by preaching Harinaam sankirtan, how many people are given an opportunity to bathe in the nectar of Lord Caitanya’s Holy Name! To bathe in Prabhupad’s nectarean ambrosial words! In the words of the Bhagavatam, you see. So, we call that the mercy of the guru, samsara dhava nala lidha loka : just like the rain clouds are showering over the forest fire, putting them out. So by distributing the transcendental literature, by doing Harinaam sankirtan, unlimited benefit is being done to so many living entities. So in this way, it is very easy for one to advance in Krishna consciousness, because one gets quickly forgiven, not only for sinful reactions but even for subtle offences that we've committed against other living entities, against Krishna, against various personalities. These offenses may be stumbling blocks in the long run. For getting moksha of course, if one is free from sin, it may be enough. But danger of the offenses is one can be reduced from pure Krishna bhakti down to the impersonal conception of life. So one has to avoid offences. Just as we mentioned today the ten offences to the Holy Name. Not that, "Well one gets proud because he is preaching and then feels like he can offend other devotees. Of course that would be another kind of distortion. But in that mood of giving out the mercy of Lord Caitanya, everything is within it. It's already perfect that simultaneously one is becoming purified, one is becoming cleansed. And this opens the gateway for getting pure love for God. It is a complete process, you see– simultaneously containing everything.

So, here we see that Dhritharashtra, because of his offences, we know that later on he wasn't able to take up devotional service. Instead Vidhura gave him the next best he could give ; he gave him yoga meditation. So by doing yoga meditation, at least he could become liberated. Because he had committed so many offences against the devotees, against Krishna that how could he, after that, render devotional service? You see. It was impossible. Of course, we see that like Jagai Madhai, they committed so many offences but Lord Caitanya’s mercy was such that they could be engaged in devotional service. In that way, even Yamaraja , he was completely astonished. You see, Vidhura of course, is Yamaraj. And even he couldn't give devotional service to his own brother, because he had committed offences. Because in that yuga, in Dwapara yuga, Krishna wasn't so kind to forgive offences to that extent, you see. But Lord Caitanya is even more merciful than Krishna. Namo maha vadaanyaya Krishna prema pradhayate, Krishnaaya Krishna Caitanyaaya naamne Gaura Tvishe Namo Namaha. So, He is even more merciful than Krishna. He is giving out that mercy in spite of offences, He even gives out mercy, even forgives one for offences. Even the people who chant Nitai Gaura Radhey Shyam Hare Krishna Hare Ram and other concocted mantras, because somehow or other they are chanting Lord Caitanya’s name, even they are feeling some transcendental happiness from it, you see. But unfortunately, they are confusing people about the philosophy. So in that sense, it will take them some time to completely become purified but even then while they are chanting they can feel something, no doubt. That is the mercy of Lord Caitanya ; He doesn't take offence very easily.

Here we see that when Jagai and Madhai were forgiven… Recently just in Bangladesh they showed one drama. And there they had Chitragupta. He was taking the calcul… you know, Chitragupta, he is the person, he is the accountant for Yamaraj, his chief accountant, auditor. So like when Yamaraj, when someone comes up for the judgement, the he asks for the account, you see. So then Chitragupta's got so many brains working for him, that are keeping track of everybody's karma, they got it all recorded in the ether in their own way. So that way, Yamaraj and other demigods, they had gone in disguise in hiding, and they had observed. Actually, I believe that.. They had gone in disguise, you just a.. what you call it, gupta vaas. That means that they were invisible and they were watching all these pastimes. So, when Yamaraja, he was seeing these pastimes, he came and he was asking Chitragupta for, you know, the latest news and everything and then Chitragupta explained how Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda had just delivered Jagai and Madhai and had completely cleaned the slate. And so when Yamaraj asked that how any sins, reactions had they accumulated, so then Chitragupta explained, was explaining that they had accumulated so much that if he had to put it into writing, it would take you know, so many thousands of clerks, so many yugas to write it and that it would be piled up ; to put it on paper would take so much that they had accumulated so many sinful reactions. They were just, everything they were doing was some sinful, envious thing. And actually as he was explaining this, actually Yamaraj, he became so absorbed in the mood of Lord Caitanya, Nityananda how They were so merciful, that he became stunned, because he is a pure devotee, and he became, he just fell unconscious in trance.

So Chitragupta and others, they thought that he was just so shocked that such a sinful person had just been forgiven ; that he had fallen unconscious, really shocked. So they tried to, you know, fan him, you know, put a little cold compress on his head, whatever, they were trying to get him to come, but he wouldn't come conscious ; he was actually in Samadhi. So then, in the meantime, Lord Siva and other demigods who had been now… then watched the whole leela, from their invisible vantage points, they could, they were also just completely astonished by the mercy of Nityananda, Lord Caitanya. So they thought that on the way they're just going to stop to see Yamaraj. And then they saw that Yamaraj was unconscious and they were trying re.. you know…

"What happened?"

Well, we told him about Jagai and Madhai’s deliverance and he fainted! So he must have been shocked, because they got volume of sin… just like they were his prime candidates, whatever. That was their view… Then Immediately, Lord Siva could understand that he is not in shock, he is in ecstasy, he is in complete samadhi. So he got everybody, "All right, the only way you can get him to come up is you got to chant Lord Caitanya's name. Chant jai Gournga! Jai Nityananda! Chant Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. So he got the whole Yamaraja's crew to start chanting the holy name. And then Yamaraja came and then Lord Siva and Yamaraj and the demigods, they all started a big Harinaam sankirtan. And they all were chanting , glorifying Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda’s transcendental mercy.

In this way, Lord Caitanya’s sankirtan movement spread over the whole universe. In that way, our Bhakti Vinoda Thakura sang that song, Narada muni bajaaye veena. That also portrays that when Pancha Mukhe Siva and Chatur Mukhe Brahma and others are engaged in Hari naam sankirtan, so this is a great opportunity that even the demigods are completely overwhelmed by the mercy of Lord Caitanya and they are just filled with transcendental ecstasy, they are filled with transcendental appreciation and how great is the opportunity, is the fortune that somehow another, we have been able to take up this devotional service and to take up the chanting of the holy name. And moreover to take up distributing that mercy to others.

Just like Lord Caitanya in the Caitanya Caritamrita, he said, "I'm the tree and and I'm the gardener. So I made all these flowers, all these fruits. How many can I eat, and how many can I give away? So everyone, you should come, come eat to your heart’s content! Eat up to your capacity and then, give out, you see, all these fruits to the others. So here is the most wonderful example : we just come, you know, person eats… Just like Lord Caitanya ; He would always feed the devotees first. Then He would have all the devotees distribute prasad to all the public. We tried it sometimes… and then sometimes the devotees eat so much, they can't distribute anymore! (GM laughs and devotees laugh along with him) I know it's something, I think they… you can't more than your capacity. But there, the devotees were conscientious enough to eat to capacity, and then be able to distribute to the others. At least in Hari naam you can't (inaudible)like that. In prasad sometimes, there's problem that one can eat more than the capacity. But that is the mood that devotee takes : fills himself up by reading profusely, by chanting enthusiastically, by serving, becomes filled with spiritual assets and then goes, simply gives it out. And then he becomes a transcparent media where more and more mercy is being rained down upon that devotee and the gateway for spiritual advancement just becomes so much more enhanced and the whole enthusiasm, the whole momentum is increased more and more. So, this is a great opportunity, especially today (inaudible)is the beginning of the marathon in full gear, of course the marathon was going on, one of the gears anyway but now in the last ten days, is like the final sprint where one is putting out all the energy. This is a good opportunity. Krishna said, Ye yatha maam prapadhyanthe, taams tathaiva bhajaamyaham , "As you surrender unto me, I will reciprocate with you. So to be able to focus intensely all our energy for preaching Lord Caitanya’s sankirtan movement for giving out mercy, that it is just one great opportunity to completely absorb ourself in a very intense mood of giving our energy to Lord Caitanya. And naturally He reciprocates millions and millions of times more effectively than even we are able to offer to Him. But in this way, it's a good opportunity for us to actually concentrate our energy in the most intense way. At a time when of course in most of the places we also get a little more reciprocation even from the materialists. I don't know… Someone was saying that, "Well, in Hawaii it is not that much of a mood, of course I think it is a little more than say, in Thailand or India ; Christmas is not even there on their calendar. But generally speaking, people are little bit more in the mood of reciprocation and giving. So it is a good opportunity to engage them in the service of Krishna. Every person that we can engage, when they are in a little more receptive mood, that means one more soul is brought in the orbit of Krishna.

Just like there are some meteors, some comets which only come around the… you know , near the earth or near the sun, after so many thousands of years, and they go out again ; but still they are within the orbit. Now these ordinary souls who have never rendered any devotional service to Krishna, they are not even in the orbit. Even if they do one service, up! Now they're in the orbit. So sometimes in their lives, they will again be brought back to Krishna. And then each time they get the opportunity to do little more service, they're brought closer and closer and closer, until finally they get the opportunity to fully surrender, you see. If you can give them that much of an intense opportunity to serve, then even in this life…

How do people come purified? The more you engage them in service, the more you engage them in devotional service(hearing and chanting), naturally, they become more and more purified, they become, their consciousness becomes uncovered from all the material dirt and then natural love for Krishna is revealed. Krishna prema nitya siddha saadhy kabu noi, shravana adi shuddha chitta koro ei udoy : That Krishna prema is not something that you get, like you become Prime Minister, you become…something you have to work for in terms of achieving something. It's already there ; nitya siddha. It's something which is within us, it not something that you have to bring from outside. It's there but it is covered up. So how we simply have to uncover it. It is like the treasure is there, but it's hidden. Now we have to dig it out ; you have to uncover piles of karma, offences, different kinds of dirt have covered up that pure consciousness. But by hearing and chanting, the devotees are, by hearing and chanting, by pure consciousness, that Krishna prema, that love for Krishna, desire to serve Krishna is revealed and so the first step is when they engage in some service to Krishna.

Any service to Krishna, you see. Even unknowingly, will give them that benefit. I think I mentioned that story in South India about the deity that was going to the wedding of Durga? Meenakshi devi. There is one incarnation of Parvati where she was some kind of … was doing pooja and asked to have a son and instead got Meenakshi who was like, she was a daughter but she got the benediction that until she sees her husband, she won’t manifest her womanly qualities. So like everything was suppressed, you know, (the female breasts and that kind of stuff) and then she would be fighting and conquered for this king, defeated all the enemies and protected the whole Vedic culture that time, until she saw Lord Siva, she went up to Kailash or something, somehow she saw Lord Siva and then she became Meenakshi devi, she could no longer fight any more. At that time, I mean then she wanted.. they arranged the wedding and everything and Lord Vishnu personally married Lord Siva and Meenakshi.

And there's temples in South India commemorating that. I don’t know how they got to be deities again, but there's whole…. there are very important temples for all the Vaishnavas, Shivites, Shaktas, everyone. So this one deity of a temple, they asked us to manage. It's a little complicated, so I don’t know if we are going to take up their offer– a lot of government restrictions and everything. This deity, even today, every year, since thousands and thousands of years is taken in a procession to officially do the wedding (inaudible) for deities' marrying. So, these pujaris, they told us that one of the pastimes of the deity was that some thousands of years ago, when the deity was coming back from the wedding, dacoits attacked the whole party. And the dacoit, he completely was absorbed and didn't see the deity was deity, and thought it was a person ; so immediately came up and said , "All right, stop! I am dacoit, I am robber. I want all your jewels. Give me your jewels! He just started talking to the deity. So the deity completely reciprocated, ye yatha maam prapadhyante (devotees laugh)…He knew… So then he reciprocated and said : "Well, why… I have just come back from a wedding. You don’t want to attack a wedding party(devotees laugh again). You don’t want to steal, I am just coming… it is a sacred thing. It's a wedding. These are wedding, you know. You don’t want to steal from someone coming from a wedding, do you?" (devotees laugh again ) And the dacoit thought for a few minutes and said, "No, I don’t have any such restrictions.(GM laughs now and devotees do the same) "You are going to fight or you are going to give me your jewels? You just tell me. "No, we won’t fight, you can take the jewels." So then the thief, he said, all right. I put faith in you. Since the person was so (inaudible) was not going to fight. So then to get a bag and everthing, "All right, hold my spear. He handed his spear , and then you know there was..(inaudible)… As soon as he had given something to Krishna, it was devotional service. Even you know, just to hold it for a second. Something, from point to A to point B, it went to Krishna. As soon as he gave something to Krishna, immediately by that devotional service he realized that who Krishna was. That this deity was a deity of Krishna was indeed Krishna, and he was speaking to the incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. And then suddenly everything , just by that little service, and then he immediately at the point, surrendered because of his realization just by the slightest devotional service, he became a great devotee. So we can understand that even we do a little devotional service, even you know, all right, just you know, sometimes people say, (inaudible) any… doesn't matter. Prabhupada gave the story of one brahmacari. He used to go to everybody, trying to beg for beg for Krishna and no one would give anything. So finally, one householder was there, the wife came out and said, "Well, we don’t have anything. So the lady asked her husband do we have anything? The husband said, "Tell him we can give him ashes from our coal-fire. She said , "Well, we don't have anything but ashes, you see. The brahmachari said, "listen, quit talking about it, just give it to me. Give anything. Prabhupada, he was laughing when he told that story. Give me ashes. We got people you know, that even take ashes, you know. Give anything…. if you give something, that will start your good fortune. Even if they give ashes.. even talking about it.. get into the habit of giving. In that way, people are giving to Krishna consciousness because of the devotees and that's the great opportunity for them. And if, while they are giving in this life, if they also don’t have that kind of offensive mentality, even in this life it is easier for them to become Krishna conscious or for them to render more devotional service. And of course, even if they don’t render more devotional service in this life, still it remains with them as a permanent asset. So this is the special mercy of Lord Caitanya and here we see that in this verse today that the devotees are always well-wishers, but now we have the special opportunity that we can really see people be delivered by Krishna consciousness. There are so many sankirtan leelas, where even envious people only by taking prasadam everyday, by associating with devotees, their hearts would change.

And… anyway, I don’t want to take any more time but we can just remember the names of the Pancha Tattva, and surrender ourselves to taking up Their mood of giving out the transcendental mercy. Jai Sri Krishna Caitanya, Prabhu Nityananda Sri Advaita Gadadhara Srivas adi Gaura Bhakta Vrinda. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Are there any questions?

Question by a Prabhu : (inaudible)

Answer : When a person renders devotional service without hearing and chanting, that is basically what karma yoga is. Doing some service, of course karma yoga, maybe that one is working and giving the fruits of the labor. If it is doing something which is specifically ordered by the guru then of course it comes more under bhakti. The problem without chanting and hearing is that the consciousness does not become purified. The power of purification in this kali yuga is in the chanting of Hare Krishna. Just like in every age, there is a yuga dharma. So in general, devotional service is to be performed. But in this age, just like in the other age meditation was the system, then sacrifice, and temple worship. So this age the system to purify the consciousness is hearing and chanting, sankirtan. If a person renders devotional service without hearing and chanting, then the danger is that the person’s getting spiritual credit, but the desire to engage in spiritual activity may not be counteractive. That desire, that seed is there in our heart to engage in materialistic activity and to counteract that we need the mercy of Nityananda. We need to fill our hearts with spiritual happiness, you see. So rendering devotional service is sensitive, we are still a bit too covered up to fully relish the real benefit of the service that he is doing at that time. And so the danger is that the person can become misled again into material activities. It's like when you are on a battleship which is firing but it does not have its radar, the defenses. It's only doing something but it does not have any defense. The chanting is both defense as well as offence both, but it actually protects us and gives us the opportunity, that ability to relish. It gives us the spiritual realization For just the service alone, in this particular age, it's difficult for one to actually be able to experience the transcendental happiness and transcendental realization just by their service.

Question by a Mataji : (inaudible)

Answer : Just… Of course, like one time one mataji in Mayapur was telling Prabhupada, "I don’t want to do any more service, I want to just chant. Just chant. Prabhupad said, Just chant? Chanting is not “just chanting.” Chanting is the topmost of all our activities. Haridas Thakura, he was perfect simply by chanting, you see. But you can just chant, you can simply chant, you can stay here and you sleep two to four hours a day, and you chant the rest of the whole time and you eat once a day. That is why I made temple in Mayapur and Vrndavan. If someone wants to simply chant let them come to the holy dham. Not that you chant in New York city or someplace else. You chant in the holy dham and you don't eat… only once a day and you reduce your sleep and you chant the whole time. Then Prabhupad laughed and said, "You cannot do it. You will chant for two hours and then will go to sleep. Therefore I have given you so much service. Don't think… Chanting is the most difficult thing. It is the most difficult thing to chant with full consciousness, will full attention, with full enthusiasm and not to become distracted. It is most difficult, you see. Just like Prabhupada said, work now, Samadhi later. By doing this preaching, by doing this service, by becoming purified, we get the qualification that we can chant more, we can read more, that we can concentrate more. It doesn't work the other way. Of course we are all chanting too, but to chant more than 16 rounds a day in the beginning stages is not that productive as engage fully 24 hours a day in constant devotional service, especially in preaching activity. Not only because there's emergency situation, just like when the house is on fire, that now preaching is most essential and is especially required that even if a person was capable or is capable of chanting even then – one time we were chanting in Calcutta temple we were all chanting 32 rounds and Tamal Krishna Maharaj came and told Prabhupad that Acyutananda Maharaj, Jayapataka and all of them are all chanting 32 rounds and he said if you sit and chant 32 rounds, then who is going to go out and preach? This is my order, you chant 16 rounds and immediately go out and preach, otherwise who is going to do the preaching? Even if we could do the chanting, Prabhupad wasn’t very impressed. Of course not that, these are specifics – particular advice at that moment. There might be other advices for other people in other situations. But he wanted us to go out and establish Krishna consciousness in India. And if we sitting and chanting japa then what's going to happen? So in that sense Prabhupada, even if a person was capable of chanting, still Prabhupada wanted us that it's priority to preach. And actually by preaching, what chanting one does do, one can actually appreciate more intensely. So this preaching is something very wonderful. It is a whole science of preaching that this is a special benediction, a special opportunity for us to make very rapid advancement. And.. Especially in kali yuga there are unlimited opportunities to preach. In satya yuga you won’t get that fired up to preach, because here now maya is so obvious and the mercy of Lord Caitanya is so great that the contrasts are so intense and so vivid that you that here is the greatest mercy and at the same time here are so many of the greatest sinful activities going on and if a person somehow or other can just be brought to chant Hare Krishna and engaged in reading Prabhupad’s books and doing some devotional service ,then gradually he can come up to the platform, would be a great opportunity. And then we can actually relish chanting. By our organizing systems so many others can chant, then we are reaping the benefit also. Just like a commission from everyone chanting. So that way it is like a pyramid letter or chain letter or something? We're get transcendental results for every person that engages in devotional service.

Hare Krishna!

GM :Pancha Tattva ki

Devotees : Jai!

GM : Srila Prabhupad ki

Devotees : Jai!

GM :Srila Rameshwar Swami Maharaj ki

GM : Jai!

A devotee : Srila Acharyapada ki! Devotees : Jai!

You know that Srila Rameshwari is completely absorbed in the sankirtan yagna. So he will be very pleased that more and more that Hawai, the new Navadvipa, gets enthused more and more in this marathon.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi on November 13th, 2013

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